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  1. Hi All, We are going to have a look at how we can improve this issue. This issue will most likely be due to the pressing functionality. Please could you have a look through your save and send any PKM where this problem was happening, so we can analyze the problem and see where we can improve. This would be really helpful. Thanks for your co-operation Jemal
  2. HI All, Sorry for not keeping you updated. We are currently making fixes to how The DLF and F9 operate - which will be ready for the next update. We are looking for them to pick up deeper positions, which will make them available for a pass to feet more often. We hope this will create more attacks from central areas. We understand this will not be the magic fix to your issue, but it is something for us to build on going forward. Jemal
  3. Hey, Please can you attach the PKM so we can have a look. Thanks Jemal
  4. Jemal Wiseman


    Ok Thanks, Have you still got the PKMS of these matches?
  5. is this occurring regularly for you?
  6. Hi, When logging a bug, please provide multiple examples. Anything can happen once in a game. Jemal
  7. Hi, The players are potentially in the eyeline of the goalkeeper, maybe that's why it was given offside. If you keep seeing a high number of disallowed goals in a single game, please send in the PKMs Thanks Jemal
  8. HI Thanks for this. we will keep an eye out for free kicks going in too easily. If this keeps occurring for you, please send in examples. Thanks
  9. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Is this still an issue for you? Jemal
  10. Jemal Wiseman


    Hi, Not sure why that happened. Is this happening regularly? Jemal
  11. Hello, please can you upload some PKMS or screenshots for us to have a look please Jemal
  12. Hi, Is this still an issue for you? If so please upload a PKM and we will look into this. Thanks Jemal
  13. Hi You will need to add the times of when these situations occur, so then we can look into this further. Thanks Jemal
  14. Hi Thanks for this video. If you see this repeatedly and this becomes a theme, please add those examples to this thread. Thanks Jemal
  15. Hi, Thank you for this information. Great work! This is the correct way to report a bug, instead of complaints without any real evidence. As you have found a theme in the match engine, this will now logged as a bug. We hope this can be fixed sooner rather than later. Thanks Jemal
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