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  1. It's a known problem (see the throw-in thread below). However, I've been able to make it a lot better by doing this. On the right side, have your ML or AML take the throw. On the left side have your MR or AMR take the throw. Make sure both are short throws. It will follow it on attacking throw-ins only, but you (hopefully) won't turn them over.
  2. I came here to report the same thing. Basically I 99% used long throws in FM21, and only used short throws in a few situations, like SUS or down a man, and I didn't pay attention to the short throws too much. They just seems to throw it short and that was it. However, now that long throws are no longer an exploit (which I approve of - great change), I started out new corner routines. I had a saved game I would experiment with, so I watched the complete match at fastest speed, pausing and recording all the positions on all throw-ins. I noticed that no matter how I arranged the short,
  3. I had this problem, and the issue was that FM21 was on my C drive (my SSD), but I put the editor under my E drive (my big storage drive). The install of both has to be in the same place or the editor won't run.
  4. LOL all of those were issues in FM20, too. One time I got an MLS All-Star team with no GK's on the team. I had to put an outfielder on goal. The funny thing is that we won on penalty kicks! Our guy didn't make the save; the opposition just shot wide twice. However, every time I've coached an all-star game there were always tired and injured players in FM20.
  5. It shouldn't be stopping you from doing anything. It does though. I always play around with the registration screen before I make a trade or try to get a new player. It will only allow you to have 12 guys registered, so you have no idea how much cap space you have to make a deal. Additionally if I decide to offer a contract, then the warning that you get where it won't allow you to go over cap space or use a designated contract....that won't happen because only 12 guys are registered so it thinks I have a ton of cap space when I don't. So it's only a 15 day period, but it's a cru
  6. Okay I can confirm that on January 1st it reverts back to normal. However, that's extremely annoying. That's 15 important days to make deals that you're missing. Additionally I had a guy on loan, where the loan was ending, and I could not really determine if I kept him on loan how much space I would have left, if I made changes to the other players' registration. The registration screen reverts back to normal after the guy's loan ended. This one is specific to the screenshot above, too. Because Julian Carranza was taken from me in the expansion draft, I now probably had space for thi
  7. I was coming here to report this. Here is the deal..... After the expansion draft is done, it doesn't go back to the regular registration screen. This is preseason, and I haven't gotten to the full season yet, so maybe it will eventually change. However, that's not good, because you know with the MLS, you need to fiddle with registration to see how much cap space you have left, before you make an offer to anyone. Here's a screenshot from my game: Notice I circled the date. The expansion draft was December 15th. I know it's over, because one of my guys got drafted (
  8. If you think the game is too easy, try to win in the Clone Wars save I made: You're not playing against the AI; you're playing against the greatest tactic creators in FM.
  9. I would like to change just one page of a skin, the League Matches and Results screen. I would like to show the results for the whole year, rather than just one day at a time. Here is a screenshot of the regular FM skin and where it's at: You can see where I circled it only allows one day at a time. Can I change the skin to show the matches and results for the whole year or season?
  10. TLDR Version: I made a 3 tiered league with 7 competitions (1 top, 2 middle, 4 bottom), created a save in this league where I made a human coach for all but 6 teams, locked in a top FM tactic, and then put that coach on vacation indefinitely so that team will always use that tactic. I made 6 teams of various strengths for a person (you) to take control and try to win the league with. It is extremely hard to succeed in this league. Winning with the strongest team is extremely hard, much less the lowest CA team. If you think you're really good at FM, try this. I don't even think it's possi
  11. So for all of you saying it's too easy - I have a challenge for you. I made a testing league, but after it worked I took it a lot farther to see how far I could go. So what I ended up with is a 3 tiered national structure. One league at the top, two in the middle for at the bottom. With the exception of 6 teams, I made a human manager for each one, applied a top tactic from great tactic creators of FM, and indefinitely holidayed the coach with locked in tactics. I did this over 150 times, and each one has a different tactic. So you can take one of the 6 non-tactic teams and challenge
  12. Thank you. "Dynamic relegation" - that's the term I was looking for. I'll find that thread.
  13. I'm sorry if this was asked previously, but I searched the forum with the its own search function and also with google, and I didn't find it. Here's a picture of what I'm trying to do basically: You have a top division, which regulates into 2nd Div A and 2nd Div B. In the nation rules, I know to set that as the top, then make a parent competition for 2nd Div A and 2nd Div B, (let's call it Div2 parent), and then put that below the top division in the nation rules. I got that and it works. I want 2nd Div A to regulate specifically into 3rd Div A1 and 3rd Div A2, and when
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