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  1. Hi! On my second save at FM 21 I decided to take a different approach. I started with Auxerre, going up and placing the club among the best in France. After climbing in the first season. Now I am trying on the 2nd, with little room for investment, to stabilize the sports club, to develop the players. For that, I defined my DNA, the general attributes for my team: Acceleration, Decisions, Work rate, bravery, determination and anticipation For my defensive unit players I understand that they must have (in addition to the general ones): Jumping Reach (CB), con
  2. I would try your suggestions. Makes sense too me. Let me see in a game with a big club to understand the changes. I've the F9 swap position with one of the CF on the left when Haland in the pitch.
  3. In This case i don't want to replicate the Liverpool tatic. I just want a team with that attributes. My team it's very offensive and creste too much chances per game. However i'm steel thinkin that we have very weaks We have won mostly games but i think just because my team is better... How can i improve?
  4. It makes Sense. However i won most of the games i see the opposite team creating kit of chances. What would you suggest?
  5. What did I look for? 1) Three fast attackers with great mobility; 2) Hard-working and aggressive midfielder who seeks to quickly recover the ball and put it in front. 3) Two wing backs that support the attack. Although without that intention, I find behavior similar to Klopp's Liverpool at stake. What do you think?
  6. that is exactly what I intend with this publication. I feel the team has few breaks ... with the overlap I wanted to increase my mentality. how do you think i can create more offensive dynamics srm lose my balance clear?
  7. broadly speaking I think I explained what I want from the team. I would like to receive some tips from you. how can i improve?
  8. The season has just begun. I'm like this! The idea is to always be balanced. The CB occupy the three runners, two of the midfielder
  9. Precisely because I thought the team was not very objective, I decided to make some changes and, until I see, I have had good results. The team is now playing at 100 an hour and even then I have possession. What do you think?
  10. I am trying to build a tenure system. What do you think?
  11. these were the games I played with this tactic. now i started a save with newcastle to realize its efficiency when I have more time to save I put the feedback here
  12. I created this tactic to take advantage of the speed of the two strikers who always look for space. On the other hand, I also try to take advantage of the technical capacity and speed of the extremes. What do you think? PI’s AFs– Close down more; mark tighter FBs – Close down more; Mentality: Attacking In Possession: Play out of defence Low Crosses Much Higher Tempo In Transition: Distribute quickly Counter Counter-press Out of possession: Defend wider Much higher defensive line Much higher line of engagement Prevent short GK distribution
  13. I developed my tactics even more and now we are more pragmatic. What do you think? Right now I'm going to the championship I think they are very good results. what do you think?
  14. To increase Dantas' influence in the game I made some changes. This was a game with Sporting.
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