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Adding individual histories to group leagues?

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I have a 9 regional group league treated as 9 separate divisions.

-National Regional Leagues Division 1 which consists of 9 groups

-Hokkaido SL, -Tohoku SL, -Kanto SL, -Hokushinetsu FL, -Tokai SL, -Kansai SL,  -Chugoku SL, -Shikoku SL and -Kyushu SL.

How do i set it up so that i can make each league store individual league histories and not having to do each league individually

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what about under the competition tab, checking the box for "stage finished actions" and then underneath that, add an "add history record" with that stage finished, and specify the stage name and the competition? Then do that with like 9 separate entries for each stage name/competition (but stage index being the same I imagine). Just spitballing here, normally this should be avoided as a competition's ranking levels should be enough, but in this case it seems appropriate

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