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Struggling in FM22 how can I adapt this tactic from FM21

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I have been playing something of a journeyman save, but I have wound up at Aberdeen, I have managed to win the league 3 years in a row, but have been unable to make the progress I want in Europe. I want to try and be competitive in the cups.  I rebuilt the team this year and I still feel that the tactic or the players are inconsistent. 

My front 3 seem to become isolated and deliver poor performances, the attacking midfielder right is particularly poor. 

This was the system I used in FM21, I know it doesn't look very sexy but let me assure you it produces scintillating football in FM21, It doesn't quite work in FM22. Disclaimer the players in fm21 are quite a bit better than I have in 22. 


Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.50.43.png

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Are your players good enough? This is a pretty intensive tactic that demands a lot from your players, especially without the ball.

First, I'd set the 'much higher' and 'much more' back a little to 'higher'. I would also be careful to always use 'counter-press', but use it more depending on the situation.

In terms of roles... DLP-BBM-MEZ probably also my favorite combination in midfield, but the BBM and the MEZ do roam and since you have the DLP on defend you may lose control in midfield (> support).

In defense I wouldn't know why you should use CWB in this formation, so I'd just use regular WB. One BPD is also enough and I would just put them both on defend in terms of duties, also because you play with offside trap and I would put the GK on support.

To create more dynamics in the attack I would use an IWat on the right and an IFsu on the left.

So something like this?


IFsu                              IWat

MEZat          BBMsu


WBsu     BPDde     CDde     WBsu



play out of defence - shorter passing - maybe higher tempo and work ball in the box?

(counter-press) - counter

higher D-line - higher LOE - more often press - prevent GK distribution - offside trap

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I think in that save I had absolute ballers in the full back roles. I don't remember why the defensive line was staggered I think it was to get the left sided centre back to get further forward and support the DM in other variant of the tactic which used a regista. 

I will use try the regular wing backs and the dip on support. 

I will probably invert the front 5 from your idea. My best B2B is left footed and all of my Mez are right footed. 

For the front 3 my AML is by far my best player in terms of performances and ability. I feel the AMR's are more natural goal-scorers but it is not reflected in their performances. 

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Yes...Use wingback. I don't know why but the Cwb are very weird in terms of rating this year.

It will be a good idea too if you can return on your fm21 save for compare the personnal instruction. On fm19 the Cwb cross from the byline and not on fm 22. Maybe you should add personnal instruction.

It's just an idea.

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2 hours ago, coach vahid said:

 On fm19 the Cwb cross from the byline and not on fm 22. 

Be careful with that. What it lists and what it does I checked it in fm21. The have the same instructions but are marked differently e.g., advanced forward on fm21 has 'get further forward' marked as an instruction but fm22 doesn't explicitly Mark it on. 

The only instruction that I changed was to have the b2b shooting less often.

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