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FIFA Club World Cup - 6 team, annual version

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In game, as in real life, the FIFA Club World Cup is expanding and being played every 4 years. I don't like it. I prefer the annual version. Last year I produced the 7 team version that has been in place, off and on, for the last 2 decades. I struggled to replicate that in this year's iteration. That 7th team (the host team), was playing havoc with the semi final draws, and also when the host team was a major nation, the team entering was a top team which made a mockery of the tournament, as they would frequently go on to win it.

So I decided to do away with the host nation entering a team. This leaves a 6 team tournament. The 6 continental winners. Europe and South America enter at the semi final stage and do not face each other, as in real life. The first season plays in late January due to the World Cup (I tried hard to make it February but the editor didn't play ball with me). This causes a fixture headache for Real Madrid as they're in the midst of Copa del Rey matches. After that, the competition is played every mid December. 

Known Issues: 

  • The editor ignores my Host nation selections, therefore the hosts are random. This means you will get big nations hosting as well as small.
  • The squad selection rules do not work. 
  • The venue of the final listed on the Past Winners History page sometimes shows different to where the final was played. Right country though! Hungary seems to be a devil for this.
  • On occasion the whole tournament is played in 1 stadium. I noticed this with Windsor Park, N Ireland in one test save. This must be because there aren't many great stadia to use (sorry Northern Ireland! ;))

Enjoy !

fcwc 6 team tree.png

fcwc 6 team history.png

fcwc 6 team stages tree.png



FIFA Club World Cup - 6 team version 23.5.fmf

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added file for 23.4 / 23.5
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Thank you! As a fan of obscure nations, the annual version is perfect for me. I remember getting to the final with a Tahitian team only to get smashed by Barcelona 8-0, but it's still fun to face the giants.

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Yes there is an Icelandic problem SI are aware of that is stopping Continental and International files from verifying. Very frustrating and hope they release the fix soon. However if you are keen to start a new save you could merge this file with the Club World Cup one. That'll get you a save going on 23.4.

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Do you plan to update to 23.5?



23.5 List of Changes
- Addressed an issue where 'Add/Remove Leagues' was adding newgens as opposed to real players
- [FM23 Editor] Fixed an issue where specific editor files failed to be verified
- [FM23 Console] Addressed an issue where users were unable to start Versus mode with imported teams


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