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Tactic Tweaking

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So after a great few seasons of being able to smash teams on the counter utilising space in behind I've found my reputation has risen causing teams to park the bus developing a struggle to score goals. I had a big overhaul at the end of last season to try transition to a more possession based style as I now had far better players but I'm still struggling to create chances or even win the possession battle in some games and would be grateful for any recommendations and pointers. I've attached my tactic below including majority of my starting 11.

I alternate the striker role between dlf and f9 depending on the player. I find the striker is regularly isolated and only receives a decent rating if he somehow manages to score (usually by set pieces). I also want to get the best out of Aouar who I believe is my best player. He was phenomenal for me in 4231 as a AMs but I believe this isn't the best formation to play possession football am I correct? I find a lot of play filters down the flanks before a cross field pass which either loses possession or results in a tame shot from a ridiculously wide angle.

Any help is appreciated.










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5 hours ago, geordiekris said:


I don't have the time at the moment to look at your players' profiles, so I'll focus solely on the tactic. If you want to play a more possession-based style - as you mentioned - then:

- do not use the AP on attack duty, because the role is a lot more suited to faster styles of play

- do not focus play through the middle, because that's the very are that will be most packed by defensive opposition (assuming you are the favorite in most games)

- try to avoid having 2 playmakers so close to each other, because there needs to be balance between creation/organization and penetration

- no need to instruct the keeper to distribute specifically to CBs (and with short kicks), given that you are already using both play out of defence and shorter passing

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