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Anyone who knows how to decrease the amount of goals conceded from throw ins

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I find that pretty much all Ai goals comes from either cornor, freekick or throw ins


especially throw ins bugs me a lot ( it is the classic thrower throws to team mate, team mate lays it of, and a player crosses to the far post = goal)


Anyone who have found a way to decrease theses kind of goals. My players cant seem to mark players probalby at throw ins, and when the ball is throwned, thay just do nothing. When the ball is cross in, my center backs and full back cant seem to clear it, no matter how many player i have in my backline.


can someone please help :)

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Hows your setup? If my team just bleeds goals from throw-ins, I’ll just make sure to pack the box.

I’ll have 5 players in all the slots (near post, near post center, center, far post center, far post), have another player mark the tall player, and the rest to go back, with one player left forward in case there’s a counter.

it’s a bit harder if your team lacks concentration, but that’s how it is with weaker teams.

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