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  1. Thought I'd keep this thread alive. Check in with my progress on FM21 and share my current tactic. Keep in mind I'm playing at a rather low level so might just be my players being better than the rest (although media prediction was 2nd in the league). This is also the first time in a long time doing an invincible season. I drew the first game of the season then won every game since. XG XGA Most games were complete domination with the opposition pinned in their own half. I used 1 tactic all the way through (since the middle of the previous season) - a N
  2. At lower levels, with the right attributes, and it sounds like you already have them. The high tempo / high press game I think is well suited. At these levels mistakes are far more common, so keeping the ball in the opponents half is preferable. Often at this level my defensive players lacked the concentration/positioning/decision/anticipation so I just lump in a bunch of physical, hard working players and let them run around. 'Out work' the opponents and force them into mistakes.
  3. He did say that ti has been left untouched yet. I’ve found using both tactics that you need very good cbs to pull this off. Even with both flank players as dw and a holding bwm or anchor, when I played against 433 or 4231 teams roughly similar level or better to my team, the outer cbs struggle with always being 1v1. be curious to see how it goes with inter though
  4. Interested to see how this develops as I'm also trying to do a 3412. Kind of Nagelsman inspired but I don't have the players yet. I tried for a bit with the ML/R (as Defensive Wingers) but unfortunately suffered my biggest losses of the season in those games. I've switched it back to the more conservative wingbacks. CWB(S) on the left as my DLP will hold position there. WB(S) on the right with a CM(S) beside him. Still unsure of the RCM role yet so will leave it at that. Alternatively I've seen Rashidi's 3412 use the ML/R strata but with DMs instead of CMs. That could be a way around
  5. I assume for 3 - the HB already splits the defenders naturally in possession. LCB stays wider as cover for the LB who aggressively pushes upfield. As the RB is the conservative one, there is no need to 'cover' for him with stay wider?
  6. I'm going to try this 'minimalist' approach to start at least. Will give me a much better understanding of roles and duties + formation without any more variables from the TIs/PIs. Also he didn't do 'nothing'. Picking the right roles/duties, and players that can play together in one cohesive system in and of itself is more than half the battle in this game.
  7. By this logic, if a team is sitting back or playing a lower block, you are more likely to slow the tempo, to give them time (invite) the opposition towards the player on the ball? And/Or run at defence maybe?
  8. I've been reading your thoughts as I am playing somewhat a similar type of game but at a much lower level. Perhaps try Inverted Wingers in the ML/MR strata? Also with a DLP/BWM, I worry it might lack dynamism, although I do realise your fullbacks are expected to bomb forward.
  9. Good read, I'm playing at much lower level but will use some of your ideas
  10. I've really enjoyed reading this. I've taken some inspiration although I'm playing with a much lower quality of player. Anyone tried this now in FM21?
  11. Thanks @Rashidi. Yeah will give them a try this evening. I really like your use of the SV(A) REG but I think for this version those are not considered a 'double pivot' right? Instead here we let the fullbacks bomb forward. Might go with the HB RPM and see first, but might change the HB to DLP (either D or S). Going a little off topic here slightly - if the goal scorer instead comes from the flanks i.e. Salah/Mane. Is the logic of focus play through the middle to 'release' the flanks correct? I realise that this changes the dynamic of the tactic quite a bit as this Bayern version is kind o
  12. I've been trying out ideas from this tactic, specifically the TQ/CF(s) and roaming on the front 4 in my Liverpool save. I understand the Narrow+Focus Flanks is meant to create the overloads down either flank. Have you guys sometimes found (even though my team predictably walked the league) that the extreme narrow width can cause too much congestion when the opponents sit deep and narrow as well? Also... I think this system has similarities to how Liverpool line up in a 4231. I've done some adaptations - Salah at AMR to a IF(A) and Trent at FB to CWB(S). The CM(D) making up for that flank.
  13. At the start of season 2 now. Won the league very easily season 1, got the the CL final but I made a stupid decision to test variations to my tactic and got trounced 4-0 by City. Weirdly... Bobby was my top scorer, 24 in the league. Salah second. But Salah also had 14 assists. Trent won all the awards, with highest avg rating in the league as well. Jota and Taki didn't play very well but I suppose not giving either a good run of games will do that. Towards the end I prioritised giving Jones game time. I also bought Haaland in January (this is from the beta still) and he's done very well.
  14. I play a 433DMWIDE or 4231. In the 433, sometimes against smaller teams or cup he can play the DM support. If in cm, CM support. I line up with DM(s), CAR, Mez(s) or DM(d), CM(s), Mez(a). When I play 4231, which is more often now, I use a CM(d) CM(s) Treq. He can play either position. Usually in the CM(s) and paired with either Hendo or Fab. In most games though its Fab and Hendo as the midfield 2. Thiago seems well suited to a AP(s), DLP(s) or maybe Regista I think. In my system, whilst he's good for unlocking defences, his lack of positioning and weak physicals/bravery make it
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