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  1. It is, for instance, next to the "create new assignment"-button on the right in the scouting center. Make sure you are in charge for assignments (and not your staff). In the video below you can see it at 00:28:30.
  2. Had something similar in my mind. Would like to see my staff or at least my scouts have A-F instead of 20-1, so their abilities would be more unpredictable and therefore more realistic.
  3. Additionally and related, staff attribute system (score 1-20) is too linear and therefore too transparent. Hire staff, especially scouts, with very good values - which is far too easy - and the road to success is almost automated.
  4. Can only agree with the opinion that the artificial reduction to 80% simply feels wrong for a football simulation. And it's a pity that you have to follow the "frustrated ones". What bothers me most about the lower injury rate is that the Medical Center as a feature is becoming almost obsolete. High training intensity and high playing style intensity do not lead to an extent of injuries that would require sensitive control -- exactly what the Medical Center is normally intended for. Sometimes I dismiss my physiotherapists and sports scientists because they are simply superfluous. This is a pity and deprives the game of its depth. However, the option for different injury rates would probably open the Pandora's box. There would be claims for optional levels everywhere.
  5. It is no bug, but seems a little bit odd and I would like to give some feedback: "Green on green" is really hard to see. I would like the match rating to be displayed in white (or similar) in front of a green, neutral or red background. That would be much better for my eyes.
  6. "Green on green" is really hard to see. I would like the rating to be displayed in white (or similar) in front of a green, neutral or red background. That would be much better for my eyes.
  7. Agree! Additionally, I would like to be able to delegate "Keep Scout Report up to date" to a certain scout, as long as the list does not exceed a certain number of players. For example, my chief scout could be given the task of keeping shortlists up to date. This would reflect the hierarchy between scouting staff. It could be delegated to the DoF as well.
  8. Watching matches in highlight mode, warm-up would be superfluous and, at high speed between sequences, even be counterproductive.
  9. Totally agree and therefore I am (or would be) really happy with this tweak.
  10. I may be wrong, but I have the impression that -- as you can see in the example -- the players' suitability for different positions seems more balanced overall. I have seen several times that the suitability rather gradually decreases (green, yellow, orange) and no longer stops abruptly. So a winger does not completely lose his suitability if he is moved just one position backwards.
  11. Not so easy to see, but if you stop the stream at the right point (see screenshot), you will discover that scouting assignments will distinguish between "Scout Priorities" and "Analyst Priorities" in FM20. Until now, there was only one priority list. The overview was quickly lost, especially since the reports of the analysts were never really important to me personally. This is definitely another QoL change.
  12. How long is the stream expected to last, do you have any plans?
  13. Yes, and as you can see in this screenshot on the right, there is a "loan happiness". It fits to the new feature.
  14. Time for speculation... Since Miles wrote in a post that the optimal time for a release is usually the end of October, there must be serious reasons for the delay of almost three weeks. Maybe they're taking Stadia into account? Or the game currently has a bigger list of flaws. For purely economic reasons, they would certainly not delay a release if the game was already in a "good" condition.
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