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  1. It doesn't seem it will let me upload another pic due to size restrictions so hopefully the above two show enough to make sense of my comments Thanks
  2. Here's a great example of the problem I'm having. OK this is the 90th minute of the game and I'm chasing an equaliser however look at Wilson running with the ball, the opposition wide player and look what my back line do....retreat retreat retreat all the way until pretty much my 18 yard box and then it's my centre half that engages him leaving a gaping hole for him to play a simple pass into their striker who slots home. Why does the full back not engage him higher up the pitch, any idea? I'm still seeing this with my formation every game and I dont know how to stop this happening. The full backs retreat and wait for the centre midfielder to chase back and make a tackle on the dribbling winger, bearing in mind the midfielder starts 20 odd yards behind the winger so it would be much easier for the full back/wing back to close down the winger. I'll upload the third picture in the set which will show where Wilson ran unchallenged to, any feedback appreciated as it's blood frustrating! Cheers
  3. My Mezzala player Harper, is a beast for me, drives me up the pitch, scores a lot of goals (If only he did that in real life...) so I'm loathed to change that, in fact he's the hub of my tactic and I only drop him to support if I have a tough away fixture, I want him to go out and play and control the game. I sometimes play a DLP with him, the reason I have a BWM in this line up is I'm away from home and wanting my team to win the ball back with more urgency, mainly due to the issue I have with my full backs retreating. The BWM will try and intercept before they reach my back line Again, urgent pressing and hard tackling can change from week to week due to the opposition and whether home or away etc, this is not a constant. Appreciate the feedback, main frustrations in my attacking set up is too much football played outside the box in crowded areas, work ball into box or hit early crosses are varied by opposition and my line up. Wing backs and wingers have way too many crosses blocked, Wing Backs normally have 15-20% success rate at best with crosses, also feel Wingers play too narrow, despite asking them to run wide and cross from byeline etc. Box to box the football I play is great but set pieces, a retreating defence and lack of cutting edge in final third hinder at times Thanks for the feedback again
  4. To be fair I've tried all of the above and with little success, I don't necessarily stick to regroup, I've used counter press and no specific option but the ever retreating full back issue still occurs, the only thing I've not tried is asking said full back/wing back to man mark the opposition winger but I don't want to detract from their attacking play and ability to get forward, which they do a lot with my tactic
  5. Hi, sorry for the delay see below I know I play an attacking brand of football and at times leave myself open, I'm oK with this risk factor what I can't stomach is when the opposition break on me, normally wide players and my full backs retreat from the half way line all the way to the 18 yard box and do nothing, the centre halves do the same. And set pieces as I mentioned, every corner the PC has, well 80% plus seems to create a chance on goal, as for me If I score 2 goals a season from corners that's about my lot Cheers in advance for any feedback, still learning on the job! ;-)
  6. Hi all some real interesting reading on here. I’m a FM veteran, even used to do the research but haven’t played an FM now for about 6 years so 19 for me came with a host of new festures enjoying the game and the challenge. I’m playing with a 4231 tactic, attacking and possession based which I’m comfortable with. A few observations on my tactic which I wouldn’t mind a steer on. My biggest gripe is when the opposition run at me, Normally this is when I’ve lost the ball in their final third, the opposition break on me but the full backs/wing backs retreat 40 yards in line with the CH’s meaning one of my two Centre midfielders have to chase back to try and make the tackle, why the full backs don’t engage the player is baffling me and alas very unrealistic, even if the opposition winger has a close down instruction or tackle hard the full backs still seem to only engage when the winger is 30 yards from my goal, if I’m lucky, meaning he’s carried the ball 60 yards without being closed down, madness. Ive got my LOE and defensive line generally set to high but this seems to make little difference Also my player behind the strikers is generally a AP or AM set with an attack duty and get further forward, despite this he still pops up just in line with the two CM’s and at times getting the ball off the CH’s when ideally I want him as close to the CF as possible i play short passing with a low to mid tempo Finally corners.....aaaargh! Playing as I do I must win 20 plus corners a game, of which I’ll do well to have one or two attempts on target and about 3 goals in 2 seasons however whenever the opposition have a corner or free kick it’s an attempt on goal 50-75% of the time, regardless of all the marking and training schedules I put in place Tha is in advance, all feedback appreciated
  7. Yeah I used to vut they've just stopped, playing now and still nothing coming up despite having 10+ players out on loan Anybody got any ideas????
  8. Just took over a new club and for the first few months my DOF sent me an email/inbox with regards to my players out on loan, their happiness, appearances and average rating etc I found this really useful yet now it's stopped and under staff and responsibilities I can't see any option there to say sends report on loan players etc and who you nominate, I'm sure it was there before but I may be wrong Any ideas why I've stopped getting these? I still get the scout reports etc when scouting competitions but nothing with regards to my loan players? Cheers
  9. I've had this too, real shameAny update?
  10. I was thinking this earlier too Occasionally & randomly jumps to stadium/stand view in between match highlights too but can't see any reasoning to when it does this Anyone?
  11. PreferencesInterfaceAdd picture!You can do it after the game has started on this version
  12. That might be it then Michael, it did seem very strange Yeah, Windows 7 and yeah SSD, works fine on the other partitioned hard drive but not my D drive for some reason?
  13. Michael, I rectified this by moving the graphics to a different hard drive, seemed to be some problem, for some reason with moving it to the D drive, even though it found the saved game OK? Very strange but it's working OK now, thanks for your help
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