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I need help with my World Class AMC how to unlock his potential

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I am ina long term save I won the premier league but this year I may not repeat but nevertheless my squad is good and we are playing good football

I used FMRTE to edit all Elite teams in the world to give them some elites players and 300 millions each cuz they were bankrupt so I need my best player to perform now since my opponents are really buffed 

I am gegenpress tactic I have made it its 

4231   two wing backs support
Defensive MIdfielders both support

AML AND AMR Inside forward attackimage.thumb.png.35d899918b6034d239e3f18acbdba7ee.png

My problem is my AMC I used him as Shadow striker now I am Attacking midfielder I am just not sure


His potential is probably above 190 and his ability is near it he is 21 but I struggle to make him score more goals

He has Curls the ball , comes deep to ge tthe ball play ones two , run with the ball often. NOw he is learning to place shots 

Some of his attributes

16 dribbling 16 finishing 17 first touch 15 long shot 17 passing 19 techqunie 19 vision 20 work rate 18 agility 16 accel 16 pace 

My striker is advanced forward 


What suggestions would you do? I just want him to win ballon dor he has been with me 4 seasons I am nurturing him . My problem is his stupid international team is ruining him since I watch his minutes but they play him 180 non stop always comes back tired 

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It's hard to advise anything as the tactic screenie is far too small, can you reup it?

As far as I can see you've got 2 IF, a Shadow Striker & a an Advanced Forward all on attack, which to me, is a bit bonkers for a start :D


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