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  1. Thanks! hope you don't mind, fixed for new patch Tunisie.fmf
  2. The Aim Take a team from Norway, Sweeden, Denmark or Faroe Islands and win the champions league with players from the same mentioned countries and players from your youth intake. Starting Up You can't start in the top 3 national clubs or the lattest champion Start a manager with no coaching badges (you can and should obtain them along the way)
  3. I have default France enabled on view only, is that enough or do i need to actually do something in the database? i also noticed that more than 4 players started in the eleven (went on holiday because i coudnt play the game)
  4. Started a savegame with AS Excelsior 🇷🇪 played the Coupe de france but i can only play with 4 foreigner players, i think something is wrong here? this shouldnt be empty i think? (France settings)
  5. hey, how can i add this two bottom "buttons" to my continue panel?
  6. We should be able to start a new save game with the current tables and results from real world. This would motivate players to take on new challenges and also unlock new achievements.
  7. I admire how you allow users to personalize their skins by incorporating the MODS folder. I look forward to the possibility of FM introducing an "extensions" panel in the future, where you can easily integrate community add-ons and a wide variety of enhancements to enhance your gaming experience. This feature would be invaluable for users like me who appreciate some elements of a particular skin but wish to modify other things. Currently, it can be a tedious task to customize a skin to suit your preferences. Great work!
  8. is everything as real as possible? 50k for game cup winner and 1M for the champion? damn. I'v corrected for the lattest patch: Luxembourg Leagues v3.fmf
  9. Honestly, i just made it playable. I think i'm goin to make a 2023 season's version with the current teams.
  10. Hey there. I added a 2 foreign players limit in a max of 27 squad players, i can register the team as i want, but the AI teams only register a few, what seems to be the problem? Algeria v1.1.fmf
  11. Final version - Added winter break (from 23 dec to 9 fev) - Fixed cup dates
  12. v1 version is here! Fixed a bug where teams didn't register most of the players
  13. You tell me I think i got everything as real as possible. Only think left from my bucket list is the discipline rules, i can't find it in their website I will try to enable Ligue Inter-Régions de football in the future Algeria beta2.fmf: Fixed promotions Fixed competitions start dates Max squad number set to 27 Fixed transfer window
  14. Managed to place KFA in the Pepsi-deildin, but we are playing in Fylkisvöllur now, i know Fjarðabyggðarhöllin might not have the capability to host the first league games, but was it really nacessery to place our games almost 400km away from our city?
  15. Hey there. So, imagine you have a B or C team, or a u19 team that dosn't participate in any national league, the game should invite it to participate in the lowest division possible just before the calendar generation. Here is an example: I'm currently in 2030 with KFA 🇮🇸, and my youth team only do some friendly matches, boring. i'm also aware that this is an "DB mistake" but i think this would be so simple to workaround by simply add extra spots for that division. In this case, that woudn't be necessary, since there's an empty 8th spot in the second group that could be ours.
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