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Let's fix the broken World Cup schedule [WIP]


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SI have released a game in November of a December World Cup year and have a) used the wrong WC schedule and b) put 2026 at the wrong stadia. Yeah.

As far as I can tell, they've just mucked up the 2022 team order, Qatar playing their opener against Senegal etc. Can we change the order using "registered teams" for 2022 somehow? I'm looking at it but it's not clear how those numbers correspond to the order/seeding. I'd rather not change too much.

In 2026, it looks like it's just doing "stadium 5" or whatever instead of the actual top stadia. Canada and Mexico are playing in US stadia as well so we need to change that.

Can we just duplicate the tournament so 2030 runs as normal, and 2026 has games at "specific stadiums" with Can/Mex/USA only be able to be drawn in certain groups? Any time I've tried to make small changes like that it seems to break qualifying, hosting, everything, is there a way around that?

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The World Cup is one of the hardest to fix (from editor point of view), mainly because of the knock on effect on the qualifiers.

Question, did you log a bug for this?

With regard to the stadiums, I expect them not the use the real assigned stadiums, but I am not sure if that even happened in previous versions? Anyway, I see the issue, I would say stadium 0 is used for the Qatar games and stadium 3 or 4 for the other games. Maybe using stadium 0 in the other pools as well.

Whether you can duplicate, depends on whether the 2022 version is a separate WC or in the same 'template' and only differs because offset dates are used.

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Bug is logged, they don't really bother with internationals though. Is it still bugged where players won't regain match fitness between games if they're on holiday in their club season?

I *think* Qatar 2022 has "specific stadia" set (can't see that though). So maybe it's a separate template and possible to duplicate it and have the default stuff kick in 4 years later. I guess if we're doing any big nation-building projects we'll have to rebuild it all anyway

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