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  1. Unknown Hacker

    Manager Attributes

    If you edited the attributes but left the CA unedited then the game will up the attributes to conform to the CA within a few weeks. If you had lowered the CA too then the attributes would've remained the same. As far as I know rep has no effect on player performances.
  2. Unknown Hacker

    Your Personal Loyalty as Manager

    I always seem to regret jumping ship on FM; I've had great saves with smaller sides where I've made them top contenders in Europe and then left for a more established club and the save has died after 2-3 more seasons. Zwolle, Boavista and Rayo were going great guns but then after going to Spurs, Schalke and Bayern respectively I lost all interest. So I now try and stay where I'm at as for me the grass is never greener.
  3. Unknown Hacker

    How many key players do you have?

    I try and go for one per formation line. So I normally have 4/5 although in my FM14 save at Zaragoza I had something ridiculous like 14 because I had boatloads of wage budget and they were all worth the money.
  4. Unknown Hacker


    I once won promotion after the opposition's goalkeeper bobbled a backpass straight to my striker. Of course the opposition make mistakes.
  5. Unknown Hacker

    Player Name Generator HELP

    The game generates regen names from the names already in the game. So your best bet is to create a bunch of people with the names that you want in the database, then make it so that they retire after a couple of weeks of the game. Then whenever new names are generated it should take into account the new first names and surnames that you've added.
  6. Worst defeat to swallow was probably on FM14 managing Boavista -- was 4-0 up against Barcelona after the first leg of the ECL semi and lost the second leg 7-2 to go out on aggregate. What made it harder was knowing that I wouldn't be able to get back to that stage for a few years as 7 of my starters were moving on as I couldn't afford to keep them in the face of big club interest. I resigned at the end of the season as I couldn't face rebuilding. On the same save but later on I was managing Schalke and contrived to finish runner-up to Bayern in the league, cup and champions league 2 years in a row -- so any defeat to Bayern in that span was pretty galling as you can imagine.
  7. Unknown Hacker

    Martinique: Is it possible?

    I'm afraid it's hard-coded for them to be a non-FIFA nation.
  8. Unknown Hacker

    No Champions League spot

    That's still a massive upgrade over the last game that I seriously tried to edit (FM11) aha
  9. Unknown Hacker

    What Manager Hidden Attributes Mean

    While I'm not 100% sure and would happily defer to someone else's better judgement on this issue, I'm pretty sure from looking through saves of mine that it relates to a tendency to buy players. Some really talented recruiters in my long-term save only have 7s in that stat, while someone like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has 20.
  10. Unknown Hacker

    No Champions League spot

    You used to be able to add an entirely new nation into the game by editing the db record lists xml file. It was buggy as anything but I remember someone a few years back adding a new continent and a new nation to the game (it was a db for the Vatican league) so that the new country would be completely isolated. Sadly that thread is long gone and I haven't gone that deep into the editor for a few years so wouldn't be able to say if it was still possible. But it definitely used to be quite simple (if pointless in most cases as you could just overwrite a dead nation) to add a completely new nation to the game. I'll stop hijacking the thread now aha
  11. Unknown Hacker

    No Champions League spot

    Of course you can, otherwise I wouldn't have asked the question
  12. Unknown Hacker

    What Manager Hidden Attributes Mean

    OK I'll have a bash, in alphabetical order: Attacking: Influences the manager's playing mentality (with one being very cautious and 20 being attacking) Defensive Line: Tendency to drop back or play with a high line. Lower values equal a higher defensive line. Directness: Influences how direct the passing style is, with 1 being a passing style and 20 being almost exclusively long balls. Dirtiness Allowance: Influences how dirty the manager's team will be. Higher values = dirtier play. Flamboyancy: The higher this stat the more flamboyant the team the manager will look to build. Flexibility: How flexible the manager will be in his tactics. Free Roles: The higher this value the more the manager will look to utilise players with a free role (more roaming from position). Marking: 1 = zonal marking only, 10 = mixed, 20 = man marking only. Offside: Tendency to play an offside trap. Closing Down: The higher the number the more intense the pressing game employed. Sitting Back: The higher this number the more the manager will sit back. Tempo: The higher this number the higher the tempo this manager will play at. Use of Playmaker: The higher this number the more likely the manager is to use a playmaker. Use of Subs: The higher this number the more the manager uses his bench. Width: The higher the number the wider the tactic employed. Now come the non-tactical attributes: Buying Players: The higher this number the more players the manager will look to buy. Hardness of Training: The higher this number the harder the manager's training. Mind Games: The higher this number the more the manager will get into arguments with other managers in the press to try and wind them up. Squad Rotation: The higher this number the more the manager will look to rotate his squad. The following stats are only relevant to chairmen I believe but I'll do them anyway for completeness: Business: Tendency to run a club like a business. 1 = doesn't care about profit/loss, 20 = runs club for max profit. Interference: Chairman's tendency to interfere with the manager's work. Patience: How patient the chairman is. Resources: How much money the chairman has to invest in the club.
  13. Unknown Hacker

    No Champions League spot

    Did you replace an existing nation in making your database, or did you add one?
  14. Unknown Hacker

    Searching anything before 1990 database

    You could try doing a search for a db called 'behind the iron curtain'. Seems to have everything you're after -- although not sure if it's been updated for FM15 as I don't own the latest game.
  15. Unknown Hacker

    San Marino teams

    You'd have to check in the editor file to see if the teams will remain amateur forever. I would assume that they will naturally progress through semi-pro to pro as that is the default option.