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  1. The developers need to make much better efforts with the final product. I only purchase FM every 3-4 years. I love spending years managing my teams, although game bugs are always evident and ruined one save years ago. Please include inflation of prize money, wages, sponsorship and transfer fees. Following 18 seasons on one save, the Champions Cup money is still 2.4Million a win. What we want is realistic gameplay.
  2. Every league or cup win has the same animation. We need variety. I want to see the players embrace and carry scarfs and banners. Pictures of players celebrating in the changing rooms and on open top buses should be included. Newspaper headlines and high media exposure should follow a title win. When we win something, we should have a far greater reward than we currently receive. Do you agree?
  3. You need to include a wide variety of stadium templates that actually look like real stadia. If the Fifa games can have realistic looking stadia, so can Football Manager. Time needs to be spent on developing the match day experience. I’ve managed in Ligue 1 for 16 seasons and never seen a black face in the crowd. To add, the crowd animations are awful, even after so many versions of the game. Please pay more attention to this aspect of gameplay. I feel that earlier versions of FM included more realistic fan chants. We need songs, roars, screams and jeers. Whatever happened to banners
  4. FM needs players to perform step-overs, nutmegs, feints, diving headers, dives, shirt pulls, pushes, elbows, tussles etc. Players shouldn’t immediately rise from fouls. We need collision detection. Players just run through one another and the referee. Improved ball movement. The ball moves too slowly and floats. Sometimes keepers fail to make full stretch saves. No more pirouettes, please. Close-ups on goal celebrations and a greater variety of celebrations. In 16 seasons I’ve never seen a player shoot from the halfway line.
  5. If SI doesn’t include wage, transfer fee and prize money inflation, I shan’t purchase future versions of FM. 16 seasons into FM19 my wage budget was still set to £5.5 million per week and I can never sell players for much more than 90 million. Champions Cup wins are still only rewarded with £2.4 million and my club is experiencing major debt. Every few years, improved TV deals should boost league revenue. Clubs should acquire better sponsorship deals related to success. Player agents should negotiate higher wages for their clients at each contact renewal. One player remaine
  6. If SI doesn’t include wage, transfer fee and prize money inflation, I shan’t purchase future versions of FM. 16 seasons into FM19 my wage budget was still set to 5.5 million per week and I can never sell players for much more than 90 million. Improve and vary stadiums, crowd appearance and chanting. Include realistic player movements and tricks, such as step-overs, shirt pulling, diving, elbowing, pushing and players not immediately rising from fouls. Collision detection between players is important and ball movement requires a lot of improvement.
  7. Young players, especially, should be able to adapt much more quickly.
  8. I agree, but prize money never increases. FM requires a complete overhaul.
  9. I’m still playing FM19 and there exists no real monetary inflation in the game. Champions Cup money remains the same after 12 in-game years. My club PSG won’t allow a weekly wage budget of more than £5.5 million. We need more realism. We also need: Realistic stadia; more variance amongst match day crowds; fewer player pirouettes and an inclusion of step-overs; player collision detection (players just run through each other as if they didn’t exist); shirt pulling and handballs; better ball movement (the ball floats too much); keepers actually making full stretch attempts to save penalties;
  10. I choose ‘Assistant manager’s opinion of this player’s potential ability’ and set at ‘Is at least’ 3 stars. No players ever appear.
  11. Hello, why isn’t it possible to search for players with potential ability of 3 stars or more? It used to work when I started the game in March, but doesn’t now. Any suggestions, please?
  12. Can the problem of having two matches on consecutive days be solved?
  13. Can someone please explain the small yellow squares that appear above some players’ names?
  14. I can’t move the slider any further. My point is that this needs to change in future versions of the game. Although I’m exceeding my wage budget, I should be able to allocate more funds from the transfer pot. It provides an unrealistic aspect to the game and I can’t sign any useful players, although I have the funds to pay for their transfers. Will there be an update for this flaw?
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