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  1. Sorry, been busy with work. I'll try to post screenshots this weekend.
  2. Description: The modifications here create fantasy league setup for the United States and Canada. There is also a file that modifies the North American continental cups. The US, Mexican, and Canadian leagues now have comparable reputations to the top leagues in Europe. The tv and prize money payouts for the top US and Canadian leagues have been boosted to allow the top clubs to compete financially with the top clubs in the world. In the US a regional cup competition is the second domestic cup competition teams will play in. 66 new teams have been created and added to both nations's league system. Some of the new teams are sleeping giants while others fill out the ranks of the bottom leagues. Notes: There is an issue with the Canadian Championship where it is still being played. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. MLS owned lower league teams play in the lowest tier and can't be promoted. There were some game play issues with having so many reserve teams in one or two lower leagues I wouldn't recommend running with just the Canadian or US league enabled. If you enable one of them you will probably need to enable the other in order to start a new game When starting a new game you should enable 'Add players to playable teams' and uncheck 'Do not add key staff' since the majority of the lower league teams won't have players or staff Sometimes either the continental cup or regional cups happen at the start or end of an international break. I'm trying to work through this US Leagues American Premier League US Championship US League One US League Two US League Three US League Four US National League US Regional East, West US Regional First Division Central, Northeast, Southeast, West American Premier Reserve US Cups American Pioneer Cup (Super Cup between APL and Open Cup winners) US Open Cup Atlantic Cup California Cup Cascadia Cup Florida Cup Frontier Cup Great Lakes Cup Lone Star Cup New England Cup Southeastern Cup Southern Cup Southwest Cup U-20s compete in matching regional cups Canadian Leagues Canadian Premier League Canadian First Division Canadian Second Division Canadian Third Division(inactive) Canadian Cups Victoria Challenge Cup (Super Cup between CPL and FA Cup winners) Canadian FA Cup Continental Cups Champions League League Cup Super Cup (Super Cup between Champions League and League Cup winners) U-20 Champions Cup Gambit_FM20_NorthAmerican_Leagues_v32.zip
  3. Just a few suggestions for the editor and game Allow us to set the youth intake date for a nation. Have a confirmation dialog for the Nation and League randomize kits option Allow for setting the Club Vision 'sign nationality' be able to work as a club policy similar to Chivas and Bilbao.
  4. Feature suggestions Allow us to set the youth intake date for a nation. Have a confirmation dialog for the Nation and League randomize kits option Allow for setting the Club Vision 'sign nationality' be able to work as a club policy similar to Chivas and Bilbao.
  5. Issue: I ran into this issue when I converted my custom US league over to the advanced ruleset. I would randomly get errors saying there weren't enough teams in the league Nashville SC was placed in for the year 2020. After a while I figured out what caused the problem. Nashville would end up in the MLS league for 2020 even though I wasn't using that league and had set the league to extinct. Using the basic editor rules this would not happen. Workaround: I had to create a new Nashville team and move all the players and staff over
  6. I was adding a player back into the database and I noticed that I couldn't change the max age between 18-23 in the Person Data->Days at club/in Nation screen. I would set the value and it would change the min value to whatever I set the max value to then set the max value to 0.
  7. Fifa fixtures. Guys went off to the Euro championship qualifiers and North American Nations league games
  8. Has anyone seen this setting not work before? As you can see I have 11 players out, but the setting is supposed to postpone the match with 3 call-ups
  9. I've run into the same issue in North America. It is possible that the custom continent rules prevent the dynamic changes from taking place. It could be an oversight, a bug, or by design.
  10. I'm running into the same issue with a custom USA league with a 25 player squad limit. I set a minimum of 15 players having to be registered and there are teams that have ignored that rule completely. Here is a gallery of all the top flight teams. Only 4/19 AI controlled teams have valid squad registrations Gambit_FM20_NorthAmerica_10_adv.fmf
  11. Its always weird, random things that get you.
  12. I just had to get a certain activity level. My user is there now and I joined the editor channel
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