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  1. I'm playing as 1874 Northwich in Level 10, using TheFmEditor85's Level 10 database and at some stadiums we play at (the screenshot is from Avro's stadium) there is a floodlight in the foreground , that obscures the right hand goal. I'm assuming since we are playing at a 'created' team's ground that this is a generic stadium (it doesn't happen at our ground though). I mean does it need to be there ? Is it possible for me to amend it in the Pre-game editor at all ?
  2. There is a problem either with the financial model or the club reputation score or possible an issue with both. In my game I am playing as Newcastle (finished 5th, not relevant but worth a brag) and Man Utd finished 7th - they got a UEFA cup place (Chelsea in 6th won the FA Cup). The issue comes over the summer between season 1 & 2 Man Utd spent 255 million pounds on new players and signed James Rodriguez and Juan Cudardo on free transfers at very high wages. They had 70 million of player sales. I contend this is not realistic. United in real life are not splashing the cash round like that (yes, they do spend money - but not that much) and I don't see Rodriguez going to any non-Champions League club. United must be over powered in terms of reputation, it's not gone down enough in terms of their league position. Over the summer they made 310 million pounds. I don't know if that is meant to be like that but it looks like a bug ?
  3. Saturday February 5th 2022 Premier League Venue: Reebok Stadium Bolton Wanderers (11th) vs. Liverpool (1st) Bolton had done tolerably well so far this season, they lie 11th currently, but this is still the type of game we have to take in our stride if we are going to repeat as Champions again. A place on the bench for new signing Joao Paulo, but a first start for Kounadis here. We pressed from the start but all we had to show for a first half of hard work was a Alfredo Lopez dispatching of a rebound in the 37th minute. The rest of the half was a litany of wasted chances. I hoped it wouldn’t come back to bite us. The early signs of the second period made it look as though that wouldn’t be the case. Lopez grabbing a second just seconds into the second period, firing through a crowd of players and leaving the keeper unsighted. Yet after that we started to waste opportunities again, and we saw the game out as 2-0 winners with some ease. Dance went off injured near the end, and Joao Paulo made his debut for the last ten minutes as well. Final Score: Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Liverpool Scorers: Lopez, A. 2 League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Alfredo Lopez Team: Lezcano, Dance (Koch 80), Kounadis, Proffitt, Lagator, Omrani (Joao Paulo 81), Gandola, Yarmolenko, Galarza, Romani, A. Lopez Dance’s injury proved to be quite serious. His Achilles Tendon was crocked and he’ll miss as much as three months, that’ll put his World Cup participation in doubt, a disaster for the lad.
  4. Wednesday February 2nd 2022 FA Cup Fourth Round Replay Venue: Anfield Liverpool (PRM 1st) vs. Hull City (CH 22nd) The midfield this evening was made up of a fit again Crisetig and Tim Roberts. Koch slipped in at right back, but we are otherwise at full strength. There’s a bit of tiredness in the camp, and the selection was based on that as much as anything. We got off to a flying start with a goal with just 2 minutes and 20 seconds on the clock from our very first corner, the ball into the centre was knocked back by Lagator to Salazar right by the penalty spot and he thumped the ball home through a crowd from there. The game settled down after that, we moved forward, Hull defended deep and had to rely on their goalkeeper a few more times than they would have liked, but they kept the score down to just the one goal at the break, something their manager would have been pleased with. We lost Roberts to injury at the break, Cespedes the one to replace him. Much like the first half the second saw us get an early goal, Galarza the scorer, gliding past a couple of defenders before firing a low shot that eluded the keeper’s grasp. Just shy of the hour mark it was three as Yarmolenko was on hand to turn in the rebound after Crisetig’s drive had been parried by the keeper. On the hour Cespedes was the second player to have to limp off through injury, though this time saw the visitors reduced by a man as a red card was shown for the challenge that left Cespedes crocked. Omrani the next one on. On 74 minutes we scored a good old fashioned goal for our fourth of the day, Yarmolenko taking his man on down the wing and swinging over a cross that Romani met on the volley as he came in on the far post giving the keeper no chance. On 80 it was 5, as Galarza added a second, unmarked at a free kick and with time and composure enough to pick his spot. It was the easiest goal on a pretty easy night, a night on which we ran out comprehensive winners. Final Score: Liverpool 5-0 Hull City Scorers: Salazar, Galarza 2, Yarmolenko, Romani Man Of The Match: Luciano Galarza Team: Lezcano, Koch, Lagator, Proffitt, Salazar, Roberts (Cespedes 45 (Omrani 60)), Crisetig, Yarmolenko, Galarza, Romani, Salva
  5. Nice to know,Mark, I think it will be difficult for United tomorrow, but Liverpool don't have the best record against United at Anfield so I think it's a hard one to call. Saturday January 29th 2022 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Arsenal (2nd) Of course the secret here would be to not let the defeat at United turn into a slump and this wasn’t going to be the easiest of games to manage that in. Added to that Schiffman had twisted an ankle in training and would be out of action for as many as 6 weeks, so it wasn’t an easy decision to make team wise. The first half was mainly punctuated by an over physical Arsenal team picking up regular yellow cards, four of them in the first half alone. They got that and they got a goal, a bad one to giveaway, poor marking at a corner in the 37th minute and we were a goal down. At half time I told them how poor I thought they had been, they seemed to be motivated to do better in the second half so I sent them back out without changes. It took just five minutes for us to get back on terms, the scorer was Salva with a free kick from 25 yards out that he curled up and over the wall and out of the keeper’s reach, a special goal. After that we huffed and puffed but couldn’t break through. If anything Arsenal looked more like scoring when they broke. However no more goals were scored and the game petered out into a one all draw. Final Score: Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal Scorers: Salva League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Roberto Gandola Team: Lezcano, Dance, Lagator, Proffitt, Salazar, Galarza, Gandola, Yarmolenko, Lopez, Romani, Salva A little bit of business followed on transfer deadline day. Two players came to see me requesting a transfer. Cespedes I refused, as I see a bright future for the lad (one that we have tied up too), but when George Clark came in and requested a move, I said yes, he’s been a bit peripheral this season and deserves a go elsewhere. He was the first business we did of the day, going for £11.25 million to Roma. We replaced him with a 23 year old Brazilian bought for £11.75 million from Anji, a lad by the name of Joao Paulo, a slightly more defensively minded midfielder, a promising purchase. We also dipped into the loan market for a reserve left winger, a familiar face in these parts as Erminio Mozzini rejoined us on loan from Parma for the rest of the season.
  6. A little treat for Mr Wilson, let's see if he's still reading this Wednesday January 26th 2022 Premier League Venue: Old Trafford Manchester United (5th) vs. Liverpool (1st) The fact that this is played midweek in January, in driving hail, with no TV cameras present shows that this isn’t the match it once was, but the fact remains that there are very few results that our fans enjoy more than a win over United. United’s home form has been very good with only one of their five loses so far this season coming at home, but that was in their last home match when they went down 2-1 to Arsenal, so it’s either the start of a slide, or a bad result they will bounce back from. The bookies seem to think it’s the latter, making United narrow favourites, but we have a bit of a plan to thwart them. And early on it works, we come out on the front foot, quite unexpectedly as it turns out and the early pressure is all us, though we don’t really test the United keeper greatly. As the half wore on United came into the game more and it was an even and one might even say dull contest for the rest of the chanceless first half. At half time I told them they could win the game, which they quite clearly could. I tried not to let on that I thought they could just as easily lose the game. I sent them out and hoped for the best. Three minutes into the second half and my worst fears were realised, an overlap down the right, time to pick a cross and the United lad got in front of Lagator and turned the ball in. We didn’t come close to equalising, though Schiffman nearly caught out the United netminder with a cross that he turned over at the last moment as it sailed toward the net. That was as close as it got for us, and we ended up losing this one. A narrow defeat for sure, but still a defeat. Final Score: Man Utd 1-0 Liverpool Scorers: League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Lorenzo Crisetig Team: Lezcano, Dance, Lagator, Proffitt, Schiffman, Crisetig, Gandola, Yarmolenko, Galarza, Romani, Lopez
  7. Sunday January 23rd 2022 FA Cup Fourth Round Venue: The Circle, Hull Hull City (CH 23rd) vs. Liverpool (PRM 1st) Kounadis was cup tied for this one, but Koch wasn’t so he gets a start at right back. We revert to the 4-2-3-1 formation for this on, Romani returning to the wing, Salva getting a game on the bench, that decision taken as a result of Alfredo Lopez’s current form. Hull as you might expect came out like a team on fire, we on the other hand were awful. It was, quite simply, the worst 45 minutes of football I have ever seen Liverpool play, at least whilst I have been in charge. Hull were inventive, exciting and entertaining, everything we weren’t. No surprise when they took the lead on 27 minutes, defensive slackness allowing the Hull lad time to pick his spot. We were fortunate to get in at half time just the one goal down. I went into teacup throwing overdrive, I was that mad. I took off the worst two players, Schiffman who had been tormented by the lad on the Hull right, and Lopez who couldn’t hit a barn door today with Salazar and Salva respectively. Well the second half started off as an entirely different story, Salazar the provider, Yarmolenko the scorer, just 48 minutes on the clock. But after that it was back to the dross of the first half. We had man of the match Lezcano for keeping us in the cup, he made a string of good saves, whilst we offered very little going forward. The game finished 1-1, and I have some thinking to do. After the game the 5th round draw was made, and it would be a home tie against the winners of the Stoke vs. West Brom tie. Final Score: Hull City 1-1 Liverpool Scorers: Yarmolenko Man Of The Match: Daniel Lezcano Team: Lezcano, Koch, Lagator, Proffitt, Schiffman (Salazar 45), Lucas, Gandola, Romani, Galarza, Yarmolenko, Lopez (Salva 45)
  8. During the following week we made some moves, mainly to get ahead of the game in the last week of the January transfer window, and to avoid being caught out chasing players at the end of it. We let some players go out on loan, Boldrini and Istuk both went to Real Madrid on loan for the rest of the season. I hadn’t been that impressed with either of them recently, and I thought Boldrini at least would learn a bit on loan. Istuk I wasn’t sure had much of a future at Anfield, but a loan would at least give me time to work out if he was an asset to the team or not. Fringe players went too, Lebron to Villareal, Kemble to Schalke and Vito to Aston Villa, all for the rest of the season. Into the side came a couple of players who I thought would improve our defensive depth. Thomas Kounadis, 23 and a former England U21 international, was bought from Arsenal for just £2.6million. He was coming to the end of his contract and was refusing to sign a new one, so I saw a chance and went for it. He’s a good, though a little limited, central defender and he’ll provide cover initially. Stephan Koch, 21, and a German international was bought for £19.75 million from Schalke. He’s primarily a right back but can cover across the back, his versatility could be a real asset. Those weren’t the only moves I was making but they were the ones to come off before our next match, a cup game, against Hull
  9. Saturday January 15th 2022 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Watford (18th) We stick with the 5-3-2 formation for this one, Istuk in for Boldrini, and Omrani and Gandola patrolling the centre of midfield, the changes from last weekend. We were on top from the opening whistle, and put the visitors under intense pressure, but corner after corner we met a determined defence, an inspired keeper and some wasteful play on our own part. I don’t know how we didn’t score before half time, but we didn’t. Half time I was cross, and I told them so. They went out looking like they meant business. I asked them to play a bit more on the front foot. It took seven minutes of the second half to get onto the scoresheet Alfredo Lopez the provider, s defence splitting pass, which Galarza ran onto and guided home from ten yards out. A nice goal, yet our malaise of the first half was not yet gone. We wasted chances galore, Omrani an inch wide with a drive, Lopez shooting over instead of passing to a better placed Salva, the most notable examples. On 77 we did manage to add a second, Galarza the provider, once again splitting the defence with a killer ball, Yarmolenko the beneficiary, shooting the ball low, under the keeper’s dive and into the far corner. In injury time Lopez added a third, a fine solo goal, taking the ball in his own half, and running with it into the box, where he wrong footed the keeper and slotted the ball home. It put a gloss on the performance that our profligacy didn’t warrant. It might seem a strange thought after a 3-0 win, but I thought it was maybe time to put the 5-3-2 away again. Final Score: Liverpool 3-0 Watford Scorers: Galarza, Yarmolenko, Lopez League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Alfredo Lopez Team: Lezcano, Istuk, Lagator, Proffitt, Dance, Yarmolenko, Gandola, Omrani, Galarza, Lopez, Salva
  10. Saturday January 8th 2022 Premier League Venue: Loftus Road Queen’s Park Rangers (20th) vs. Liverpool (1st) QPR have been poor this season and are rapidly becoming adrift at the bottom of the league, with just 11 points from their 20 games (we on the other hand have 55 from the same number of games), I decide to go for the throat and play a 5-3-2 with Lopez and Salva up top and Galarza behind them. That should work. QPR started brightly but their problems stem from not scoring enough goals, and you could see why here, putting the ball over when well placed early on. We, on the other hand, have no problem scoring and we took the lead with our first attack on 11 minutes, Lopez jumping on a loose ball in the area and threading it home for his 13th league goal of the season. We pushed on from there but were unlucky in that we couldn’t add a second before the half time break. I told them they could play better in the second half, and they certainly started the second period like they had been told just that, with us going two up just 17 seconds into the second half, from the kick off, passing the ball through them, Lopez to Salva, no mistake, two-nil. QPR steadied a bit after that and eventually got one back just past the hour mark, it was as close as they got though and we ran out easy, if rather unconvincing winners. Final Score: Queen’s Park Rangers 1-2 Liverpool Scorers: Lopez, Salva League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Alfredo Lopez Team: Lezcano, Dance, Lagator, Proffitt, Boldrini, Yarmolenko, Roberts, Lucas, Galarza, Lopez, Salva
  11. Wednesday January 5th 2022 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Stoke City (12th) Midweek in January has never been my favourite time to be playing a match, but this is what we had here, obviously I hoped our recent excellent form could be carried on here and to that end I was pleased to see Galarza return to the team. Alfredo Lopez the unlucky one to miss out, but he’d get to warm the bench just in case Salva didn’t play his usual part in proceedings. Stoke had other ideas and started the much better of the two sides, and were unlucky to see a shot from the edge of the box whistle past the post on 11 minutes, Lezcano static. It didn’t last however and we went a goal up on 17 minutes, Salva the scorer from the penalty box after he was left in a heap after trying to connect with a Romani cross. Stoke tried their best to get back into the game but we had the upper hand now and we added a second goal on the 40 minute mark, a Schiffman cross from deep was met with a flying header by Romani and the ball flew just inside the right hand post, a lovely goal, quite direct. We made it three right on half time, this one a Yarmolenko screamer from the corner of the box, it flew in, some shot, Schiffman once again the provider. Three up at half time and that gave us a bit more of a sense of comfort than I think our play really deserved.Stoke certainly had some home truths told to them at half time as they were a different team in the second period. They pressed, and got one back on 52 minutes following a defensive mixup. Their second on 57 was a much cleaner effort, a run and shot that Lezcano could and should have done better with. We wobbled for a bit, and looked like we’d concede a third, but we just about managed to hold them at bay. Near the end, in the 82nd minute, Galarza set up Salva for his second of the day and the points were safe, a 4-2 win, but it was a lot closer than the score might suggest. Final Score: Liverpool 4-2 Stoke City Scorers : Salva 2 (1 pen), Romani, Yarmolenko League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Leandro Salva Team: Lezcano, Dance, Schiffman, Lagator, Proffitt, Omrani, Gandola (Lucas 34), Yarmolenko, Galarza, Romani, Salva
  12. Saturday January 1st 2022 FA Cup Third Round Venue: Anfield Liverpool (PRM 1st) vs. Crawley Town (L2 2nd) The FA Cup saw us cast in the role of ‘giant’ and our visitors, Crawley of League Two in the role of ‘giantkillers’, that only, of course, if they win. It’s not a game that should challenge us, of course, but seeing as I view it as an opportunity to give some squad players a go, then strange things might happen. Of the last team only Omrani and Proffitt remain, the rest are all squad player, with only one youngster on the bench. The Crawley keeper had distinguished himself with a couple of sharp saves by the time we took the lead on 9 minutes. Nicholas Lopez was the creator, stealing the ball in the box as the defender dallied about putting it into row Z, he drew the keeper, then he pulled the ball back for Omrani to knock into the now unguarded net. On 17 minutes Omrani was on hand to notch his second after a N.Lopez effort was saved, the rebound falling into open space and Omrani the first one to react. Just three minutes later N.Lopez was rewarded for his hard work as he turned in a Vito cross. Omrani just failed to complete his hatrick as he hit the bar late on in the half, but we went in a comfortable three goals up. He was able to complete his hatrick in the 57th minute, our first proper attack after a quiet opening to the second half, Swift down the left, and Omrani meeting his low cross with a diving header that flew in. That was it for the scoring, we were fully in control, Crawley didn’t ever really test Fashanu in our nets, we could have got more, but four was enough, Crawley were game, did their best, certainly gave it their all, and so it’s good we beat but not humiliate them. Final Score: Liverpool 4-0 Crawley Town Scorers : Omrani 3, N.Lopez Man Of The Match: Ahmed Omrani Team: Fashanu, Boldrini, Salazar, Istuk, Proffitt, Cespedes, Roberts, Swift, Omrani, Vito, N.Lopez
  13. Tuesday December 28th 2021 Premier League Venue: Anfield Liverpool (1st) vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers (9th) The second game in the Christmas string came round too quick for the lads injured in the previous game, Clark would be out for two weeks, Enriquez, five. Add in to that some tiredness in the squad, and this game became a choice between a test of our squad depth or a chance to change the formation a little. The use of the 5-3-2 in recent games had been due to my inability to choose between Alfredo Lopez and Salva, but with Lopez sitting this one out due to tiredness, and both Yarmolenko and Romani back to full fitness, it was a no brainer to change it back to the 4-2-3-1 formation, Omrani in the hole, and Lucas and Gandola in the middle of the park. Wolves started the better of the two teams and forced some corners early on which we dealt with easily. We showed nothing until the 20th minute, when we managed to score. Yarmolenko the man to score, bundling the ball home at the second attempt after his shot on the run was blocked. Wolves did their best to come back into the game, but we held them at arm’s length and got to half time a goal to the good. The second half started poorly, very little in the way of creativity from either side. We had to reorganise on 52 as Romani limped off, A.Lopez on in the hole, Omrani to the left, Yarmolenko to the right. The reorganisation knocked us off our stride a bit, but we got a break on the hour mark as Salva snaffled a half chance with a snap shot from the edge of the box that caught the keeper out. We got a third on 70 minutes with Salva once again the scorer, the ball squirting to him following a robust challenge by Lucas, and Salva then taking the ball round the last man and converting from just inside the box. Salva didn’t get the chance for his hatrick within three minutes of the restart he too was limping off, replaced by Nicholas Lopez. On 77 it was 4, Proffitt the man on the spot after a header from a corner was cleared off the line, it fell at Proffitt’s feet and he made no mistake from only four yards out. We saw out the game from there with ease. A very comfortable 4-0 win. Final Score: Liverpool 4-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Scorers : Yarmolenko, Salva 2, Proffitt League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Lucas Leiva Team: Lezcano, Dance, Schiffman, Lagator, Proffitt, Lucas, Gandola, Yarmolenko, Omrani, Romani (A. Lopez 52) , Salva (N.Lopez 73)
  14. Sunday December 26th 2021 Premier League Venue: St. James’ Park Newcastle (13th) vs. Liverpool (1st) The Boxing Day fixture this year saw us travel up to the North East, and to Newcastle. They have hit a little bit of form recently including a televised 3-0 walloping of Arsenal in their last match so they are not a team to be taken lightly by any means. But I only make one change to the lineup from the last match, Gandola, one booking away from an enforced ban, takes the day off, Enriquez steps into the ball winning role. We stick with the 5-3-2 as it offers us more in terms of attacking threat than any of our other formations. Newcastle started the game stronger and had the better chances though they failed to test Lezcano, shooting wide each time. But the pressure grew, to the point where something had to give. It came just after the half hour mark as Newcastle pushed up a little too much so when they lost the ball just inside our half, Salva had a clear half to run into, he did, drew the keeper and slotted the ball past him. A sucker punch, for sure, but they all count. We lost Clarke to injury shortly after that, Omrani on to replace him in the hole behind the front two. But that was it for the entertainment of the first half, and we went in a goal up. I told them they could play better and sent them back out. The second half was more of the same from Newcastle but on 55 minutes they scored, a mazy Zaha run followed by a finish of some calmness, stuff that he never showed when he played for us !. But it wasn’t level for long, as we passed our way through their backline, Lopez taking it past the last man and burying it from 15 yards out. On 76 Enriquez limped off, which caused a bit of a reshuffle, Omrani and Lopez moving back in the formation, and Swift taking a front-runner’s role. On 79 we got a third goal, a Crisetig low corner to the near post, turned in by Lagator from about 4 yards out, a simple goal, easy if you leave the front post unmarked. We had chances to extend our lead near the end, but we didn’t take them. We still ran out convincing winners. Final Score: Newcastle 1-3 Liverpool Scorers : Salva, A. Lopez, Lagator League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Alfredo Lopez Team: Lezcano, Boldrini, Salazar, Lagator, Proffitt, Dance, Crisetig, Enriquez (Swift 76), Clark (Omrani 34), A. Lopez , Salva
  15. Wednesday December 22nd 2021 Premier League Venue: St. Mary’s Southampton (8th) vs. Liverpool (1st) This is our game in hand, so we need to get something out of it. I opt for a formation change as Southampton are a different proposition than Everton, and we can’t afford gung-ho here, not initially at least ! We go for a 5-3-2, that sees Salva and Lopez up front together, Clark in the hole, Boldrini and Salazar on wing back duties. A different formation, and we get off to a flyer, Gandola setting it up with a fabulous through ball, leaving Salva with a comparatively simple finish from 8 yards out. 8 minutes on the clock. Southampton should have been level on 20 minutes when they struck the post when it looked easier to score. That missed chance came back to haunt them just past the half hour as Boldrini got to the byline, Lopez shot, the keeper could only block it out into play and Clark was on hand to bundle the ball in. Not pretty but it still counts as one, like all the rest. On the stroke of half time, we got a third,Lopez providing the final pass, as Salva got his second from a narrow angle. Once again we went in on a high, and the team talk was easy. The second half bimbled around for a short while, and then we got into gear. The fourth goal arrived on 58 minutes, Clark the provider this time, Lopez the scorer, rasping home a drive from a full 15 yards out. Job done, we sat back and Southampton took advantage of that. Lezcano was in good form so they only got the one, in the 75th minute, but I didn’t appreciate the way they took their eye off the prize of victory. Lesson one in training the following day was, ‘It ain’t over until the fat lady sings’. Final Score: Southampton 1-4 Liverpool Scorers : Salva 2, Clark, A. Lopez League Position: 1st Man Of The Match: Leandro Salva Team: Lezcano, Boldrini, Salazar, Lagator, Proffitt, Dance, Crisetig, Gandola, Clark, A. Lopez , Salva
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