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Editor Genius's, come at me :)


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So I had this big plan for FM20 regarding recreating the Irish league system. LONG story short while I got it working, I couldnt make the underage leagues and cups do what I wanted :( So got frustrated and dumped the idea.




I'm determined to make it work in 21. Here's where ye guys come in. 


Can a division be made status locked ? e.g can i make tier 7 & 8 of my system Amateur ? so even if a team is relagated they would have to go down a level in pro status ? and Vice versa, can i make it once they get to tier 6 they must go semi ?


Also I have a big question regarding transfer rules, can they be made divisional too ? e.g that the bottom 2 tiers can only sign 1 non Irish player per year or have it that amateur team divisions DO NOT SIGN players, therefore forcing them to use youth ? and interesting stuff like that

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Transfer rules I can help. They can be made divisional.  That's relative easy and could even be set in such a way that certain teams can't. Can't say for sure all your ideas work right out of the box, but with the transfer rules for Iron Curtain I have wandering around there a bit.

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