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Physio Recommendation Gone?

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I am finally getting going with FM20, and I don't see the "Physio Recommendation" column as an option to add to my views anymore. Was this removed? Or am I just missing on it? I relied on this very heavily in FM19, would be a shame to have lost it. I am at a major club with 5 Physios and a Head Physio, so that isn't it.

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So I pulled in an FM19 view to FM20, which had that column, and the recommendations are all just a dash "-". I removed the column and go to re-add it, and that's when I saw it was gone and asked the question above.

But it is there. It is blank in the customize current view list under training options. I know that's it though, because when I add that untitled (in the view editor) column back, it turns up as Physio Recommendation in the view, with all of the "-" recommendations.

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Ah got it! I forgot, this only shows if the recommendation is not "normal". Basically "-" = "Normal Intensity". I holiday'd a week in the interest of science and now these are showing up.

Still weird that in the view creator is shows as blank. Maybe I broke that when importing a view from FM19?

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