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  1. How come my team that I created isn't showing up in the league it's supposed to be in? I tried just adding the team and replacing a team in a league...
  2. Anyone have the link for the Excel Spreadsheet? Just so I don't have to create it myself...
  3. sorry for going a bit off topic but would anyone be interested in SD Eibar that have a Tycoon they spent 2.8m euro the following January transfer window
  4. I think I've reached my first ever Champions League/Cup Final, beating Wolfsburg 8-1 in the Semi final gonna be playing Juventus in the final fm16 beta with Real Madrid
  5. Am I missing something here or what? there is no "control training" in the training screen but on the report from coach there is.
  6. be able too mass edit asking prices, like selecting X amount of players and set their asking price
  7. http://oi62.tinypic.com/1z6cqjq.jpg http://oi58.tinypic.com/2d6oi8.jpg player interaction at it's best, Lol
  8. How come my created stadium (with created team in the editor) can expand more than 4000 ? Even though I specified "Expansion Capacity" to 4000. moderators, feel free to move the thread to the editor section...
  9. Burnley winning premier league 2019/20, 1 point ahead Man Utd no tycoon
  10. Dafuge, what was your finances like in the championship 2nd season? I'm in the championship now(1st season 2025/26) with my created team, losing about 500k/month spending 99k/week on wages
  11. http://oi59.tinypic.com/2nr1n45.jpg http://oi57.tinypic.com/sd1pfk.jpg Shouldn't it say in the schedule that the game is on TV ?? Is it a bug or a save game only thing? Edit: on the finances page it says I only got 11k from that... Edit 2: Nevermind, schedule just got updated after the game.
  12. Just had a game with a created team in the Conference Prem. that ended 7-6 (5-2 HT) season 2020/21 before that, the highest goalscoring game was 6-4 in the conference south (season 2016/17)
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