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Dynamic Divisional Reputation North America)


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Hi all, I'm not really expecting a break through on this, but does anyone know how to enable (or mimic) dynamic Divisional Reputation increases in those continents where this isn't enabled on the game? Obviously it is in Europe, but doesn't appear to be in North America. Would there be any sense in swapping/renaming these continents and then moving all the relevant countries or will this either affect the game in a different way or have no relevance to what I'm doing? 

If it can't be done at all, then that's fine, but i just thought I'd ask the question to see if anyone has worked this out! 

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I believe all countries have the possibility to increase/decrease reputation of their divisions, it's just the problem of the strength of those leagues itself - maybe there's a shift in which countries are the new power of north america but with limited resources/research/players/club information it's not possible to recreate this 100%. In europe, 50 years later you can see the changes in reputation/clubs, in south america as well. 

Should this system be more dynamic? Maybe, but in all fairness, situation in real world hasn't changed much in last 30-40 years. Yes, new clubs are on top but country-wise (I believe it's the right word) - Germany, England, Spain, Italy. 

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