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  1. I've found what i believe is a way to do what i want to do, but ut hasn't been fully tested yet. Néed to change the coefficients about to see if the places change with the divisional reputation. And if it does, I'll post how I've managed to do it!
  2. I'm trying to add the Intertoto Cup to run alongside the existing continental structure and i'm about 75% of the way to achieving what i want. Basically i want the comp to feature only teams from the bottom 32 leagues in Europe, meaning that teams from England, Spain, etc wouldn't be involved unless the Divisional Rep changed as such. I want the competition to exclude teams that have qualified for the 3 main competitions, but I'm having trouble with this during testing, and have used two methods with varying results. The first using the the continent "Teams" option where i've added All European Nations in Divisional Rep order, and made sure that each of the bottom nations has 1 team that qualifies. The comp itself test fine, but it always pulls through the winner of each division, despite setting options to ignore "Continental Qualifiers", and I've also tried adding each UEFA comp separately using the ignore function on each. Depending where you add this rule, whether it be within the stage under teams where it doesn't find any teams, or in teams and qualified teams, i just can't get it to work. The second option that I've tried is adding 55 team pool options under qualified teams, asking to ignore "Continental Qualifiers" before selecting the competition to draw the teams from. I've then added a hidden league stage to try and organise the teams so that the top 22 divisions don't pull through teams, but i just can't get it to stop adding the top division teams. I've asked the comp to pull through Best teams from each division, thinking that it would pull through the next team in each league that hasn't qualified for Europe... but it doesn't. If i could just find an option that does both of the above, i can then start to build the competition. If anyone can help me with this i would be very grateful.
  3. Thanks for a reply. I managed it with a hidden league stage.
  4. Hi all, Basically, i want to create two competitions with the same 19 teams in them... the caveat is that the one competition needs to have the lowest 16 teams based on reputation, and the other has the best 3 teams, with the winner of the other competition. So far i've tried to add 3 teams as Best teams in comp and ignore these teams, and then thhe next entry is 16 teams which have qualified for the comp. I've tried varying options such as sorting by reputation, reversing and not reversing.... Thought about trying a hidden league stage, when the top 3 qualify for the main comp and the bottom 16 qualify for the smaller one... Does anyone have any ideas as nothing seems to be working at the moment.
  5. Gutted noone is able assist with this. I'm guessing its hard coded, which is weird, but would still be nice to find some kind of work around.
  6. I've been working on various variations within the ruke to add the losing team of a 3rd placed playoff to the following seasons competition, but i am not having any luck at all currently. Is anyone able to assist?
  7. I had this when i edited the World Club Cup... From my experience, Its something to do with when the competition takes place and the teams are on holiday or something to that nature! It can be fixed, but in your case, I'm not sure how. If you've moved the dates, you could try moving them back to normal, but if you haven't, then I'm not sure! Sorry
  8. Hi all, I'm not really expecting a break through on this, but does anyone know how to enable (or mimic) dynamic Divisional Reputation increases in those continents where this isn't enabled on the game? Obviously it is in Europe, but doesn't appear to be in North America. Would there be any sense in swapping/renaming these continents and then moving all the relevant countries or will this either affect the game in a different way or have no relevance to what I'm doing? If it can't be done at all, then that's fine, but i just thought I'd ask the question to see if anyone has worked this out!
  9. Has anyone had any luck turning a defunct Nation in to a fully functional working league? I've imported Nation Rules from FM2020 but there's an issue with the European Championship at the moment. Would love to find a solution to this.
  10. Are you able to offer a link to the thread you talk about here?
  11. Did you ever fix this? I had similar with my created nation, but i haven't looked at it since.
  12. This issue is to do with the playoff system. Creating league systems in the advanced editor is often problematic. I've done the Welsh system, and it takes ages to figure it out. My advice would be to remove the playoff and just have automatic promotion for now, and once you've got that working, try to add the playoffs again. Maybe look at other peoples work as well. I find this helps build up your knowledge of the editor.
  13. Hi, so it is possible, but it's really finicky to do and doesn't always work. Basically, in advanced rules go to this page of the comp (below) you wish to copy, and click on edit. It will ask you to copy the comp, so select that. In the list on your new file, click add which will create a line called rules. Find this under "show rules for" Once you've done this, go back to the screen shown below and click paste. This doesn't always work first time, (as you can see from my example) which is really annoying but this is the process of how you do it! Good Luck
  14. Hi, i'm still trying to create the World Club Cup, but i keep getting this message. I first had it running in the summer, but have since changed it to the winter to see if this has any effect, but i'm still getting this issue. I'm guessing its a clash with another competition, but i can't be 100% certain which comp it's clashing with, and how to avoid the problem. Any advice?
  15. I am trying to replicate the games version of the World Club Cup, but can't work out how to add teams from previous years. For example, 2025 should have the winners of 2025, 2024, 2023, and 2022, but i can't work out how to achieve this. Have tried to offset years, but this doesn't work. Any assistance, would be greatly appreciated.
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