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  1. How's Smith rowe working out for you? Also, what's that skin called?
  2. I'm new to FM19 and I'm struggling to get Man U to be consistent and do well, any advice on which kind of tactic would suit them? And if so, any differences for home and away?
  3. I just had the best season with United, first season success in the league and hopefully Europa League final. I went out in the FA cup and League earlier but this gave me time between games to be consistent in the league...and what a league season it was
  4. How do you use Keita? I had him also and he was average.
  5. Started a new file mid week and so far so good, although the injuries that keep creeping in are starting to get comical. One thing I will say is Ozil is doing pretty well in my tactic, I'm glad at the moment I'm getting the good stuff out of him as his stats and stature is class. Here's the latest on my league and Ozil. Spurs are having a bit of a nightmare.
  6. @Dong21 I was given just over £50 million to spend. Which sounds good, but wage structure and getting the right players is always a challenge!
  7. End of season update, we finished 6th in the end, disappointed to have not finished 5th but it was too far to reach in the end. Happy that we got Europe though
  8. Started a file in December and saw this Hull side needing some leadership. I've taken them from 15th to a good position the in the league so far with the hope of getting either 5th or 6th. Slightly frustrated that I didn;t start from the start of the season, but this has been good fun! Post season signings will be crucial and hold onto some of my boys who are performing. Any suggestions or advice is welcome
  9. @dino I did a City file before and Yaya scored 26 goals in all comps within my tactic and he was unwanted at City, so I knew I could trust him
  10. Cool cheers for the tips, I'll give them a try and see how he fairs.
  11. Just started a file and only made one first team signing, started off well so far with 2 draws in the league and out of the league cup (not interested because of the Europa League schedule). The only issue i have is getting consistency from Ibra, too hot and cold for me so far.
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