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  1. We are consistently seeing players "trip" over the ball, like your example you provided. So we have made this fix a priority for us. Yes, what your saying makes sense but this wouldn't be classed as a 'loose ball' in the game (even though it should). It is just a bug in the players control. Once this bug is fixed and the ball stays under their control, You shouldn't see this occur with your defenders again. Great observation though! We will be sure to show our developers and get their opinion on your suggestion. Cheers. Jemal
  2. @JEinchy Thanks for sending this in, This is a really good observation. We are also of this opinion internally but unfortunately it is not a quick fix. We feel that once we improve our pressing systems, this should make defensive AI teams passing stats decrease. We hope to start implementing this sooner rather than later. Thanks Jemal
  3. Yes, we agree the goalkeeper positioning is poor here. We need multiple examples along with PKMS for us to log it as a bug. Our developers cannot do anything with images. Thanks. Jemal
  4. Thanks for sending these In. Our team will have a look at your videos today. Cheers Jemal
  5. Not great! We will add this example to the bug. Cheers Jemal
  6. Thanks all for sending in your PKMS. We will keep an eye on the stats and add will your examples to the existing bug we have. Cheers Jemal
  7. Thanks for sending this in. Definitely a potential bug, but as always we will need multiple examples for us to confirm this as bug status. We will keep an eye on this also. Cheers Jemal
  8. If you slow the first one right down, it is very close. Due to them both going to VAR, our AI believes they are offside so there is definitely a potential bug. We will keep an eye on this internally, but please send in more examples if this occurs again. Thanks for your help. Jemal
  9. Unsure what the issue is here. Please provide us with more information. Cheers Jemal
  10. Thanks for sending this in. Could you not argue that the players were pushing up as they thought Marlano had control of the ball? Let us know if you see this again also. Cheers Jemal
  11. Thanks for sending this. This hasn't been raised for a while so we will now keep a closer eye on it. Please keep sending us your examples as they are very helpful. Jemal
  12. Thanks for sending these examples into us. This issue is one of our priorities so your PKMs will be very helpful. We will add them to our existing bug. Cheers Jemal
  13. Thanks for sending this in. Yes, definitely a harsh call. We will log this. Jemal
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