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  1. Sorry friend your impossible to deal with. Always the tactics. I feel our discussion won't take us anywhere. So i'll opt to seek my answer elsewhere
  2. Can't argue with that. But you can't really defend the ME when even the average defender steals his pocket money like it is a walk in the park. Edit: I loved how the attacking wide roles upfront worked on 2015. Messi scored 107 goals in his top season and a thousand overall before he retired at the age of 37. Now that years ME was worse than the current but now its too hard to replicate such performance in 2017. Messi barely scored half (49) on my latest season and half of them were from the dead ball situations
  3. The sorrow i feel when we can manage a player like Messi but the game wont let us take advantage of his majestry. I guess im gonna have to wait the next lifetime when the game has advanced a bit more. Smh... EDIT: Tbh though its not like the dribbles are not there. Its just the defender is a leech with a magnet in his legs. Nothing goes past. Ridiculous and messes with the immersion
  4. Interceptions this game are very strong. Need to get a bit toned down imo. Most of the times when the dribbler attempts to run at his man and loses the ball, i feel like SI forgot to put the dribbling animation
  5. All i see is mediocre players never getting dribbled or skinned by world class dribblers. Messi for instance just gets robbed 9/10 by a mediocre la liga defender like that player has a magnet and just lodges himself on him like a leech
  6. Interceptions have become afwully predominant over dribbles this version. Im sure its just how the new ME works and i can't really complain as i've been saved once too many times by these "godlike" timely interventions in this version of the game myself, but witnessing Messi getting his lunch money robbed by a mediocre La Liga defensive medfielder on a 1v1 9 times out of 10, takes away every bit of realism this game strives to achieve. Thoughts?
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