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Gashed leg

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Do I have broken glass on my training ground? Why are guys regularly out with a gashed leg?

I'm a little bitter at the moment, as I already have a starting DM, CD, LB, and backup RB, striker, and CD out with injuries, and now another gashed leg.  But I have been wondering for a while whether gashed legs are a common injury in football, as common as in FM?

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More generally, I'd be curious to know how the random injury generator works in the game. Does each player have a probability of injury, and each injury is a random draw? Or is there a team-level injury likelihood that can differ by season, then player injury probabilities are adjusted up or down depending on this team-level effect?

Sometimes it feels like there is a rash of injuries, other seasons hardly any at all, suggesting that some seasons the game assigns the team as a whole a higher or lower overall injury probability. Or it's all my imagination, and it could be like a series of coin flips all landing tails.  

Here's why I wonder. I am currently doing two alternate universe saves -- I started both seasons from the same point, but one season I brought in a new mega signing, the other I stuck with who I had. Mostly the same tactics, coaches, and training schedules. In season A, I had almost no injuries to key players, to the point where a bunch of my backups were getting mad about not playing enough. Then comes the alternate universe season B.  It's still only mid-February, and I've lost my LB (twice), all three of my main CBs, both of my RBs, one starting CM, two backup CMs, my AM, my backup AM, my RW (several times), a backup winger, and my starting striker, all for multiple weeks. 

Anyway, it got me wondering.

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