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  1. I think it's just a combination of the AI being in a very rich club with relatively small reputation. Have you seen those YouTube videos about "What if a non-league club had 1 billion"? Well, it's pretty much the same thing - when the AI club has way too much money for its reputation, they begin to spend loads of money on nobodies - especially on wages. While I was managing an Andorran team in FM20, it was surprisingly common that Los Angeles FC was willing to offer nearly 60 million euros on my second or third choice players. Not that I didn't mind, though. It's been this way for years.
  2. Something that really annoys me is how Scout or Coach reports sometimes fail to notice the player's hidden stats despite the knowledge you have of a player. Here you have a Wonderkid of mine. From that point on, he looks pretty decent, with no major flaws outside of, maybe, his Flair. When I was keeping tabs on him before signing him, he was pretty much the same. Now, what happens one YEAR after this image? Suddenly, they realize he has a 3 on Important Matches! And that he might have an issue fitting with the squad. Again, it took one year for them to realize.
  3. The one where three players in the center were impossible to deal with for the AI was FM18.
  4. That sometimes, even with 100% scouting knowledge on a player, certain critical hidden attributes, such as a poor Important Matches stat, can stay hidden until well after you sign a player.
  5. So, how long did it take until you tore up his contract?
  6. Honestly, I have no idea. How do you top a save where you turned the Andorran league into one of the best in Europe? Maybe I'll wait for the leagues megapack and only then think of something. Or try to manage a team from where my ancestors come from (Pontevedra and Messina), but only one team is playable from the start without mods.
  7. At the very least, interactions between non-players is still very barebones in the game. It would be interesting to see active players getting inspiration from one of their former managers to set their playing style once they become managers (think of the many Barcelona players managed by Cruijff using a style as managers that resemble his), managers being able to tutor other managers (think Bielsa and Guardiola), or assistant managers adapting their style to that of the manager they work with for when they decide to venture alone (see the seamless transition from Ancelotti to Zidane in Real Madrid). And why not let us players get involved with this? Imagine you use one of those overpowered tactics that inevitably show up in each version. Then some of your players get inspired and decide to use a similarly overpowered tactic, who then inspire their players to do so. It can indirectly provide an increase in difficulty later on, by creating a trend of OP tactics (e.g. Imagine the AI eventually using Gegenpress everywhere in FM20).
  8. When you try to get an affiliate team from another country, you might get the option for taking a "local youth club" as an affiliate. Do they have any advantages over forming a link with the other recommendations? Their professional status, facilities, youth investment and reputation are all weaker.
  9. So you're managing a team that has just promoted to the Spanish second division, but does not have a stadium with a Capacity of at least 6000. The board acknowledges this and orders the construction of a new stadium, with a capacity of 6000, due to end in 2 years. During those two years, however, you get promoted to the first division. Your new stadium now doesn't have the minimum 15000 capacity required by the league. So what does the board do? Completely give up on a 1.5-year stadium and build another one, of course! EDIT: Just to clarify, I've checked through FMRTE and the stadium has a maximum possible capacity of 12270, which would still not be enough for the league. It doesn't make the idea of throwing away a fresh stadium to build another any less weird.
  10. As far as I understand, board expectations are based on your team's reputation, while media prediction is based on your players' reputation.
  11. Unpopular opinion: I like the idea of certain teams having a Club Vision asking for a certain kind of foreign player (Boca prefering colombian players, Wolves wanting portuguese players, etc.). While it's true that it can screw up with your plans because they put restrictions on transfers, it does give owners some kind of "life" beyond whether they will put more money on the club or not. I think the concept should be expanded, allowing this kind of vision to be added or removed when the Chairman or President is replaced, and allow "newgen" owners to have this kind of vision as well. I'd go as far as turning what are currently hardcoded restrictions (such as the game not even allowing you to make offers for non-Basque players as Athletic Club, or non-Mexican players as Chivas) into "Required" Club Visions.
  12. You can customize the database to force the game to load all japanese players (regardless of which leagues you've loaded). Or you can find an editor data that makes the japanese leagues playable.
  13. No, there's no such way. Keep in mind the "pre-game newgens" are merely there to fill slots in teams with too few players. They are not meant to be good.
  14. Or in the french league where it's the Reserves who play in the lower leagues. You might see a player with an amazing record, only to realize it was with the Reserves...
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