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  1. That honestly looks like Mars to be honest. Maybe Morocco?
  2. It's worth noting that Trump-appointed judges were instrumental in that Florida policy being ruled to be constitutional (because it wasn't a poll tax apparently).
  3. I've not watched it but will do. I've always found these kinds of documentaries interesting. Have you seen 'Wild Wild Country'? It's a Netflix documentary about a cult based on spiritual enlightenment that turned into some much darker stuff. I found it surprising how many people in that documentary had been lawyers, doctors, or other high-powered professional people. I think sometimes intelligent but unfulfilled people are perfect cult targets as they know that they want something more from life, and will latch on to things that tell them that such fulfilment is in reach.
  4. Why would they need to confirm that they're doing something they've done every year?
  5. I really can't see that happening. If the game becomes an Epic exclusive then presumably the editor would go with it.
  6. Yeah that's pretty much me in Summer. I can deal with a dry nose and lack of smell but if it starts making my eyes itch I take antihistamines for a few days and it clears up. Also I think everyone with hay fever quickly gets to know which kinds of pollen make it worse. For me the only type that really gets me is long grass pollen, so that's pretty easy to avoid unless I'm hiking, but if more common types of pollen cause your symptoms you may want to take antihistamines regularly.
  7. The refs seem to be letting a lot go at both ends to start this half.
  8. Celtics did start off strong. Herro keeping the heat in touch in the 2nd quarter though.
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