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How Do Researchers Research?


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Hello Everyone.


Question id like to ask is, how do researchers attach numerical values to players for their attributes, and how do you adjust these to compensate for the levels they play at?


As a fan of a club, for each player in the side, i could tell you the standout players in our side and maybe 3 or 4 key attributes those players had.


Youd say David Beckham was adept at crossing. Its obvious Mbappe has lots of speed. Things like that.


Its pretty easy to pick up peoples traits too, its obvious for example that Lampard arrived in the box late for example.


But how do you attach numbers to players? In some leagues players stand out with really high numbers. Like Quaresma that i manage in Portugal for example has a 20 attribute for crossing. This must mean he is one of the worlds absolute best at crossing.....how do you decide that?


Do you use maybe GPS data for physical stats like how much ground they cover? do you use stats like XG to work out just how good at finishing someone is?


Always wondered this

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