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  1. If you want to edit a game you're currently playing, you won't be able to add points deductions using the official SI in-game editor. The one exception is that if the penalties were for going into administration you can make teams go into administration using the in-game editor, causing a points deduction eventually. If you want to add points deductions using the pre-game editor, let me know and I'll talk you through how it's done.
  2. Copy the fmf file to the following file path (assuming you're on PC): C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data Where XXX is your username. Once the file is in that folder, start a new game and it'll take you to an advanced setup stage. In the top right corner you'll see a dropdown menu called '20.4.0 Update'. Click on that and make sure the files you want to be part of the game are ticked. Once that's done simply click on 'Advanced Setup' and start the game as you normally would.
  3. Does the Carabao Cup happen in season 2? Or is it completely absent?
  4. That might be because the European teams are set in the game using the editor. Check the registered teams section for the European competitions and see if you can see any teams from San Marino listed. Then you can just swap them out.
  5. I would presume so, maybe in conjunction with Directors of Football. But you'd have to ask someone from SI to clarify that.
  6. I would post that in the bugs forum to be honest. I've not got any real idea what might be causing such an error.
  7. As far as I know this has been an issue ever since continental cups were made editable. Workarounds used to exist but have gradually stopped working.
  8. There is some conjecture that making new competitions rather than using existing ones may solve the problem. But you'd have to test it. Personally I'm not sure if it can be changed, but have a look at any threads about 'Dynamic Qualification', particularly one started by krlenjushka. That will tell you how to get all the teams you want into the first competition - after that it just depends if the dynamic league reputation works.
  9. If you look in the Non-Person Data section of a person's profile there is a tendency called 'Tendency to Use Loan Market' which is marked out of 20. You could create/edit a lot of staff in the lower leagues to have high levels of this tendency and run a test to see if that helps.
  10. What kind of crash dump notification?
  11. In order to solve your coefficient issue you need to make the coefficient tab editable in the editor then put some values in. I'd link you to the thread that discusses how to do this but I'm at work right now - it should be relatively easy to find if you do a search. Regarding your other issue it should simply be a matter of doing what Wolf says.
  12. Regarding your first issue, that's a known issue when creating custom continental competitions. As league reputation is linked to coefficients, and coefficients seem to be disabled by overriding default competition rules, there is nothing that can really be done to get around this problem. There is some conjecture that suggests you can build hidden stages into your competition to mimic coefficients, but I'm not sure if that gets around the league reputation freeze. Out of interest, are you editing the default African continental cups or creating your own? Regarding your second issue, that's how seeding works in the game. The way round it is to list the 5 best leagues at the top then have all the others below.
  13. Usually you just need to create a separate set of rules for the competition that you want to run differently. Upload your file and I'll see what I can do to try and fix it.
  14. Take a look in this thread which covers your exact query.
  15. Have a look at the advanced rules behind the Leasing.com trophy and that will tell you how to do this.
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