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  1. As I said, I wasn't victim-blaming and I'm more than happy to call out both the 'fans' carrying out such attacks and the lax stadium security and minimal police presence that enabled them to do so without fear of arrest. I don't see how my posts could ever be read as defending English football fandom in general, let alone idiots like the perpetrators of the attacks in the original post. If anyone feels differently and wants to discuss this further, feel free to PM me.
  2. There's a world of a difference between an unchangeable physical characteristic (race, gender identity, disability, etc) and choosing to wear certain clothes to show your support for a football team. Your guess that my post would have any bearing on my views on sexual violence is not only wrong, it's completely absurd. If that was directed at me then that's a bizarre comment. I'm not sure how you went from my post that it was probably naive to wear colours on a long public transport journey across South London to 'foreign fans should only open fish and chip shops otherwise they're to blame for anything bad that happens to their businesses when their countries play England at football'. To compare someone's livelihood to the way they dress when travelling to/from a football stadium is a pretty big (and unjustified) leap. I thought my initial post was pretty nuanced, however the fact that multiple people have misread it suggests that I expressed myself poorly. While that's my fault, I can't abide people misreading it and guessing that I'm a rape apologist or some other nonsense. If anyone wants to discuss this further I'd be happy to do so in PMs.
  3. I'm not excusing either incident, and in my first post I say that the ground and its immediate vicinity should be a safe space for everyone, even if that necessitates a heavy police presence. On the topic of people that don't usually attend matches not being streetwise, I agree with you. My first post was focusing on what positive lessons can be learnt from the family's bad experience, not whether they were to blame for it. Sunday night is going to be one of the most intense games ever played in England, and emotions will be running high. I want Italy fans to be safe travelling through London and make a few recommendations and suddenly my post is one of the worst ever seen (I know you didn't say this).
  4. I'm not making excuses for the perpetrators, and I feel genuinely sorry for the family that got caught in that situation. As someone who's been caught in similar situations in the past and come off quite badly, I can empathise with them. But this is a situation where, if you know as an away fan that you'll be journeying through an area filled with drunken fans of the opposition, there are some precautions that can be taken. Not taking those precautions makes you naive. It doesn't make you to blame for anything bad that happens to you. That's all I was saying.
  5. My advice to Italian fans would be that if they're going on public transport after the game they should bring a jacket and not paint a flag on their face. Obviously any incidents in the ground and immediately outside it are completely unacceptable and should've been avoided by better ticketing and stewarding, or police involvement if necessary. But a lot of the first article simply betrays the naivety of the family involved. You're travelling through South London late at night on public transport through crowds of drunken morons, while advertising that you are an away fan. You're going to get some stick. Football fan culture in a lot of places is terrible, and if this article gets other people who wouldn't normally attend matches to take sensible precautions when they do then that's a good thing.
  6. Apparently the Italians were doing it, and so were the Danes in group stage matches. Probably not at the level that England fans were, in any case. My unpopular opinion is that national anthems are dirges and should not be sung before sports matches.
  7. Is the correct answer. You could host a tournament across the whole of Western Europe and there would be less travelling involved than there was for the Brazil World Cup. The problem is choosing to host games in a different continent. Especially knockout games.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Rice gets pushed out by Bellingham relatively soon, especially if Phillips continues to show such a phenomenal engine for England and makes himself undroppable.
  9. I've not had a chance to watch a knockout game in a pub due to having to self-isolate. So my plan is to pitch up very early at a pub that doesn't require bookings, eat lunch, and then drink until kick-off, before hopefully setting off for central London to frolic.
  10. I'm not going to watch the video because I'd rather eat my own eyes, but the Guardian have said he won't be watching but will be following the game on his phone and cheering on England, which really sums up the pointless virtue-signalling of his one-man protest. The bloke is not just a cock, but a cock that can't even stand behind his racist bad decisions.
  11. Can't forget the Spanish 4th official too who's going to let us shine even more laser pens.
  12. Can we ban this guy for going against the approved narrative?
  13. But if that's true why is there a VAR penalty check at all? And why is the free kick taken from the spot of the collision between Kane and the Danish player on the edge of the box, not the spot of the original foul?
  14. England have given up less clear-cut chances than Italy and have given up less expected goals per game on average this tournament. They've only conceded a 30-yard screamer from a dodgy free-kick, and have only given up 2 clear-cut chances that I can recall (Werner and Muller for Germany). We've had the best defence in the tournament by most measures. Of course, Italy definitely have players that can breach that defence.
  15. On the topic of anthems, the Italian one is actually good. Which is all the more reason to mercilessly boo it.
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