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  1. Hey there! thanks for this. while the CA/PA boosts were intentional due to there being a sizable and realistic gap between foreign and top level Japanese keepers. Japan has notably had a problem producing top level keepers except for the few consistent outliers above, The number of attributes at 15 or above was imported somewhat incorrectly and has been rectified for the next update. There will be keepers with gk attributes of 15 or above, but they have been reduced to the realistic level as suggested by data provided from multiple sources. Likewise mental and physical attributes were already updated in November, and due to the season ending there, there is no new data to determine whether any changes are needed. GK attributes were the only major variable that needed to be researched extensively to faithfully introduce them into the FM series. You are welcome to point out anything else that that needs to be looked at and I will take a look
  2. This is due to licensing, therefore he is removed from the database.
  3. I am presuming this could be due to the licensing stuff, paired with real transfer dates. I will have to get someone to take a look, but thanks for bringing it up
  4. I would say probably, i don:t do licensing
  5. should be fixed, if not then its the editor being strange
  6. sounds promising! another thing is making sure they ahve a stadium set cause sometimes that does it as well
  7. yes as adding prefectural teams is making regional teams go missing. have to wait for a fix for the editor
  8. New Update out that adds, Manegable University and High School Teams, updated rules for JFL/Regional promotion from 2024, Correct qualifying slots shown and other quality of life changes. No Prefectural Leagues yet as the editor currently cannot handle even a basic system, so will have to wait for an update
  9. unfortunately even if it is correct Licensing has full control over stadium names, and these names come directly from J.League themselves so unless they want us to change the name of the stadium, I doubt it will get updated.
  10. Thanks for this, I did update the location, must not have saved properly. will update
  11. The current in game nations are correct as Qatar`s agreement ended with the world cup. it is also stated which countries on their competition rules, which is only written in Japanese, but clearly stated. With the Albirex Singapore agreement ending, it is possible singapore will no longer be a partner nation next season. Foreign players do not require a work permit. I will rephrase, the work permit is basically the usual immigration rules, which are if you have enough to support yourself then you are good. all J.League players easily hit that benchmark making it not required.
  12. Not banned forever, well technically UEFA/FIFA has not made a statement on the forever part, but during the ongoing conflict they most certainly will not feature. Also let`s take it down a notch and keep it civilized.
  13. yeah and setting real life trams for the first season does work but then its the same the second season so no luck.
  14. the only difference will be that the level 7 and below leagues are not playable but the cups are
  15. I honestly do not have any Idea. either they are within the cutoff period and are licensed, outside it and not licensed or inside it and for some other reason not licensed. could be a dual nationality thing, could be the player does not want to be licensed. could be any reason for something to not happen.
  16. its not getting confused since they teams are still in game but not active in their or a neibouring league. it seems everytime I create a new competition, some teams from the previous competition gets assigned the new competition during testing or some other ffed up reason. tried setting regional divisions, made sure they all had stadiums or lcoal regions, no luck
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