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  1. I've been using 1371. I don't know if that's the best, though. I'm not the authority.
  2. Okay I have a great story with this one. First of all thank you for all of the tactics. I started off a save with Inter Miami in the MLS; got headhunted by Burnley and took the job. I have used mostly Beowulf, but sometimes Tea 4-1, Pilgrimage, and Mississippi Oxford. In the 2nd season I started using this for big away games, and it got me a win or draw every time (although one time had to switch back to Beowulf in the 2nd half). In our 2nd season, we won the Premier Division, Eurocup 2, but lost in the Carabao cup semi-finals to Liverpool on penalties - that's okay, we got them back in the semifinals of the FA Cup. So now we're in the very last game of the season before the long break, and it's for the FA Cup Championship. We're going against Southampton, whom we beat twice easily before. I start off with Beowulf 442 attacking. It's not going well, 36% possession and 1 shot after 17 minutes. It's still 0-0, though. Switch to cautious, get one or two more shots in and the possession is a little better, but they're still getting possession and shots. Usually switching to Tea 4-1 turns this around. I switch at about 35 minutes, and same thing. We're going to lose if this keeps up. The Southhampton fellows are playing the defensive game of their lives. I can't get through no matter what. Halftime - get everybody motivated and happy. I subbed out a 6.4 player. Switch to Mississippi Oxford, because the personnel I have on the field can play that without being out of position. That starts to work. Possession and shots start to even up, but it's still a low volume of shots for both, and it's stil 0-0. 77th minute, my up and coming newgen striker (went from two-star to 4.5 stars current ability in one season) gets a red card!!! So I paused. Okay, I can pack it in, SUS, and hope I get to penalties. If I do that, however that's a good 45 minutes of a motivated opponent just teeing off on me. So should I go for it, or just be target practice for 45 minutes? Okay, we're going out fighting boys. I switch to this underdog tactic, and leave it at attacking. The little green thing pops up saying, hey you should go very defensive. Click the ignore button - let's go! The clock ticks down..... 80th minute....possession and shots still the same; no highlights 86th minute.....highlight for the other team. It's okay; just a goal kick. 89th minute.....nothing changed....four minutes of penalty time. That will feel like an eternity being tied and down a man. 91st minute.....highlight .... They have the ball and they're right outside my box. Oh man, I'm gonna lose this. Suddenly Bruma (a transfer from this season) steals the ball on the left side. He dribbles in between two of their players! He's up to midfield and dodges the one guy they had back! Now he's in their box on the left side; two of their guys have closed on him, and he's blocked off from rounding the keeper. He's trapped. He does it anyway! He tiptoes the back-line, dodging two guys, rounds the keeper by going to the middle a little, and scores!!!! Immediately change to very defensive, hold shape, regroup, direct play, play disciplined, stay on feet, cancel the overlaps. The clock runs down with no highlights and we win! The last game of the season in extra time, using a hail mary tactic while down a man, the guy for whom the board was "very concerned" about the financials of his transfer, wins us the FA Cup, and we ride off into the sunset - or rather .... a Tequila Sunrise.
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