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GK 'conceded' and 'clean sheets' stats don't count own goals


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My goalkeeper Edouard Mendy has played every minute of Rennes' league season. In 38 games, he apparently conceded 11 goals and kept 28 clean sheets.


However, our results show that we conceded 13 goals and kept 26 clean sheets.



So where are those two missing goals that should be counted against Mendy, and where are those two games where he was wrongly given clean sheets? I think I've figured it out.

In two of those matches where we conceded one goal - vs Bordeaux on 4 November, and vs Nimes on 12 May - the opposition's only goal was an own goal. After loading up each of those games, Mendy is shown as having conceded no goals and kept a clean sheet when this is clearly not true.

vs Bordeaux



vs Nimes



So, it looks like FM21 is not counting own goals when it comes to recording goalkeeper clean sheet and goals conceded stats. This can't be right, surely?

I have attached PKMs for both matches to this post, and I have uploaded a save game to the OwnCloud as CFuller_GKstats.fm.

Nîmes v Rennes.pkm Rennes v Bordeaux.pkm

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