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Making Scouting And FM Difficult Again


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It has been discussed from time to time in the community whether FM still contains enough challenges for more experienced gamers. Difficulty levels were repeatedly mentioned. At the same time there are good reasons why SI will not offer any kind of arcade mode. Nevertheless, I believe that - besides AI - scouts are one of the decisive factors why FM is too easily exploitable. By using numerical values for their attributes, the distances between two different scouts are too obvious. A scout with a Judging Player Potential of 17 will always be better than the scout with a score of 16. The latter will always be better than 15. The first problem here is above all that the ability of a scout is linearly related to the respective number (players, instead, create a complex interrelation with several numerical values, such as how dangerous they are for goals).


The second problem is that very good scouts, whose ability can be determined exactly, are in my experience far too easily and cheaply available. So when I intentionally do without these very good scouts with exact abilities to keep the assessment and development of players more incomprehensible, it unfortunately feels artificial.

My suggestion is that the abilities of the scouts are only shown with categorical values, for example letters: 


It can still be assessed whether a scout is very good, good or just decent. But the ranking within a category is obscured.  So if I have or hire a category A scout, it is not clear how capable he actually is. He might be a 20 or even just a 16, a category B scout might be a 14, but also just an 11. You know what I mean. One consequence would be that it would make more sense to have one and the same player watched by several scouts within the same category because all opinions are of higher importance. 

The basic mechanics remain unaffected. It's just a different way of presentation, which more experienced gamers could optionally choose.

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