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  1. I've had CBs who scored own goals and became MoM at the same time. What I see is that own goals are not punishing enough (Sometimes they don't even make the player's rating lower!) and that midfielders and strikers don't get enough rewards (Assists, goals and that's all) It could also mean the opponents hardly ever get clear cut chances
  2. Yeah, I understand what you say. I agree with you. I think I'm going to suffer this in my Everton save, with Modric, Higuaín and Falcao being worth about 33% of my wage budget and no possibility of making the former (As Higuaín and Falcao are new signings) ask for lower wages, despite the fact he's already 34
  3. Actually, that option exists, but can only be used if your team has a negative bank balance I had to use that option in FM12 multiple times while I was managing Carrarese - and I must admit that it works wonders if your players agree to reduce their wage demands
  4. Where are you Mario???

    He's on Barcelona in my save, but he has not played a single match since the 2017-18 season (In which he only played 4 matches anyway)
  5. The good old days...

    CM 01/02 was the first Championship Manager game I played However, even though I tried to play it A LOT of times, and despite the fact I have almost no problems in managing teams in other CM/FM games rather than Version 3, I still completely fail to get good results there...
  6. Chief Scout

    As far as I know, if the Chief Scout leaves the club, one of your scouts is automatically promoted to that role, but it could depend on who's responsible of hiring scouts. Since I always let my chairman do that job, then it's possible he did that without even telling me
  7. I like using videogame or cartoon characters as my FM avatars. This time, I chose Spike from MLP: FiM (That's right, I'm a brony ) First this: And then this, when I was hired as Everton's Manager:
  8. I'm not sure if it's appropiate for this forum or not... but I'll take the risk I've just uploaded to YouTube a Football Manager-related Downfall Parody: [video=youtube;DW55AzeH7xY] (Yes, Miles is Koller )
  9. Who to manage for a long game ?

    Choose a South American team - their league systems are unique, unlike the predictable european league system
  10. You posted this in the wrong forum The amount of players you find on the Search Screen is related to the scouting knowledge your club has. The problem is that, in FMC, you can only have the Chief Scout, so you either get a scout with enormous knowledge or you're in trouble. This should be improved, either by allowing you to hire more scouts or by making the Search Screen independent of your scouting knowledge I never liked Attribute Masking. I think scouting makes things more interesting because you actually discover players I think Attribute Masking on FMC should be optional, however... it could even be disabled by default This may affect the full game, not only FMC... Idem. Even then, you need to check before attempting to loan a player - scouting helps in that regard
  11. Something I think should be added ASAP, as it gives an even better range of realism, is the influence of the environment on teams. I'm going to explain myself further: 1) Altitude. I'll give an example: Most South American teams dislike playing matches at Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico because of their altitute. On FM, however, there's absolutely no difference between playing in Argentina and in Bolivia. If a player is not adapted to a certain altitude (e.g. An argentinian player who has just arrived at Bolivia), its fitness should decrease faster in matches than it should on a player that is already adapted to that condition 2) Travelling. Sometimes, I've found my team playing at the Club World Cup and at the national league at the same time. However, I could use a certaint team to play a match at Morocco and, three days later, use the very same team to play in Argentina, and then I could do the same AGAIN in Morocco. Those players should be unavailable to play in Argentina during the Club World Cup (In a very similar way to those who are on international duties). Before a competition such as the Club World Cup (Or other kind of 'quick' international competition), a list showing which players are going to travel abroad should be done, making those players eligible for the international competition and unavailable for local matches
  12. LOL at Everton not playing the EPL in almost 300 years I'm probably going to play in this save for a while... I've always wanted to know how it feels playing in the 'Post-real players FM World'
  13. While managing Boca, I had a lot of problems when my team had to play against Arsenal de Sarandí. No matter how well we played in the last matches, no matter whether they were on a bad form or not, Arsenal was always a difficult team It could be because of its name...
  14. Would you manage your rival?

    I did manage River Plate once in FM11... it was my shortest (Main) FM save ever. I didn't even finish my first season
  15. The hardest run of games? Those when all your key players are african and the African Cup of Nations is being played