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  1. Also any word on Saudi, UAE and Qatar leagues being released?
  2. Anyone know where I can edit the squad number rules for German leagues in the IGE? Currently allows numbers 1-40, but should be 1-50. Cheers
  3. Anyone know where I can edit the squad number rules for German leagues in the IGE? Currently allows numbers 1-40, but should be 1-50. Cheers
  4. I agree, he should be included in the game. As Mario Vuskovic from HSV has a similar ban in real life for doping offences and he's still included within the game, just has a global ban in place.
  5. Karel Geraerts is showing as Assistant manager whilst Thomas Reis is still the manager. The correction is that Karel replaced Thomas recently as the head coach.
  6. ** Update ** Not sure if you can look at rectifying this issue or not, but I've noticed that the German leagues compared to that of the English, Italian, Spanish and other leagues are the only ones which seem to allow 1-40 in squad numbers on the drop down. As with the other leagues, their number options go up 1-99. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but could it be fixed if so?
  7. Unsure if you found the solution to this in the end or not, but this only tends to take effect when they player is released from the club. Any player who was to retire, e.g. David Silva, I clicked the option to retire after current club, and terminated his contract. He would then retire in "x" amount of time later.
  8. Hi guys, As I have done in years gone by, I'm back again to look at requesting the following features/options to be included in the IGE. (I appreciate bit by bit my requests have been implemented into the game. e.g. retire squad numbers etc). - Option to tick/untick for AI managers to be unsackable (similar to option we have for our ourselves) As I'm fed up of managers like Klopp or Pep getting sacked cause they didn't win the league or something very unlikely to happen in real life (atm at least). - Option of interim/caretaker manager within dropdown list of staff roles as part of move via IGE. - Arrange future transfers for staff, same as which we can for players now. (Also include transfer/compensation fee option to reflect irl) - Change players to staff members if they retire in real life (e.g sinan bytyqi from Man City became a scout after retirement due to injury) - Set AI squad numbers, if they don't fall in line with what's been handed to them again in real life. - Add injuries, as we've now got the option for bans (which includes injury reasons, but its not the same thing) - Add/remove/edit board members at any time to reflect real life takeovers etc. - Put clubs in/out administration, or be able to implement transfer bans. - Be able to deduct clubs points and apply a reason via drop down of options - Be able to ban clubs from competitions, (Man City most recently, before it was typically overturned). Cheers, J
  9. I have noticed this being an issue again in the current early versions for fm24 too. It seemed to be ok for fm23 in my saves, but always very hit and miss. Definitely needs looking into.
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