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  1. There is already a noticeable impact on domination and probability of success when you are playing at home. In addition to it, I would like to see little influence by choice of ends. The team that wins the toss of a coin decides which goal it will attack in the first half. Very often, the home team wants to attack their stand of "hardcore supporters" due to mental aspects in the second half. The opponent has the possibility to disrupt the plan by winning the coin flip. So, what we need: 1) little additional impact on domination when you are attacking your favorite end at home, 2) option to disrupt it, 3) complexity concerning impact.
  2. As far as I know: transfer budget. Transfer budget = single payment Wage budget = running costs
  3. I am wondering if bonuses have real impact on performances. Do they boost players' attributes, visible, "below the surface" or not at all? Interested in game mechanics, maybe someone has some information. Thanks.
  4. Sending your player to a leadership course gives you the opportunity to hopefully increase this mental attribute. I would like to see more options for mental development, compensating weaknesses and boosting strengths. Different "psychological courses" could be used for influencing "aggression", "bravery", "composure", "vision", "teamwork", "work rate". Due to complexity, it should not be sure-fire success. Depending on personality, determination, age, experience and other factors, the degree of failure has different odds. Some players like to be send to extra courses, others do not or just with scepticism which influences the success. For example, a player who collects several yellow and red cards due to overreaching ambition could be send to a "anti-aggression course" in a sense of punishment instead of a money fine. Of course, every psychological course should have chances and risks. Failure could mean moral damage or, at worst, decline of the attribute that you initially want to be increased. If you ask me, there should be courses for your staff as well.
  5. At the moment, wage and position are the two levers for convincing new staff to take a job. Additionally, I could imagine that high-class staff - depending on personality, reputation, abilities, age - wants to be put in real charge of the job sector. So, my potential new, highly ambitious chief scout (or: DoF) with high leadership ability claims responsibility for all scouting assignments (or: transfers). If I want to engage top-staff, I have to share power. If I am not willing to share power, I have to deal with poorer staff.
  6. I have rejected friendly proposals at the end of the last season for the season next to come, but they are still locked as proposals in my schedule. Unfortunately, I can not click on it and cancel or delete them at all. So, I have no opportunity to arrange new friendlies during the blocked weeks because of this rejected, but locked proposals. Uploaded file: "PB_Leverkusen_friendly.fm" Thanks.
  7. As you can see, my own players (blue) are unknown in the squad of the german national team. Does not make any sense that there is no star rating (ability and potential). It is the same problem for U21, U20 and U19. Amusingly, my former player (Julian Brandt) is known. Uploaded file: "PB_Leverkusen_last save overwrite backup.fm" Thanks.
  8. "The star ratings for staff give you an indication of how good they are worldwide for that job role" So, my english fellow with a very low reputation - but very good attributes - will work less effectively in Germany, Spain and wherever? And, if so, what about low reputation but high adaptability?
  9. First: they rejected my 15 mio offer... Next: I clicked on "discuss terms"... and they instantly accepted the 15 mio without any changes. Uploaded file: "PB_Leverkusen_last save overwrite backup.fm" Thanks.
  10. Feature Request: There should be an additional information that the club is not willing to sell the player except someone is content to do crazy things like spending 104 Mio (such as this example). Otherwise this "bug" will be discussed a hundred times further.
  11. Although I offered 5.25 Mio, the minimum fee release clause (5.25 Mio - see info box on the left) was not activated. Uploaded files: - "Peter Bosch – Bayer 04 Leverkusen.fm" (saved it after this rejected bid) - "PB_Leverkusen_last save overwrite backup.fm" (it is the backup, should be before the rejected bid info is delivered) Thanks.
  12. "Very secure (63%)" is a product of mouse-over. For an overview, seeing it directly without any mouse-over would be useful. If you ask me, bar diagram (as present), percentage and text be perfect. Aim of management summaries is to visualize to most important information. I think, FM has potential for improvement.
  13. Transfer offer, player wants to go, I speak with him... Ok, fine... reject transfer: but then... Uploaded file: "Peter Bosch – Bayer 04 Leverkusen.fm" Thanks.
  14. Useful summary, I like it. But, unfortunately: 1. There is no information who is the scout. It is just "I've completed...", but it is not my chief scout as mentioned on top who completed the assignment. Showing me the name of the scout (and his abilities) who really completed the assignment in this window would be helpful for evaluating the results. 2. Give me the opportunity to arrange a new assignment for this now "unemployed" scout without going to "scouting". Integrate the button "create new assignment" at the bottom and I love you. 3. For the Inside Forward with 74 rec I have got just 72% knowledge level. So, I want to continue his scouting process. On the right, there could be a button "continue scouting" with options as you have on the cards. Thanks.
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