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  1. My former team Jenlai is "arguably" the most reputable club in Andorra. I'm pretty sure there's no room for argument...
  2. Have you checked if you can run it via a Virtual Machine? It wouldn't run at the highest possible performance on your PC but it might help with compatibility issues.
  3. 3-star potential for a Champions League beater is actually pretty good. Depending on mentals and hidden attributes you might even get a first-team regular off them. At least you ARE in a country with a good youth rating. It's not like having a Champions League beater in Andorra... I didn't get a youngster with over 1.5-star potential in nearly a decade. You mean like every football superpower has been doing IRL during the last 20 years? Ferguson's Manchester United early Guardiola's Barcelona are pretty much the only relatively recent notable examples of powerful teams with significant youth academy involvement (in Europe at least). And even then, their influence waned later.
  4. Something I've just noticed in my savegame now that I've switched teams: Youth Intakes are way too biased in favor of human-controlled teams. AI teams will never get more than three players in an intake (as far as I've noticed, at least). And if the league isn't playable at the moment, they'd be lucky to get at least one. Human teams easily get 10-15 players per intake, regardless of the team's reputation, youth coaching and youth requirement. It's not fair.
  5. Talking about UI, I also dislike how certain elements in the game that are displayed like tables (such as the Player Ratings during a match) can't be modified without manually editing the skin itself. Say I'd like to see, not just the goals and assists, but also the key passes, clear cut chances and mistakes made by a player during the game, but the skin I'm currently using does not show them. There is no "Insert Column" functionality as it would be on, for example, the squad screen. I have to go to the skin files and edit the corresponding XML to add the columns I want to see.
  6. Well, I've won the Champions League last season so I'm pretty much running out of objectives. I'm starting to think on moving to another league.
  7. This is gonna be a LOOOOOOOOONG transfer window...
  8. BBC: "Should Chelsea sign the guy that got the last two Golden Shoes and scored 20 goals in the last Champions League?" That one fan: "Nah" (Not that I'd even WANT to sell him anyways)
  9. The only thing I have that is remotely close to a house rule is to try to avoid managing a team I've managed in a previous save whenever possible.
  10. Yeah, the Club Vision part needs to be polished a bit (they should not block deals when there are rules that prevent their use). I don't find wrong that the board has a strong preference for a certain kind of player (Unión San Felipe's president is from Argentina), but sometimes they turn that preference into an obsession.
  11. I once signed a 18-year-old winger from Argentina for 9.5k. He had an okay potential, but he never played a single game in the five-and-a-half years he spent at the club. And yet, Los Angeles FC graced me with their atrocious spending practices and managed to sell him for 61M + 40% of a future sale.
  12. Or just the fact they say to stop a certain kind of training because it's no longer a weakness. Yes, I KNOW it's not a weakness, but I still want him to become better in this particular kind of focus.
  13. In my current save, literally every single domestic game. The national league and cup are so far beneath my team's level that I can't bother playing those games. My assistant manager can handle them with no effort whatsoever. We've not lost a domestic game in the last 16 years, after all... But apart of these exceptional circumnstances, I sim games in competitions where I have nothing to win or lose. Say, if I'm in the Premier League with three games to go but my position is mathematically secured, I'll sim those last three games as they'll make no difference.
  14. He's talking about your B Team, which is an affiliate after all.
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