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[Pre-Game Editor] Add a progress screen

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So I've been doing some mass edit editor data in the Pre-Game Editor and I've noticed something that really detracts from the UI: there is no progress screen.

Easy example: select all the People on the Database and click on Delete. And wait. And wait. And wait.

Now, it taking a long time is to be expected (it's a lot of changes that the game can make), but the problem is that you don't know if the editor is actually doing anything. For your eyes, and potentially for Windows, the Editor froze. You don't know if it's doing anything until it either finishes, or you force-close the Editor, reopen it and find out there's unsaved editor data.

It would be nice, at the very least, to know what the Editor is doing at the moment so that we can have visible proof that the Editor is actually doing something and didn't freeze. And perhaps, with the progress screen, give us the chance to Cancel so we can save halfway-through and continue later without force-closing the Editor.

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