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  1. The Ryzen results lead me to believe that FM is more dependent on the core clock speed than the number of cores and threads. I hope we see some 8000 series results soon.
  2. Max, I ran into the issue again. It may be happening to just the user controlled teams. I've uploaded the config file and save game to the game-editor folder, gambit_tvmoney_issue.zip
  3. Max, I may have resolved the issue. I started up another game after changing the TV money value and the correct value was assigned to teams
  4. I have a custom USA league where the TV money was set, but is not used in the game. It looks like the value for the original league is being used. The parachute payment value is the same in game though. Database value Game value
  5. Has anyone noticed that TV money from custom leagues doesn't seem to be the amount entered in the database file? I've tried different values and tested it and each time the teams in the league don't get the correct amount
  6. Teams not linking domestically.

    I think this is a bug they're going to address in the next big patch
  7. Removing Canadian teams from MLS

    Create a Canadian league in another file and make sure to setup the Canadian Championship as a cup competition in it.
  8. It doesn't depend on MLS. It determines which Canadian team gets a spot in the champions league so this might be the issue.
  9. Make sure the main division is set to "Top Division"
  10. Scandinavian Royal League

    You should be able to use the FM15 version of the file in FM16
  11. Do FM15 files convert in the FM 16 Editor

    For the most part yes. I noticed last night that some of the rival club settings didn't carry over for created clubs.
  12. Eastside is back

    Nice. Thanks and thanks Phillip Rolfe for the facebook link
  13. Eastside is back

    Can we get some screenshots posted before 6pm?