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  1. Hi, i'm trying to see my points on the leaderboards section but nothing happens after clicking the 'show yourself' button. It is like my profile does not exist. What is the problem?
  2. Dear Sigames...during an online match i came back to fm2018 menu,so going out from online match...when i re entered the game my coach has been protected with password...and now i can't re enter in my profile. No one entered and inserted the password...so what happens? what password fm inserted?
  3. Why is it we cannot play friendly matches against other human managers in a network game? I have tried various games, checked the settings but cannot find any obvious solution.
  4. Me and my friend started a multiplayer FM18 save playing as Liverpool and Newcastle. We saved the game and left it overnight but the next day when I tried to load the game it did not open it in multiplayer. So I am asking am i just being stupid and not doing something right or is there an issue with my game. I can start a new online game perfectly but I cannot load an online game and I don't know why.
  5. Since I installed a discrete GPU (nvidia gtx 760), I get a crash on launching, just after the credits screen, the loading wheel (from fm18) appears, then freezes, then the whole system freezes (not able to enter tty-2). I originally was using Ubuntu 18.04, with Intel integrated gfx without issue. After installing the new gpu, I changed the graphics driver in the recommended way, disabled the integrated gpu and started getting the crash, then I reinstalled 18.04 with the same result. I saw that fm18 officially supports Ubuntu 16.04 and tried that, exactly the same. It's also listed as supporting steamos, so I tried that (all my hardware is compatible) and fm18 didn't even launch. Now I'm back on Ubuntu 16.04 and have tried 3 nvidia driver options, as well as the open source driver, without success. Nothing appears in /var/log under the x log or the kernel log. I can't seem to find any info on the recommended nvidia driver for fm18 if it is a driver issue as I suspect, bit I'm willing to supply and debug file you need.
  6. Hi, i have this problem. Yesterday when i play the game, to the end of first season with my team I decided to help my small team's purchase campaign with a budget increase patch. after the purchase the game indicated to me that "the purchase had failed" (but both the money and the invoice arrived from iTunes), but the worst the game went haywire. do not restart any more, as soon as you launch it opens the initial screen with logo (first photo), then disappears all with black background (second photo) and reappears desktop of my iPad. the game no longer goes. I've already tried to uninstall and restore but keep giving this error. has anyone had the same problem? thanks to those who can help me.
  7. Hi I just noted that at my current save the post-match analysis does not show in my inbox anymore. I asked if this should happen in Twitter and the official profile said it could be a bug. Anyone can help me? This analysis was helping me a lot. Thanks!
  8. When you select a player on the tactics screen there is no option for swap position with another player. The only place it's in is the full player instructions screen (See Below Instructions) My proposal of where to put it on the main tactics screen: Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I tried to reload a saved game that goes back about two months ago. I had never had any problems with this saved. Now, randomly during the 3d match, my Macbook Pro Retina freezes completely. Only the cursor keeps running. Command+Option+Esc doesn't work. I already had to forcibly restart the Mac 8 times. What can I do? Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, my create a club career has no fixtures in season 3, no promotion, relegation ever happened. This save is from the 20th of June in the season, hope anyone can help me with it. I don't have any custom database. I've uploaded the save on FTP - Dacia (v03)-bogdan32x.fm P.S. the save is FM 2018
  11. I'm at a point where if I continue the game or I save the game I get a crash dump message and the game closes. Nothing has changed in the system (video driver or windows update) since it was running fine when I had it open a couple of hours before. I have tried everything in the "read before posting" thread. No luck. Here are a few of my crash dumps. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.21 02.42.30).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.21 03.23.40).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.06.21 12.28.14).dmp
  12. So, my game freezes whenever I enter full screen. To elaborate, I can tell that although the image presented on my screen doesn't change, the game is still running. I can still click buttons and when I go back to to a smaller screen, the outcome of my clicks is shown. I hope I've made my issue clear. Now to the fixes I've tried. I've deleted my cache, deleted my preferences, deleted all my files in the Sports Interactive folder, updated my drivers to the latest version and my anti-virus is Windows Defender so I don't think it made my installation go wrong. My dxdiag is attached to this post. What should I do? DxDiag.txt
  13. Dears, I have huge problem, one week i try to solve it but i can't find anything about this inssue. I'm trying to lounch a game but there is nothing happen, game is stoping at screen you can see in attach. Could someone help me with this? i have already delete all cache, re install game few times, tried to find update to my pc. still nothing..
  14. Hi, I apologise if this is in the wrong place or if I have done this the wrong way. My problem is that when I start the game nothing shows up on the screen. The game was working fine until I tried to change the skin from the original default skin to the light one that comes with the game. After I did this I was unable to do anything further. I have attached a screen shot of what happens when I start the game. Thanks in advance.
  15. ghostboy kasperr

    Failing FFP by -2.1Bn

    why am i failing the FFP by 2 billion hahaha, i cant find what the cause is.
  16. FMT 18.3.4 Android version 7.0 SHIELD Tablet K1 SHIELD tablet software version 5.4(24.29.404.195) Since the recent update the FMT application no longer loads. All I get is a black screen with a spinning loading icon in the bottom right corner (see attached). I have tried: Leaving it for 30 minutes Loading it with the network on/off Clearing the cache Reinstalling the application None of these have worked and I have not encountered any problems with other applications. Any suggestions?
  17. 3 days ago with the automatic update shows the game is working on steam but it does not open. I made updates to the bug, I installed the game again, but it still does not open. After 18.3.4 update
  18. For some reason, I found that I can't unlock many achievements on Steam, including: Domination You have won 3 consecutive top division league titles What A Goal! Your player collected a goal of the month award Window Shopping You visited the in-game store Despite winning "goal of the season" achievement, I didn't receive "goal of the month" and in game I won that award 3-4 times at least. "Window shopping" is funny one 'cause actually i bought the In-game editor from there, still not receiving achievement. I tried reinstalling the game but still it's seems like I can't receive some achievements. Do anyone have same problem? I'm not sure if uploading save files will help in this case (for example "window shopping" should unlock even without any save), but I'll do it if needed.
  19. Can we not search for youth teams or under 21/23? I wanted to have a look for youth players for my next save but have no idea how to find them if i dont already no there names to type in search bar?
  20. question about network gaming..into 2022 now with a mate we have been barca and real madrid in that time but he got sacked and decided to take fiorentina..problem we now have is his kick offs are 3pm and mine 7pm...i do have (dont allow matches to be moved) selected but dont seem to make a diff..any ideas on how we can play the same time?
  21. I was playing in the morning and then I turned off the game as I always and decided I was going to play again in the evening. When I came back to play, the history of all players is random. As you can see, for example, my player "played" for Algeria knowing that he is Dutch. How do I solve this? But here's the correct display of your previous clubs (Genk, Inter, Lyon). Only in that image is it wrong
  22. Hi, Apologies if this is not the correct place to log this. I had started a save when the demo came out on my PC, I have continued you for some time and as it is touch version of the game I decided to invest in the Ipad version so I could continue while travelling. I have completed all of the steps for the cross save and got that part working, I can download the game onto the ipad but it errors out after a couple of seconds when it tries to load it. The blue bar moves but not very far. Strangely I can load the game from the cloud save on my laptop. I created a brand new save to try it and that works fine both ways so not sure if it has anything to do with the fact this save was created on the demo when it was released. Any advice ? Thanks Brad
  23. Every time my save gets to June 30th, whether playing or on holiday, the game freezes on the same date every time. My laptop is quite old, running on Windows Vista, but i’ve Just finished the first season and the game generally runs fine until it crashes. Any ideas? Thanks Joe