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  1. Thanks for sending this in. We will Load up this PKM and discuss the issue as a team this week. We hope we can resolve this as soon as possible. Thanks
  2. Thanks for getting in touch. If this occurs again, please can you send us in your PKM so we can inspect the issue. Cheers. Jemal
  3. We appreciate you sending this in! Don't worry, we will be able to see if it was a goal or not. Cheers. Jemal
  4. Thank you for sending us your PKMs. These are a big help for us! We will add these to a folder to show the developers ASAP. For those asking, unfortunately there will be no more updates at this stage. Thanks. Jemal
  5. Thanks for sending this in. Sounds very strange. We will be sure to get someone to look at this today! Cheers. Jemal
  6. Thanks for sending this in, along with the PKM. Bugs like these, we would have to try and reproduce it internally. But I will be sure to show the team the clip. We appreciate your help. Jemal
  7. Thanks for sending this in. Sorry for the wait. Hardy is offside as he is obstructing the view of the goal keeper. (Subjective) The same incident happened at Goodison park this season against Manchester united. Jemal.
  8. Thanks for sending in your PKMS. We will use them to review the issue. Cheers. Jemal.
  9. Thanks for sending this in! We apologise for the wait. By any chance, do you still have the PKM saved from that game? If you do, please send it in so we can have a look at it. Cheers. Jemal.
  10. Thanks for sending this in. This is an Interesting and valid point. But we do feel that managers can pass on messages on to the pitch via shouts or subs. It would just be a matter of a manager drawing something out on his personal note pad ect. Although, it is worth us discussing this again internally. Thanks. Jemal.
  11. Apologies for the lack of response. We have been very busy internally. Thanks for sending this in. We will get this over to the developers for them to review. Thanks. Jemal
  12. Thanks for getting in touch. Let us know when you have provided a PKM. Cheers
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