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Realistic player transfers (LLM)


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Hey there
I started a few savegames in some Portuguese amateur clubs (with a custom database), after managing to have 20/30 players best reputation players from my scout list, i noticed this would atract higher reputation players such as Giovani dos Santos, Gonzalo Carneiro, Marlon, Bruno Zuculini etc.

i am currently on the 6th Portuguese tier, won 4-1 against FC Porto in the Portuguese Cup with this amateur team superstars.
I know custom databases bring stuff like this, but this is totally unrealisticimage.png.5c1825fbfa372c8eedd2bbd52419dfc9.png


If you want the savegame, let me know.

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This sounds more like a Transfer issue rather than a Feature Request. If I could kindly ask you to raise it at the link below and attach your save, someone will be able to investigate it for you. :)


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