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Retiring after spell at current club IGE option not working

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I've been trying mercilessly, to retire a 37 y/o World Champion Lionel Messi, with who i've won everything(personal awards included), for the past week, using every way possible and because i've build up this made up world in my head(kind of an in game universe of my own, sort of a story if you get my gist) where since said player has achieved everything, i thought that it would be nice if he would call it a day come the end of his contract...but as you all can deduce, that hasn't happened so far :herman::lol:

Now to be specific, since i'm not here to blabber, i tried the "Retiring after spell at current club" IGE feature and continued on to July 1st, only to witness that Lionel's contract had expired but he had not retired..:confused:

Do you guys know what's up with that? I did a pejorative digging and read that some people claim the feature doesn't always work or that it needs a certain workaround, for instance, changing the day the contract ends or something of the like, which i did out of curiosity, only to, of course, yield the same results. So, can you enlighten me as to what is going on and what can be done with this please?

Thank you in advance and i welcome and appreciate all the help you are willing to provide.

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Unsure if you found the solution to this in the end or not, but this only tends to take effect when they player is released from the club. Any player who was to retire, e.g. David Silva, I clicked the option to retire after current club, and terminated his contract. He would then retire in "x" amount of time later. 

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