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  1. My game suddenly crash when go to the next days. Its always crash on 20th september 2027 (i saved it on 18th september 2027). No custom database. The first crash came when i used installed skin (logo, kits, adb) but still happen after skin is uninstalled. Tried to clear cache, verivy game files, reload skin etc still no charms. I uploaded my save game to FTP, name is "chocoblast-game-crash-when-go-to-next-days-year-2027" thanks for the help
  2. Hi, My save keeps crashing on the 1st of December 2021 and not sure why, no crash dump is being created as well so can't upload one but here is the save itself. Is anyone able to help please. -
  3. Hi My in game DLC shop in FM touch 2018 does not work, I can not see anything there, it is empty. I bought In steam store DLC "Attribute masking" and i can not launch it, I do not see it in game. I am attached a few print screen. You can see that i bought DLC "attribute masking" and it is installed but in game ther is nothing. Please help us because I know that the same problem have many other peoples. Thanks.
  4. I was a couple games away from finishing my first season and just went on the app to finish it off and the game load has disappeared. I only had it in the auto save section as I didn't actually manually save it. Is this now gone forever? Or is there a way a way to get it back at all?
  5. I'm not completely sure whether this is the correct place to post this issue. If not, I'm apologizing already and hope that you then can indicate me the correct place to post it ... In this edition of football manager, I'm analyzing more the financial parts and before I explain my issue ( which I consider an error ), I would like to ask some questions : 1. Loyalty bonus which the player get is calculated based on which factors ? And the defined amount is paid to the player throughout the duration of his contract ? 2. The salary costs in the financial overview of expenses includes also the different bonusses that are included in the players's contracts ? In my save game, I'm now in the first day of September in the first season ( Not players boughts and only 5 outgoing players on loan - Salary impact of 124K per month ) ... To give you some general data When I check in the expenditure details of July and August, I see small variations ... Completely fine by me because of the outgoing loans but also of the fact that we didn't play any official games in July ( impact based on bonusses ) In the financial overview I see the following amount for player wages ( of the first team and the sub 19 - the B squad is differentiated ) : 2.993.954 € However, when I do an analysis and a sum of the salaries in the contracts of the players ( without any bonusses ), I see a total wage package of 3.251.550 € - without the bonuses Adding the bonuses to the total ( super cup + 4 league games ) and this gives me a total of 535.104 € to pay to all the players of the first squad ( I didn't take the -19 squad into consideration yet ) Consideration to pay the bonus to the players : - Appearance fee -;if a player jumps from the bunch to subtitute a team mate, you have the pay the defined amount - Unused subtitute fee : if a player isn't called to be a sub during a game, the defined bonus in the contract doesn't need to be paid So all together we're talking here about a difference over 1 million euro ( lower ) during the month of August ... I would like to understand whether I'm doing something wrong or whether I don't have to take that much into account Because the funny thing of it all, on the wages tab in the finances ... I have the indication that the current wage total ( including bonuses ) is 3.846.972 € per month. So including the salaries of the technical staff ( during the month of August 2017 - and after all hiring and firing has been finished ), I'm paying in total to all my staff ( incl. medical and scouts ) : 847.650 € ( per month ) Not including the B team which has on staff level, a monthly cost of 61.500 € If i consider the real expenses with salaries alone of the players ( without the ones from the B team ) and the technical staff ( excluding the B team ), I'm reaching a total amount of 4.099.200 € ( plus the bonus of 535.104 € ) ... So once again almost a million euro difference with the amount mentioned above ... I know that this is an extensive explanation, but if needed I can add print screens or upload the saved game so that you can also check from your side ... I don't want to spoil the fun of playing of Football Manager, but this year I'm dedicating myself on the analytical part ( and not only to the staff and players, but really a deepgoing cost analysis )
  6. Morning, I've not seen anyone else report this issue yet but its affected every Newgen in my game. It first started in the 2027/28 season, i noticed the newgen player histories were showing like this after seeking out advice from the community it was recommended to play on until july 1st for the game reset day to fix. which it did fix all the weird gaps but now the Newgen player histories show nothing before 2028/29 season. This is one of my Newgens, https://gyazo.com/be3f48cb0599c006e2b072b7448f3624 as you can see hes played for multiple clubs since 2020 but this is his player history screen https://gyazo.com/02a19b5f127174ca88afdbd3126c7885 https://gyazo.com/1b9a8f999c3d593296a3e8e253079a55 its a shame to get the bug so late in the game, but I thought I best bring to your attention to further proof the game going forward. I only have out of the box leagues loaded so i don't think its a DB add on issue. Few other examples https://gyazo.com/fca945927221893f9f14471cad960511 https://gyazo.com/bc3bb55a1177ea2922b1576507ac6858
  7. I just finshed season , and in the 24th of june it is not loading another season and there is no league fixtures, what I need to do? Thx!
  8. Before anyone even says it: yes, i'm very much aware that a B-team can't compete in the same league as its parent A-team. That's not what this is about. I don't want to be "that person" or too dramatic or whatnot, but this issue has kept me from buying the game last year (FM17), since no clear-cut answer was ever given two years ago when i originally posted on the issue (FM16), which seems to go back all the way to the very first time B teams were integrated into the game. To compound the issue, the forum seems to be denying me access to said post, for some reason. Here's the issue: if a B team starts off in an unplayable (i.e. too low-level) league, it will never be promoted. I tested this by saving the game on the day before the game decides who won the promotion spots to the lowest possible playable league and reloaded the game ad nauseam. The game chose from the exact same 6 possible candidates every single time. I tested this in the Portuguese, Spanish, and Austrian leagues. Before you suggest stacking my B squad with really good players, i fudged with the Editor to give me some cash and stuffed that B team like a talent turducken for the entirety of three seasons. On their first year on the lowest playable league, they would have steamrolled the league harder than someone playing FIFA on easy mode. So here are my questions: Has this issue been resolved? If not, will it be resolved in time for FM19? Saving this in a txt so i don't have to rewrite the entire thing next year.
  9. On my tactics screen, I can no longer drag players from the left-hand column into the right to decide who will take penalties. Nothing will appear in the "Penalties" column. It happens in all my old saves and in any new ones I start. Any way to fix this?
  10. In my first career season with FMT 18, playing Oxford in BET League 1. For most of the season my assistant coach (I assume) has managed the reserves matches and I just get a report after the match. Now, towards the end of the season, I am being forced to manage my reserves matches. The only staff change I have made is my Physio (and that was mid season.) I have no desire to manage my reserves; how do I change this back??? Thanks.
  11. Closed my laptop after saving my game, then went on holiday for a week. Came back, plugged laptop in and started up FM17. Go to load my save, and for some reason there is no save preview when choosing to load my most recent save, and when I click to load the save, I'm met with "the save game could not be loaded". I've booted up other saves and they've worked, but keep getting this message? Has the game been corrupted, and is there any way I could get it back? Thanks!
  12. I’m currently managing Salford city for my second reign and I thought we could do with a new stadium but couldn’t afford one as a club so I tried purchasing the add on, it then proceeded to say payment failed and it closed and now I can’t open the game at all, I’ve tried deleting it factory resetting my iPad but restoring through I cloud and it still doesn’t work please give me some advice as I’m off on holidays in September and I’m not a very good flyer and this will calm me down by playing it thanks in advance
  13. Luis Cabral


    Is the following print screen a bug in the game or not ? I have several players indicated as sub 23 players in my save ( FC Porto ) ... This seems to be very strange because the -23 team only exists since this summer 2018 in real life, in the game i only have a -19 team and a b team.
  14. When i advance to a game FM freezes on teams are warming up
  15. For some reason, I found that I can't unlock many achievements on Steam, including: Domination You have won 3 consecutive top division league titles What A Goal! Your player collected a goal of the month award Window Shopping You visited the in-game store Despite winning "goal of the season" achievement, I didn't receive "goal of the month" and in game I won that award 3-4 times at least. "Window shopping" is funny one 'cause actually i bought the In-game editor from there, still not receiving achievement. I tried reinstalling the game but still it's seems like I can't receive some achievements. Do anyone have same problem? I'm not sure if uploading save files will help in this case (for example "window shopping" should unlock even without any save), but I'll do it if needed.
  16. Hello, FM'15 - Season 2043/44 I had an England squad member become injured after my 30 man preliminary squad was announced. I was requested to pick a replacement so I did. All I had to do was confirm his call up but the 'confirm squad' button was grayed out. I am unable to now 'continue'. I have tried unpicking players, but the squad is confirmed. The player I picked I am sure I had placed him in the squad anyway, but found that he was in the U21. What are my options? Is there a back up file from a previous save date I can access? I've never won the CL in all the time I've played FM/CM and I'm one week away from facing down Real Madrid.
  17. I'm currently managing RB Leipzig and have players needing match fitness, as some have throughout the start of the season. Usually I just make those who need match fitness available for the u19s where the players not selected for the first team and needing fitness tend to show as 'assistant's suggestions'. However, as you can see on the screenshots, the players who are in need of fitness aren't showing there. The only player who ever shows there is Ibrahima Konate. On the first load up of the game for a session, all of the players not selected or needing fitness tend to show there but only for the first u19s game of the session. Furthermore, when I select players and set them as available for the u19s either until match fit or just indefinitely, it doesn't play any of these players. So these players remain unfit. You can see on the screenshot of my players that there are a number of players with the 'Rsv' status but who do not show in the players available email in the inbox. Is this a bug and is there anyway to fix this? Thanks
  18. Hi, I'm three seasons in my savegame, and since the first season on, I haven't been able to see the career stat history of any player. I had the same issue playing FM14, the last version I owned, but assumed this was jut a random issue with my game at the time. I have recently installed FM17, and it does the same now. I don't have any antivirus installed. Any help would be very much appreciated, is quite a loss in the gameplay when you can't see the playing history of future buys, or even your own..
  19. -T e m P o-

    Black screen

    J'ai un ecran noir après le logo football manager touch 2018 Device : Teclast T8 4gb RAM 64 GB stockage
  20. I’m so confused at the moment. Just started getting into the switch version properly and I get that it is a bit more streamlined than the pc version so not sure if this is a bug or something I’ve not noticed before. My team report says the coaching and scouting areas could do with improvement yet when I go to hire any there is no option to search for coaches, scouts or physios. I can only search for managers, assistants, head scouts/physios. I have no coaches, physios or staff on my team either. Is this correct for FM Touch or is something wrong with my game?
  21. Another posting.. I tried to change the backgrounds.ogg file to one of the song I like and aftern inserting the song into the folder and changed the name into backgrounds.ogg, it started not to work It just says FMT cannot be runned. PLEASE Give me the solution, SI..... THANX :(:(:(:(
  22. Hello. My FM 18 will not launch anymore. My screen looked exactly as this, just in norwegian. I tried to reinstall the game. Now this is what happens: I hope that you can help solve my problem. Kind regards
  23. I m not sure if its a bug or its working as designed but it seems that injuries lasting between 1 days and 3 weeks from the youth team made during training are not reported in the inbox even with full u18 medical staff
  24. why do you update all transfers of the major European leagues and not those of the German championships?
  25. This has happened in every save I've had on FM18, but I didn't realise until I read in the tactics, training and strategies discussion forum that weaker foot can't be developed about "reasonable" that I was wasting training by listening to my coaches: If he can't develop it, and learning the move to try takes up PA, then surely coaches shouldn't recommend it? This is one of many errors I've started to notice with ppm training - I often have coaches tell me to un-learn a shooting move (which the player doesn't have) and if I say ok then it sets them to unlearn something else but I didn't think to screenshot that last time it happened,