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打不开 FM20 in-game editor (Epic)

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9 hours ago, Jimmy Wong said:


Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for the reply

I didn't see the game requested me to link my Epic account to Football manager 2020.

I fixed the issue last night.

When the user launch the game first time, FM will request it via Internet Explorer. (I forgot to take the screenshot)

Once the request is completed, then you click "Download" agian, it will show IGE has been purcahsed.


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Hi, can you try revoking the FM20 game access, please?

You can see how to do it here: https://www.epicgames.com/help/en-US/epic-accounts-c74/epic-account-services-c144/how-do-i-disable-access-to-my-epic-account-for-a-specific-product-or-service-such-as-a-site-game-or-app-a4178

After you've done so, you should see a pop-up message asking for permission to connect Football Manager, please click on "allow"

Let us know how you get on, please. Thanks.

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