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Loan unlockable not working

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Hi I wondered if anyone else has had an issue with the loan unlockable I have unlocked this but when I try to apply in my save this won't apply, I tried applying the no sacking unlockable and that works. Any help would be appreciated. 

I'm playing on PS5.


Thanks Dan

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I’m having the same issue on PS5, won’t let me apply it


took me 3-4 attempts to eventually activate the no permit unlockable as well so it may work if you keep trying it?



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Is it because you’re already receiving the benefit maybe?


I started as Walsall and have won back to back titles, league two and one


i must have had 8-10 loan players in my squad both seasons and always more than 5 in my match day squad, never once was it stopped? Not sure what the official ruling is right now?

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As above I never had any issue at all from Walsall, from day one too


strange, I’ll keep trying to apply the unlockable


lack of SI interaction on these forums is really disappointing 



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This is still not working after the latest patch


game is now telling me I can’t loan from a team as I already have one long term loan, which I don’t, basically rendering the loan list a waste of time in the game, great! 

come on SI sort this out please, shoukd be a basic and quick update fix?

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