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  1. It makes Sense. However i won most of the games i see the opposite team creating kit of chances. What would you suggest?
  2. What did I look for? 1) Three fast attackers with great mobility; 2) Hard-working and aggressive midfielder who seeks to quickly recover the ball and put it in front. 3) Two wing backs that support the attack. Although without that intention, I find behavior similar to Klopp's Liverpool at stake. What do you think?
  3. that is exactly what I intend with this publication. I feel the team has few breaks ... with the overlap I wanted to increase my mentality. how do you think i can create more offensive dynamics srm lose my balance clear?
  4. broadly speaking I think I explained what I want from the team. I would like to receive some tips from you. how can i improve?
  5. The season has just begun. I'm like this! The idea is to always be balanced. The CB occupy the three runners, two of the midfielder
  6. Precisely because I thought the team was not very objective, I decided to make some changes and, until I see, I have had good results. The team is now playing at 100 an hour and even then I have possession. What do you think?
  7. I am trying to build a tenure system. What do you think?
  8. these were the games I played with this tactic. now i started a save with newcastle to realize its efficiency when I have more time to save I put the feedback here
  9. I created this tactic to take advantage of the speed of the two strikers who always look for space. On the other hand, I also try to take advantage of the technical capacity and speed of the extremes. What do you think? PI’s AFs– Close down more; mark tighter FBs – Close down more; Mentality: Attacking In Possession: Play out of defence Low Crosses Much Higher Tempo In Transition: Distribute quickly Counter Counter-press Out of possession: Defend wider Much higher defensive line Much higher line of engagement Prevent short GK distribution
  10. I developed my tactics even more and now we are more pragmatic. What do you think? Right now I'm going to the championship I think they are very good results. what do you think?
  11. To increase Dantas' influence in the game I made some changes. This was a game with Sporting.
  12. Gedson is playing in that position while Gonçalo Ramos does not develop the movement to enter the area. On the other hand, in January I will send back Nuno Santos who was on loan and has this trait and can do the place well. I don't think it's too congested. I've been enjoying it.
  13. The lack of offensive production that my 5-3-2 | 3-5-2 gave me, made me look for another tactical disposition. The excess quality in the midfield, two forwards that could complement each other made me look at 4-3-1-2. How did I start? 1 - Look at the players, their attributes and preferred movements. 2 - Strikers: Carlos Vinicius - Hold the ball on your back; Go back; Strenght; Jumping reach and his best foot ... He had to be a Target Man. 3 - Esposito - Off the bal, acceleration, pace ... Advanced Forward to fall to the flank. 4 - Gedson Fernandes - N
  14. Hi! I started my save with a 4231 that I even put here in the group and with which I was champion in the first season. In the 2nd I revolutionized the team, promoted the youngsters and bet. I had no stable team. I felt very unbalanced. Until I found a formula that allowed me to reach the final of the champions. 352. We are strong in defense. But I think we are not very dangerous in attack and don't score too much What do you think ??
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