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  1. I'm in my 3rd season with Newcastle and I've already been taken over twice and now there's rumours of a third bid. This is ridiculously unrealistic never mind painfully frustrating as it seems to destroy my transfer plans due to embargos at the end of every season. I've uploaded the save file as Newcastle - Takeover Bug
  2. I've struggled with developing youngsters the last two versions of FM. Every time I've had a top potential prospect i've only ever been able to develop him into an average player and was after some advice to get the best out of my youngsters. I've always used the rules of leave them in the under 18 squad until they're to old. Then if they're good enough add them into the first team giving cup games and places on the bench if not loan them out. Also looking to mentor them to give them the best personalities although with the new mentoring method i've never had much joy with this.
  3. OK so I have a Newcastle save that's going well. We massively overachieved first season finishing 6th thanks to Callum Wilson being massively OP in this years game. The plan is to change to a team that dominates possession but still creates meaningful chances. I don't have the squad to do that yet but was hoping after the next 2-3 transfer windows to have the players in place. I had created the tactic below to get my players familiar with it to gradually changer over to. Then all over a sudden BAM! We have been taken over by a supposed tycoon led consortium (hurrah!), However he'
  4. I've recently continued my saved game form the beta to the full game. This save continued from just after finishing the first season. I played through preseason and then played my first two games of the premier league against Man United and Chelsea, noticing they were only playing players under 21. When checking the squads after the second game I noticed neither had registered any of their players for the season. This seemed to be the case for all the other teams in the league. I tried holidaying the next two games to check after the transfer window closed and it appears all teams have now reg
  5. thanks ill try those the two playmakers being unnecessary makes sense.
  6. So after a great few seasons of being able to smash teams on the counter utilising space in behind I've found my reputation has risen causing teams to park the bus developing a struggle to score goals. I had a big overhaul at the end of last season to try transition to a more possession based style as I now had far better players but I'm still struggling to create chances or even win the possession battle in some games and would be grateful for any recommendations and pointers. I've attached my tactic below including majority of my starting 11. I alternate the striker role between dlf and
  7. I have the following regen I want to try and produce as a first team player. He's currently described as a striker although he can play on the left wing which is the position I want him to play due to us having an abundance of strikers. I've adjusted his training accordingly however my under 18's manager still insists on playing him upfront. Will this effect his development as a winger and if so what can I do to ensure he gets picked in the position I want him to play?
  8. Quick question on tutoring. If I have a youngster with a professional personality and wanted to raise his ambition also for making things easier to reach his potential. If I then tutored him with a senior player with an ambitious personality would that then reduce the youngsters professional rating to the level of the senior player?
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