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  1. these were the games I played with this tactic. now i started a save with newcastle to realize its efficiency when I have more time to save I put the feedback here
  2. I created this tactic to take advantage of the speed of the two strikers who always look for space. On the other hand, I also try to take advantage of the technical capacity and speed of the extremes. What do you think? PI’s AFs– Close down more; mark tighter FBs – Close down more; Mentality: Attacking In Possession: Play out of defence Low Crosses Much Higher Tempo In Transition: Distribute quickly Counter Counter-press Out of possession: Defend wider Much higher defensive line Much higher line of engagement Prevent short GK distribution Use Offside trap
  3. I developed my tactics even more and now we are more pragmatic. What do you think? Right now I'm going to the championship I think they are very good results. what do you think?
  4. To increase Dantas' influence in the game I made some changes. This was a game with Sporting.
  5. Gedson is playing in that position while Gonçalo Ramos does not develop the movement to enter the area. On the other hand, in January I will send back Nuno Santos who was on loan and has this trait and can do the place well. I don't think it's too congested. I've been enjoying it.
  6. The lack of offensive production that my 5-3-2 | 3-5-2 gave me, made me look for another tactical disposition. The excess quality in the midfield, two forwards that could complement each other made me look at 4-3-1-2. How did I start? 1 - Look at the players, their attributes and preferred movements. 2 - Strikers: Carlos Vinicius - Hold the ball on your back; Go back; Strenght; Jumping reach and his best foot ... He had to be a Target Man. 3 - Esposito - Off the bal, acceleration, pace ... Advanced Forward to fall to the flank. 4 - Gedson Fernandes - Needed a player to occupy the space left by Esposito and be quick. 5 - If Esposito falls on the line, Gedson Fernandes takes his place ... He needed a medium to occupy the space. But that could give me creativity and quality to take advantage of the spaces created ... Taking advantage of these attributes and traits, I think it would be ideal ... Tiago Dantas 6 - This one has to play ... The team's balance guarantee ... The best !!! Florentino Luis .. 7 - As on the right, Esposito falls on the line. On the left, Vinicius is a reference ... He needed outside movements and someone to take the ball forward. With strength and speed to recover afterwards ... David Tavares 8 - The defensive quartet ... They have to be the best ... Fast, positioning, Anticipation. If Tomás Tavares (to improve the cross) crosses to Vinicius, Grimaldo puts it right in front ... DC ... Ruben Dias (monster) and Milenkovic / Ferro. Goalkepper: Svilar 9 - How do I want to play? Supported construction ... With patience (Hence the function of Dantas) alternated with vertical pass for the two in front. A strong and a fast ... Gedson always quick to appear from behind. 10 - The alternatives to these players, I look for similar attributes and traits ... Gonçalo Ramos is training to appear in the opponent's area (AM) ... Ronaldo Camará | Martim Neto for Dantas ... Ronaldo Camará or Gedson for David Tavares ... Rafael Brito for Florentino. And this is it. In training I try to develop the attribute and trait that I need and recommend for my game.
  7. Hi! I started my save with a 4231 that I even put here in the group and with which I was champion in the first season. In the 2nd I revolutionized the team, promoted the youngsters and bet. I had no stable team. I felt very unbalanced. Until I found a formula that allowed me to reach the final of the champions. 352. We are strong in defense. But I think we are not very dangerous in attack and don't score too much What do you think ??
  8. These are the figures that I present on February 5 of the first season. What do you think they say? I think we conceded a lot of goals
  9. Do you think Zlobin can give 2nd option? Ody is to sell. And the others do not think they can get there! It's one more to try to develop!
  10. Thank you! I'm going to bet on Svilar and try to sell Odysseas. However, I was almost there to hire Andrada. But I thought it was going to distort my intention. In that sense I decided to buy Martinez to develop. What do you think?
  11. Thank you! I'm going to bet on Svilar and try to sell Odysseas. However, I was almost there to hire Andrada. But I thought it was going to distort my intention. In that sense I decided to buy Martinez to develop. What do you think?
  12. Hello! I'm in a save with Benfica. Things are going well. My goal is to develop a club DNA with an offensive game of possession and control. I try to develop the players I already have in the squad. But in fact, I feel that I lack a suitable GK. I will post screenshots of my GKs so that they can give Your opinion on whether any are worth it. OK? I have not liked the main one that has been odysseas. zlobin is on loan. Do you think I can develop any of these Gk?
  13. I defined that these attributes should be my club adn: teamwork, anticipation, vision, decisions, off the ball, pass, first touch, technique. So, I made the following monthly plan to develop these attributes. what do you think?
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