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B Team promotion to top tier?


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Scenario - Have edited so that Newcastle United have a B team in the Scottish leagues, Edinburgh City. Under normal circumstances Edinburgh City would only be promoted to the Scottish Ladbrokes Championship (ie Tier 2) and would not get promoted to the Ladbrokes Premiership (ie Tier 1). I edited the Ladbrokes Premiership Promotion/Relegation section to allow B teams to get promoted into it (see attached pic), but having run a 'holiday' test for a few seasons, I find that they are consistently winning the Championship but still not being promoted to the Premiership. 

Does anyone know if I've missed a setting somewhere to allow this??

many thanks


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Can't spot anything in the championship rules that would allow/disallow promotion FROM that division. Interestingly though the setting to allow B teams to be promoted from the division below was not ticked despite my B team being allowed to be promoted into that division.

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