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  1. 2023 - 2027 Cycle Verdict That run to the third round of World Cup qualification and being a penalty shoot-out away from the fourth round has made sure this cycle was a success. We seeme to be proving now that we can compete with the mid-tier nations in this region and with a ranking of 131 I would be on the periphery of being ranked for the third round draw. This would open us up to facing the likes of Antigua and Barbuda or even Montserrat as an opponent, making progression to the fourth round a lot more realistic. The positive thing is that our best players are still only in the early to mid-20s so we should be seeing them for a couple more cycles to come. 2027 - 2031 Cycle So the aim for the 2027 – 2031 cycle is to try and do something of note at the Caribbean Cup. It’s a cruel competition for teams with small squads, but apart from Jamaica coupled with Trinidad and Tobago we have nothing to fear from any other team that competes. As for World Cup qualification, another run to the third round would be nice. Being seeded for the second round at least is crucial to avoiding a draw where we would not win i.e. Canada.
  2. 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Third Round Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Spentz Magny, Euan Turbyfield Defenders: Gianni Ascani, Peter Brumvert, Kevin Cook, Luis Coulton, Events Fletcher, George Fletcher, Christopher Hassad, Ajah Rene, Lagneau Rene Midfielders: Lee Bryne, James Bruno, Lagneau Coulton, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Peter Gibson, Syed Lowery, Lenford Slattery Forwards: Events Rene, Paul Turbyfield, Charles Brown Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 1 Bermuda 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Third Round, First leg – 08/10/2027 An even first half saw Bermuda have the better start missing a couple of chances, but then we started growing into the game with a couple of first half chances ourselves towards the end of the half. The second half just like the first saw Bermuda start the stronger team, however a dangerous cross whipped in by full-back George Fletcher almost saw Bermuda’s star player Lionel Furbert put it into his own net. The ball was just inches from going over the line. After Bermuda spurned a decent chance it looked like this match may end up as a blank. Duane Fletcher had other ideas though when he picked up the ball from Gianni Ascani’s assist to smack it into the net from just outside the 18 yard box, giving him his second ever goal for the nation and putting us 1-0 up with 20 minutes to go. We didn’t rest on our laurels and were looking for a second to take firm control of this tie, but unfortunately Bermuda levelled the tie when a number of cleared crosses were eventually rewarded with an equalizer, Dante Adams volleying home with six minutes left to play. This really buoyed the visitors who nearly snatched a winning goal, which would’ve been quite harsh on us. The game finished 1 – 1. Not too disappointed with that result. The next match is in 12 days so our team will be well rested and hopefully can do the job in Bermuda. Bermuda 3* (4) – (4) 3 Turks and Caicos Islands 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Third Round, First leg – 20/10/2027 *Bermuda win 6 – 5 on penalties The gap between the first and second leg meant I could name a new squad, so I drafted in Marc Hassad and George Magny. The hosts meant business at the start of this game, coming out of the blocks firing to go 2 - 0 up within 15 minutes. Shane Hollis firing home a cross on the 12th minute and Brendon Broadbelt doing the same on the 15th minute mark. The key thing now was just to get to half-time and not concede again otherwise that would be game over. Thankfully we managed to do that without too much of a scare. I had no choice but to just go for it, I made some changes and we quickly got back into the game. A killer through ball from striker Events Rene put Herby Glinton one on one with their keeper and he finished with ease. Captain fantastic had given us hope, and it nearly got better when Glinton supplied Lee Bryne who delivered a nice finish only for it to be ruled offside. Bermuda were still threatening though, missing a good chance inside the 18 yard box and a few set pieces. The game and the tie overall was level once again when a looping cross from left-ball Peter Brumvert saw Marc Hassad volley home in the 74th minute, the dream was still alive for us and the team was clearly still fighting for it as a number of yellow cards were handed out to us in the last 15 minutes. So just like the last round we found ourselves again in extra-time and Bermuda were really hammering us is the first of extra-time, but we survived without conceding. The second half saw us in dreamland when Glinton and Brumvert linked up nicely to put in Lee Bryne who tapped home from inside the box as the hosts goalkeeper completely messed up his positioning. Dreamland didn’t last very long though as a looping cross from Reggie Goater was completely misjudged by our goalkeeper and Bermuda were straight back in the game, very frustrating goal to concede. Corners were the best both teams could muster up after the frantic start to the half, and with Glinton having to go off in the 119th minute our fate was sealed to a penalty shootout. First time we’ve ever had one of these before. First to take the penalty was us, George Fletcher tucking it to the left-hand side to make it 1 – 0. Bermuda’s Dante Adams did the same, 1 – 1. Duane Fletcher our hero from the first leg hit it down the middle to miss which thankfully Bermuda’s Devarr Coke did exactly the same so still at 1 – 1. Peter Brumvert put us back into the lead hitting the back high and slightly to the left to make it 2 – 1. Whilst Rai Simons cooly slotted home to the right and made it 2 – 2. Lagneau Rene hit it down the middle and missed, whilst Bermuda’s Rohaan Simons also did the same. Kevin Cook finished to the left to make it 3 – 2 whilst Shane Hollis had to score otherwise Bermuda were out… he did making it 3 – 3. Marc Hassad put it to the right of net making it 4 – 3 whilst Bermuda’s best player Lionel Furbert made it 4 – 4 sticking it to the left and making sure this shoot-out went on. Lee Bryne slotted into the right-hand corner leaving Maceo Outerbridge with the task of keeping Bermuda in the competition. Down the middle he went and the score was now 5 – 5. Our best striker Events Rene carrying a gashed leg injury went down the middle and missed, whilst Ajani Delgardo showed cool composure to make it 6 – 5 and put his country through and the visitors out of the competition. 2030 World Cup Qualification Verdict Well that was a tough pill to swallow. I honestly though when we went ahead in extra-time that we were going to see the job through and put us into the fourth round of the qualifying completion. It would’ve been crazy to face the likes of Mexico or USA for a team of our stature, alas it wasn’t to be. Bermuda weren’t much better than Barbados so the draw we had was a kind one, this seems like a missed opportunity as we are bound to meet the heavyweights in the second or third round at some point in future qualifications. On the plus side though to get so far in qualification was brilliant especially that last minute winner against Barbados. Our youth rating is also at 9 now, the achievements of the national side inspiring more youngsters to hope that one day they could be part of an even more successful qualification campaign. I can’t wait until the next one.
  3. CONCACAF 2030 World Cup Third Round Qualification Draw Well a foray into the unknown as we enter the third round stage of the qualification phase. Six teams will progress into the fourth round group stage, and we will most likely not be one of them. However it is just nice to be at this stage, and who knows one day in future cycles we could be regularly competing in the subsequent two group stage rounds. Seedings (ranking in brackets based on January 2027 Fifa Rankings) Seeded: Bermuda (97), El Salvador (103), Canada (105), Haiti (113), Panama (119), Guatemala (122) Unseeded: Puerto Rico (130), Saint Lucia (130), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (136), Cuba (141), Turks and Caicos Islands (153), Antigua and Barbuda (165) Initial thoughts Bermuda – Strong, but not completely unbeatable. El Salvador – Very good team. Canada – Strongest team in the draw. Haiti – Could beat them. Panama – See above. Guatemala – Same as above and above that. The Draw Saint Lucia v Guatemala Turks and Caicos Islands v Bermuda Puerto Rico v Panama Saint Vincent and the Grenadines vs Haiti Antigua and Barbuda v El Salvador Canada v Cuba Draw Verdict Bermuda were nowhere near the best team in that draw, there ranking flattered them quite a lot. I’m glad to have avoided the likes of Canada and El Salvador. Having said that Bermuda still do have a handful of players in the English Football League and a player in the Turkish Super League. Then again so did the last team we knocked out...
  4. 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Spentz Magny, Euan Turbyfield Defenders: Gianni Ascani, Peter Brumvert, Kevin Cook, Events Fletcher, George Fletcher, Christopher Hassad, Lagneau Rene, Ajah Rene Midfields: Lee Bryne, Lagneau Coulton, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Marc Hassad, Peter Gibson, Syed Lowery, George Magny Forwards: Charles Brown, Events Rene, Jack Bryan Barbados 0 - 1 Turks and Caicos Islands 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, First leg – 04/09/2027 The hosts took control of this match straight away, missing a good chance to go ahead when a well-played ball into the box was struck at the crossbar. Barbados were in firm control of the entire half, but were not reaping any goods from there play. Shane Soares who plays in the Conference National was thwarted before half-time so the hosts remained frustrated. My best player Herby Glinton was very tired at half-time so I made the decision to sub him and thus weaken the team. I am gambling on losing by the odd goal so he is fit for the second leg. Surprisingly my other substitution Marc Hassad whipped in a dangerous ball that Barbados struggled to get away. The hosts remained in control, but again were not doing much with the possession and were made to pay for it. The 81st minute again saw Hassad whip in a dangerous ball, but this time it fell into the path of experienced left-winger Lee Bryne who placed it home to put us 1 – 0 up and that is how it stayed. Absolutely fantastic result. Turks and Caicos Islands 3 (4) – (3) 3 (A.E.T) Barbados 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, Second Leg – 08/09/2027 The start proved to be a dream one from the hosts when some decent play from Lee Bryne and Duane Fletcher let in Events Rene who put the ball into the net hitting the underside of the bar in the process. Barbados did rally and were rewarded in the 15th minute when a whipped in cross took an unsual deflection and fell into the path of Raheim Bailey who had the easy task of putting it away. Both teams had chances after this in an entertaining first half which remained 1-1. The second half started very well for the visitors. Shane Soares who picked up an injury in the first-half finished a goal almost identical to our winner in the first leg. Putting the visitors ahead and the overall tie at 2-2. There joy didn’t last for very long mind, Lee Bryne showed his quality and Events Rene reciprocated when a glancing header tied the scoreline and put us ahead on aggregate once again. Both team were going at this and fatigued was certainly kicking in as the match was drawing to a close, I had really hoped we could see it through but it was not to be when quite frankly calamitous defending from a corner caused a goalmouth scramble which the impressive Jonathan Odle eventually capitalized on. Another one of the Barbados squad who plays overseas, this time in the Turkish Super League. Well after 180 minutes these teams could not be separated. Barbados winning 3 – 2 on the night makes it 3 – 3 on aggregate and with no away goal rule this match is going to extra-time with both teams looking worn out. Neither the first or second half of extra-time were anything spectacular, in fact it felt like this was inevitably going to go to penalties which I didn’t want. However salvation came in the 119th minute when some steady midfield play fron Bryne, Herby Glinton and Fletcher let substitute right-back Gianni Ascani find some space who found substitute attacking-right winger Peter Gibson to smash home inside of the box and send us through to the third qualifying round! 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round Verdict Well that was a truly amazing second leg. I thought we might have a sneaky chance when we came away with a lucky first leg victory, but I did start to lose hope when Barbados were showing some quality and levelled the tie. The team really rallied and the midfield trio of Bryne, Glinton and Fletcher were more than a match for Barbados, and then to win it in the 119th Minute will go down as one of my finest ever Football Manager moments. Reaching the third round means our youth potential has received a +2 boost from 7 to 9.
  5. CONCACAF 2030 World Cup Second Round Qualification Draw Our second foray into this stage of the qualification process sees us unseeded yet again due to the January rankings, so we are at the mercy of the draw to see if we have any chance of getting through to the next round. The draw sees 20 teams enter playing a two legged affair with no away goal rule (not sure if I have mentioned that away goals do not count at any stage of this competition). Seedings (ranking in brackets based on January 2027 Fifa Rankings) Seeded: Canada (105), Dominican Republic (110), Haiti (113), Panama (119), Guatemala (122), Barbados (129), Puerto Rico (130), Saint Lucia (130), Aruba (133), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (136) Unseeded: Montserrat (138), Cuba (141), Guyana (147), Curacao (150), Saint Kitts and Nevis (152), Turks and Caicos Islands (153), Cayman Islands (154), Grenada (164), Antigua and Barbuda (165), Surinam (188) Initial Thoughts Canada – No way. Dominican Republic – No thanks. Haiti – Seem overrated. Panama – Mainly domestic players, slightly beatable. Guatemala – Same as above. Barbados – Revenge? Probably not. Puerto Rico – Majority of the players come from club side Puerto Rico FC. We could beat them. Saint Lucia – Have English based players, avoid. Aruba – Hard to beat. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Nothing special, ideal draw. The Draw Haiti v Grenada Montserrat v Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Curacao v Guatemala Cayman Islands v Panama Barbados v Turks and Caicos Islands Canada v Surinam Antigua and Barbuda v Dominican Republic Puerto Rico v Saint Kitts and Nevis Guyana v Saint Lucia Aruba v Cuba Draw Verdict Unless the country’s name is Dominica or Barbados I don’t think the game wants me playing you in World Cup qualification. So Barbados we meet again, last campaign they knocked us out 2 – 1 on aggregate which was a pretty close affair. They seem to have remained at about the same level they were then, there best players mainly based in England with one based in Turkey. It’s going to take a big effort to beat them and Barbados will be favourites, but the draw could’ve been a lot worse.
  6. 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) First Round Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Spentz Magny, Euan Turbyfield Defenders: Gianni Ascani, Peter Brumvert, Kevin Cook, Events Fletcher, George Fletcher, Duane Gannon, Christopher Hassad, Lagneau Rene, James Speer Midfielders: Lee Bryne, Lagneau Coulton, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Marc Hassad, Syed Lowery, George Magny, Marc Singh Forwards: Charles Brown, Ian Cook, Events Rene Dominica 3 – 2 Turks and Caicos Islands – 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) First Round, First leg – 23/03/2027 The game started well for us immediately putting the home side on the backfoot, we wasn’t creating too much in the way of chances but we looked the better side and more likely to get a goal. Thankfully the goal came for us on the 37th minute when Herby Glinton poked home from just outside the box. We kept the pressure up but couldn’t get another before the half-time whistle. The team talk worked wonders as we went 2-0 up when Glinton’s defence cutting pass found Marc Hassad who buried the ball into the back of the net. Just when the game looked like it was getting away from Dominica they found a way back when Lorcan Parmenter capitalized on some slack defending. Both teams started to have chances but neither could finish and some real sloppy play during the transition play from us was capitalized on by Dominica when Parmenter got his second of the game with just six minutes left to play. Then came the killer blow when Ashley Burbeary used our defender as a shield to blindside the keeper and win the match for the home team. Turks and Caicos Islands (5) 3 – 0 (3) Dominica – 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) First Round, Second leg – 31/03/2027 A refreshed home side came firing out of the blocks and within 11 minutes parity was restored when a fast break from a Dominica free-kick saw Marc Hassad neatly slot past the keeper. The game calmed down after this but Dominica reminded us of the threat they posed when narrowly missed scoring from a free-kick. A rather bizarre turn of events saw Dominica’s keeper handle outside of the box and then get injured in the process of doing so. When the Physio had finally finished with him the ensuing free-kick was nodded into the path of Events Fletcher who made it 2 – 0 to put us ahead on aggregate in the 34th minute. Dominica threatened to hit back just before half-time but a fine save from our keeper denied them. Hassad twice got in similar positions of which he scored from in this match and the last one, but sadly scuppered both and the opportunity to end this game as a contest. Lucky for us however our two best players Herby Glinton and Events Rene linked up well with Glinton supplying a wonderful pass for Rene to hit a stunner on the half volley and put this match out of sight on the 74th minute. The remainder of the game saw nothing else of any note happen and the final whistle confirmed our progress along with our first ever victory in a World Cup qualifying competition. 2030 World Cup Qualification (NAM) First Round Verdict That was harder than it should’ve been. The squad arrived tired for the first leg and we ultimately paid for it when Dominica got those two late goals. I must admit with how poor we play at home sometimes that I feared we would exit the competition earlier than expected. Thankfully for us though the quality of Herby Glinton shone through in both legs and revenge on Dominica was complete. Now we move on in rather hope than expectation of getting through the second round, but who knows what can happen when you’ve got Luton Town’s Herby Glinton?
  7. CONACAF 2030 World Cup First Round Qualification Draw So as expected our ranking didn’t change in January and that has put us into the First Round of the draw. Unlike previous campaigns I expect to progress from the round we are starting in this time. It’s normally 12 teams who contest the First Round, but this time it is 14. I have no idea why the game keeps messing with the format. But it does reflect real life better, as 14 teams do contest the First Round draw. Seedings (ranking in brackets based on January 2027 Fifa Rankings) Seeded: Curacao (150), Saint Kitts and Nevis (152), Turks and Caicos Islands (153), Cayman Islands (154), The Bahamas (161), Grenada (164), Antigua and Barbuda (165) Unseeded: Nicaragua (167), British Virgin Islands (182), Surinam (188), Anguilla (197), US Virgin Islands (198), Dominica (200), Belize (205) Initial Thoughts Nicaragua – Beatable, but would like to avoid British Virgin Islands – Would be a good draw Surinam – Avoid. Anguilla – Good record against them recently. US Virgin Islands – First choice team to play. Dominica – Sweet revenge for the 2022 campaign Belize – Would rather avoid The Draw US Virgin Islands v Cayman Islands Surinam v The Bahamas Antigua and Barbuda v Nicaragua Anguilla v Curacao Dominica v Turks and Caicos Islands Grenada v British Virgin Islands Saint Kitts and Nevis v Belize Draw Verdict How times change. Eight years ago in the 2022 World Cup Qualifying campaign Dominica were the favourites against us and subsequently knocked us out 4 – 0 on aggregate. Now we are the favourites and if we turn up we should knock out a team who don’t have Jay Emmanuel-Thomas anymore and are an entirely domestic squad.
  8. 2026 Just one more year to go before the World Cup Qualifiers, will we be able to get the ranking which we desire? Results Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 2 Guyana – Friendly, 24/03/2026 (Rene, 83) Guadeloupe 3 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands – Caribbean Cup First Round, 19/08/2026 (Coulton, 71) Turks and Caicos Islands 3 – 1 Cayman Islands - Caribbean Cup First Round, 21/08/2026 (Ascani 33, Brown 44, Coulton 90+2) Aruba 2 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands - Caribbean Cup First Round, 23/08/2026 Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 2 The Bahamas – Friendly, 02/09/2026 (Rene 27, Collis 30) Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 08/09/2026 Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 1 Nicaragua – Friendly, 07/10/2026 (Byrne 88) US Virgin Islands 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 13/10/2026 (Hassad 36) Anguilla 0 – 3 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 11/11/2026 (Rene 42, 53, Coulton 90) Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 4 Antigua and Barbuda – Friendly, 17/11/2026 (Bryne 46, Hassad 58) Rankings January: 149 February: 149 March: 145 April: 150 May: 150 June: 150 July: 155 August: 154 September: 154 October: 152 November: 151 December: 153 Yearly Verdict Well that was a disappointing year, I think I got my hopes up too much that we could make that next step and be seeded for the second round qualifying draw, now it looks like will not even be in the second round automatically. Least that means will be seeded for the first round draw. I blame myself for not getting victories in the friendly matches, I’m just not tactically astute like many who plays this game are and they could probably get more out of this team. Having said that we probably are at the level of a team who belong in the first round draw, that is the stark reality for this nation. So next year I begin my third World Cup Qualifying campaign, as always I’ll have a full preview of my thoughts and the draw itself. Star Player Events Rene - A good year for the five star striker. Hopefully he can kick on even more this year.
  9. Caribbean Cup 2026 So another Caribbean Cup rolls along and the group opponents this time are Guadeloupe, Cayman Islands and Aruba, playing them in that order too. The plan this time is to play the second team against Guadeloupe, a strong side but not fifa affiliated so when we get inevitably beaten it won’t remote effect our ranking. Then the first team can take on Cayman Islands and Aruba, we will be fresher for the Cayman Islands than the last tournament and even with a tired team we still have an outside chance of beating Aruba, maybe I can make a few rotations with the added squad depth. Turks and Caicos Islands Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Charles Hassad, Spentz Magny Defenders: Gianni Ascani, Peter Brumvert, Lagneau Collis, Kevin Cook, Events Fletcher, George Fletcher, Christopher Hassad, James Rene Midfielders: Kevin Byrne, Lee Byrne, Lagneau Coulton, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Marc Hassad, George Magny, Lagneau Rene, Marc Singh Forwards: Charles Brown, Ian Cook, Events Rene Group Opponents (rankings in brackets) Cayman Islands (136) – The small Caribbean nation maintains their impressive ranking record. Aruba (126) – A couple of Dutch based players to go along the domestic based players. Guadeloupe – Smashed Surinam and Dominica in the preliminary round. One player at Lincoln, the rest are domestic. Caribbean Cup First Round – Guadeloupe 3 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands The game started off exactly how I expected with Guadeloupe dominating and getting an early goal with Therry Mamillone volleying home inside the box. This was really it for the first half with the French Colony going close just one more time. It wasn’t to be too long after half-time when a hard task became even harder with Benny Bernard doubling the score line on the 52nd minute. The game went flat again after this but when Lagneau Coulton pulled one back for us through a fluke cross on the 71st minute the incentive was there to snatch an unlikely draw. Benny Bernard was having none of it though and skilfully got behind our defence to make the game 3 – 1 and ended it as a contest with 10 minutes to go. Caribbean Cup First Round – Turks and Caicos Islands 3 – 1 Cayman Islands An eventful first half was an end to end affair with the first goal coming just past the half hour mark. Gianni Ascani fired home from a Charles Brown cross to put us 1 – 0 up. Just a few minutes later Events Rene missed a golden chance to put us 2 – 0 up, failing to connect properly with a low whipped in cross. This was duly punished on the 42nd minute mark when Jorroine McLean headed home a corner to make it 1 – 1. However the action wasn’t over when some neat midfield link-up with the forwards saw Charles Brown slot home and put us back into the lead. The second half was anything but a carbon copy of the first with the game becoming very flat, this didn’t bother me too much as all I wanted was the victory and thankfully Lagneau Coulton smashed home in the top corner from Ian Cook’s cross to score in his second consecutive match and seal the victory in added time, just the fifth competitive victory in the nation’s history. Caribbean Cup First Round – Aruba 2 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands A win or possibly even a draw here could put us through to the second round of the tournament for the first time. Unfortunately three minutes is all it took for Aruba to take the lead with some neat play finishing up in the back of the net thanks to Giovanni Dania. Thankfully this didn’t open the floodgates for Aruba who were the better team and more threatening but went in at half-time with just the one goal. The second half was closer and we even had chances to equalize with Duane Fletcher and Events Rene going close, but you really have to take your chances against these teams and when Giovanni Dania scored again on the 72nd minute you just knew Aruba would see the game out, which they did without any trouble. Caribbean Cup 2026 Verdict Well I am happy enough with how this tournament went. To beat the Cayman Islands who are ranked 136th in the world in a competitive game will do wonders for our ranking. However I have to back that up with victories in the next six friendlies now, the World Cup Qualification draw is next year so it’s now or never for the second round seeding. Aruba are actually one the weaker teams that reach the third round stage in qualifying and we didn’t lay a glove on them. Makes me wonder just how much this team needs to improve before it can compete with them. Aruba were the only ones to qualify from the group with a perfect record, we finished third with three points.
  10. 2025 A full year of friendlies to get through in the quest to boost that all important ranking. Results Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 0 US Virgin Islands – Friendly, 28/03/2025 (Fletcher 26, Savage 56) Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 0 Anguilla – Friendly, 11/06/2025 (Rene 62, Hassad 89) Dominica 0 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 17/06/2025 (Bryne 35) Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 3 Montserrat – Friendly, 03/09/2025 (Rene 34) Cook Islands 0 – 3 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 09/09/2025 (Fletcher 8, Rene 43, Hassad 47) Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 0 British Virgin Islands – Friendly, 08/10/2025 (Hassad 25, Brown 49) The Bahamas 0 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 14/10/2025 Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 3 Cayman Islands – Friendly, 12/11/2025 (Cook 12, 22) Turks and Caicos Islands 3 – 5 Papa New Guinea – Friendly, 18/11/2025 (Brown 37, Bryne 52, Brown 90+1) Rankings January: 152 February: 152 March: 152 April: 151 May: 151 June: 151 July: 145 August: 143 September: 143 October: 140 November: 137 December: 149 Yearly Verdict This year was our best ever start to a year, even though Dominica are poor now on this game it was still a great result to beat them away from home. We also broke our highest ever world ranking a number of times, culminating with a ranking of 137. An amazing achievement for a nation our size. Conversely performances started to dive and losing to Papa New Guinea yet again was frustrating. Also our breakthrough five star striker Events Rene is missing chance after chance, must be the pressure of interest from MLS side San Jose Earthquakes getting to him. So next year we’ve got a home friendly against Guyana, the Caribbean Cup and six friendlies to round off the year. Let’s hope we can keep that ranking 130s or 140s. Star Player Duane Fletcher – A midfield general.
  11. 2024 First full year of a new cycle and all my focus is going on boosting that ranking. Results Turks and Caicos Islands 0 – 0 Cuba – Friendly, 29/03/2024 Cayman Islands 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands – Caribbean Cup First Round, 21/08/2024 (Cupid o.g. 90+1) Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 2 Martinique – Caribbean Cup First Round, 23/08/2024 (Hassad 67) Turks and Caicos Islands 0 – 3 Grenada – Caribbean Cup First Round, 25/08/2024 Turks and Caicos Islands 0 – 5 Nicaragua – Friendly, 04/09/2024 British Virgin Islands 2 – 3 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 10/09/2024 (Glinton 32, Brown 40, 66) Turks and Caicos Islands 0 – 2 Solomon Islands – Friendly, 09/10/2024 Nepal 2 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 15/10/2024 American Samoa 1 – 2 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 13/11/2024 (Brown 3, Rene 17) Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 0 Grenada – Friendly, 19/11/2024 (Glinton 86) Rankings January: 156 February: 156 March: 153 April: 152 May: 152 June: 152 July: 153 August: 150 September: 152 October: 157 November: 163 December: 152 Yearly Verdict Hopefully I’m not seeing a pattern here. I remember coming off a couple of successful years in the last cycle and then everything going wrong. We’ve put in some pretty dire performances as I search for the right tactics for this team. Alas it could’ve been worse, a couple of wins at the end of the year including finally beating Grenada saw the ranking stabilize at 152. Perhaps the best thing about this year is the emergence of another five star player, Events Rene who plays for Golden State Force in America. The more foreign based players, the better. Star Player Marc Hassad - A good versatile winger.
  12. Caribbean Cup 2024 Despite the improvements with the team I still have the meagre expectation of achieving just the one victory at the Caribbean Cup. Having been drawn in a group containing the Cayman Islands, Martinique and Granada, maybe my expectations will be surpassed? Turks and Caicos Islands Squad Goalkeepers: Syed Brumvert, Ajah McKnight, Duane Rene Defenders: Peter Brumvert, Kevin Cook, Ian Coulton, Events Fletcher, George Fletcher, Marc Hamilton, Christopher Hassad, Spentz Hassad, James Rene Midfielders: Lee Bryne, Ian Collis, Duane Fletcher, Herby Glinton, Marc Hassad, Christopher Jones, Lagneau Rene, Marc Singh Forwards: Ian Cook, Charles Brown, Kevin Lowery The Group Opponents (Rankings in Brackets) Cayman Islands (132) – Weaker team than us, but ranked 132 in the world. Very impressive. Grenada (171) – Bogey team with a couple of players outside their one star rated domestic league. Martinique – Completely made up of players from their one star domestic league, look weak compared to some of the other French colonies. Caribbean Cup First Round - Cayman Islands 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands The game started off end to end with both teams creating chances before calming down a bit, the first half went drab after the first 20 minutes. The second half stayed like the latter end of the first, drab. This was until our defender Ian Coulton quite harshly had a foul in the box ruled against him. Alfredo Williams duly dispatched the penalty and the Cayman Islands were 1 – 0 up on the hour mark. We were fatigued and it was showing as we created next to nothing, it looked to be one of those matches when Herby Glinton whipped in a free kick on his second attempt when pressure from Lee Bryne forced Seb Cupid to put it in his own net in the 90th minute. A point was well and truly stolen. Caribbean Cup First Round – Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 2 Martinique Well this game didn’t start well, Martinique striker Kevin Sery scored twice in just under 15 minutes from some pretty dire defending by us and was unlucky not to finish the job when he missed a decent chance from more slack defending. We managed to get a foothold in the game but didn’t create any chances and were just thankful to be 2 – 0 down at half-time. Despite being given a rollicking at half-time we still didn’t look like we were up for the fight in this match, however things changed when Marc Hassad pounced in the box to make it 2 – 1 with 25 minutes still to go. Suddenly we did look like a team, but ultimately we huffed and puffed to a closer defeat than I expected after the diabolical start. Caribbean Cup First Round – Turks and Caicos Islands 0 – 3 Granada Nothing of any real note happened in the early stages of the game, we missed a free-kick and they had a corner cleared. However on the 37th minute Kharlton Belmar got his customary goal against us beating the defence to put away a well whipped in cross. We exerted some good pressure and almost hit back but it was Granada who would go into half-time leading. It was Granada who would continue to fashion the chances too and when Belmar headed in from a cross to get his second and Granada’s second, I didn’t hold much hope for a comeback with just over 20 minutes to go. A Van-Basten style volley from John Jules on the 76th minute put a nice deserved shine on the result for Granada, 3 – 0 it was to finish. Caribbean Cup 2024 Verdict Normally I would’ve just conserved all my first-team players for the final match against Granada, but the lure of playing a Cayman Islands ranked 132 in the world with my first team was too good to resist. A win would’ve done wonders for our ranking, but the draw coupled with the Granada result will probably see us drop a few places. If my team came into the tournament fully rested then playing the Cayman’s with the first teamers wouldn’t have been such a dilemma, but ultimately I messed up the rotation and we paid for it with this lacklustre showing. Cayman Islands topped the group with 7 points, Granada managed to qualify in second with 4 points and we finished bottom with 1.
  13. 2023 Coming off of our most successful year to date, a stronger looking Turks and Caicos Islands team were ready to take on the World Cup 2026 Qualifiers. Results Turks and Caicos Islands 3 – 0 British Virgin Islands – Friendly, 07/06/2023 (Brown 20, Cook 77, Glinton 84) Nicaragua 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 13/06/2023 (Lowery 75) Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 1 Barbados – 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, First leg - 02/09/2023 (Glinton 31) Barbados 1 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands - 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, Second leg – 06/09/2023 Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 0 Belize – Friendly, 11/10/2023 (Brown 32) Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 2 The Bahamas - Friendly, 17/10/2023 (Glinton 53, Hassad 69) Surinam 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands - Friendly, 15/11/2023 (Glinton 1) Anguilla 1 – 2 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 21/11/2023 (Speer 41, Hassad 90) Rankings January: 155 February: 155 March: 152 April: 163 May: 163 June: 163 July: 160 August: 159 September: 161 October: 158 November: 155 December: 156 Yearly Verdict Another successful year I would say. In the end it was disappointing not to get past Barbados and Billy Forbes retirement was a blow. However with a stronger team overall we have started to win more friendlies and remained unbeaten during all of them this year, even beating Anguilla! The last minute goal against them was very satisfying. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues I was unable to get friendlies in March this year, I genuinely thought we were in the First Round qualifiers which happen in March. Star Player Herby Glinton – The midfield maestro.
  14. 2019 – 2023 Cycle Verdict Well at times this cycle seemed like a real struggle, but we achieved our objectives in the end. We won a game in the Caribbean Cup and progressed via ranking into the second round of the qualification draw. We've also seen a crop of stronger players come through. Apart from Herby Glinton though they aren't going to be world beaters, but keep progressing as a team and maybe the nation will start producing more world beaters. This cycle also saw us say goodbye to Billy Forbes who retired, he will be remembered as an early pioneer of the Turks and Caicos Islands footballing journey. A real legend. 2023 - 2027 Cycle We wasn't too far from being seeded for that second round draw so the aim has to be to try and get seeded for that. We're going to need to win more friendly matches than we already do and get more competitive wins at the Caribbean Cup.
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