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  1. Sorry, mate, but the feature request threads were full of "we want more". So maybe there are two "we" and yours is just the moaning half.
  2. This. And, as far as I remember it correctly, those 2-in-1 stats caused column issues when you customize views.
  3. In reality you can not distanguish between 89% and 90%, but it is more about a guess. Therefore, a categorial difference would be an improvement.
  4. FM20-Release: 19th November 2019 Feature Announcement: 19th September 2019.
  5. My understanding of the yellow part is more about a matchplan rework due to "for every occasion". We will see.
  6. However, public opinion (media, pundits and fans) could influence the board's opinion/decisions and thus have an impact on job security. In this respect, it is quite interesting what Miles Jacobson said on YouTube in April: https://youtu.be/qbDQYuGtywI?t=5410
  7. I also think that the much demanded separation "defensive formation" (5-4-1) - "offensive formation" (3-5-2) will not return to FM. This was the case in the past. There have been reasons to give it up. At the same time, I also think that the visualization of role-specific movement profiles is a next step, so that the gamer can see how his own formation shifts in attacking play. The roles with their duty already include the shifting. But it is not obvious how far and where a player with his respective role and duty will run if he does not have the ball in attacking play. This will be
  8. As I have already mentioned here... ... in my point of view, scouting is far too easily exploitable. The judging ability of a scout is linearly related to just one respective value with the consequence of a generated static objectivity, which is actually missing in real life. Experience matters, of course. A scout working for maybe decades in the scouting business will be able to make sound judgments based on his wealth of experience. But none the less, I strongly believe that cognitive bias still plays a role as well. Perhaps it would be possible to make scouting more difficult if
  9. High reputation matters when players ask for an improvement of the coaching staff (promises in transfer/contract negotiations). To put it in a nutshell: star players don't want no-names.
  10. Thanks for your input. Okay, yes, of course, that's right. Adaptability and determination affect the quantity of results. A scout, to stay with this example, who also has high scores in these areas, is of course preferable to someone who doesn't have them (but with the same judging abilites). But isn't it still the case that the quality of the individual assessment depends on only one factor (judging ability)? Or are there other aspects that could cause distortions of perception and errors of judgement even for a scout with 20/20? Does his personality have any influence? Is reputatio
  11. Basically I agree and theoretically I would like to see more euphoria around managers as you describe it. However, I have often wondered if such media events could become very annoying at some point. There would have to be a wide range and variation of messages. Otherwise everything would quickly repeat itself. Transfer rumors are an example, which cause immersion, but with time they get on my nerves personally. So it would be a great challenge to find the right balance.
  12. It is the same for scouts. Does anything other than judging abilities really influence their effectiveness? described the problem here:
  13. Besides guaranteed wage and agreed bonuses I would like to see how much performance-based payment a player has already received during the season. In addition to the total amount, a detailed breakdown would be nice (maybe as mouse-over?) Total amount of received bonuses (after 20 matches): €2.545 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance Fee €120 x 15 = €1.800 Clean Sheet Bonus: €85 x 7 = €595 Unused Substitute Fee: €30 x 5 = €150 And then, a collective overview of received bonus-payments would be great.
  14. You cannot speak for all other players. I do not share your view, for instance.
  15. I would like to see the Director of Football giving us more support in planning the squad by anticipating and listing possible needs for action. For example, he could say in front of a transfer window: Several clubs are currently interested in the following players (rumours). Club Z in particular is said to be very interested in player A. It is possible that a concrete offer can be expected when the market starts to move. If we should sell the player and not replace him internally, we have to be prepared. Since our shortlist currently contains no or hardly any candidates for the position
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