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  1. You can do that, in theory the Higher LOE settings should help too. I don’t understand the question. If AM sets them he does. Otherways set them as you like them to be.
  2. Seems good! two thoughts I have is 1 do you really need Higher tempo on attacking? 2 shorter passing seems counter productive? standard tempo and passing would be very close to the two added TIs? As the slightly lower tempo on standard also shortsens the passing range.
  3. Final revision of the 3-1-4-2. Yes, It have been a while, long time no see. I have been playing rather slow. Summer have arrived and the things that follows with that. Heat, ice-cream etc. TLDR; Playing time have dropped. Results have been good, after som intial adjustments to the original tactic. The opening tactic had those TI's: The reasoning for them was covered here. The new one are similar, the style stays roughly the same, just some details have been changed up. This is how they look now, small but simple changes. Firstly I removed dribble less simply because we needed more players to take on their man, especially after the first season in which we finished second, the reputation increased and we are now facing more cautious opponents. This will help us break them down. Secondly I decreased the LOE for more space when we regain the possession, thus we can attack with greater urgency. Also the pressing is increased to the highest setting, which hopefully will make us regain the ball faster, when we now start the pressing, together with the lowered LOE which will increase our defensive compactness. The pressing will now be deadly when it kicks in. If we take a closer look to the roles not that much have changed. If I remeber correctly the regular CM have been changed to a box to box midfielder. Which will offer more mobility, due to the BBMs tendency to both join attacks and defend. This is a role I wanted Y1 with Atletico Madrid but there was no suitable player, now on the other hand it was quite a few options. •Box to box midfielder · Very Mobile ‣ Will join attack ‣ Also make defensive contribution. · Flexible, but demands a lot of stamina, suits young players. After that the DLF on support was changed to a Pressing forward on attack duty, to gain more penetration. The DLFs was good for our possession game but paired with the false nine we lacked runs in behind at times, this way we can threaten opponents with more variety. •Pressing forward · Puts the team first. ‣ Loyal, by the name you can figure that he presses, a lot. ‣ Stretches opposition, moves into channels. · Spearheads the attacks, with possession he acts similar to an advanced forward. Lastly, I changed the covering defender to just defend like the other two. This leads us to the league, which we WON!! Key players was firstly Lemar, but only for 10 games, then he got a BAD injury and missed a lot of the remaining season. After Lemar got injured it really was Benjamin Sagnier, Antonio Carlos and Wilson who stepped up. Really impressive by Lemar to still get into the.. Team of the year, which overall was a good watch: Mentality spread with the new roles. VA-BAL POS-VA-POS-POS ATT BAL-BAL-BAL ATT And some plays from the season: Buildup around the left flank, move is also finished off from there. This one comes from the other side, F9 passes the BBM who scores with a great finish. Actually an overhit pass from the left WMs, still reaches one of our players who fires it home. DLP-rWMs-MEZa. EDIT: Attached .fmf Djuicers 3-1-4-2.fmf
  4. The traits should work for possession IMO. Its just important to pair the correct traits in the right role and having fitting players (attributes) for it. Yeah, when opponents do that, its often very effective to increase tempo or passing range, or altering the width to stretch them even more.
  5. I think @Crazy_Ivan has a legit point. Will explain further down, however the basics seems great, like mine Yes, I agree. spacing is very important to get fast and desicive passing. If there is not enough space, there will be though to create slick passes with decent tempo. You want every pass to either move your team into a better position and/or opportunity OR move the opponent vertically or laterally around the pitch. For that you will need said spacing. IE your team will need to have width, but also depth. Width you get from the wing backs but depth is scarce. I think a first step would be to either change one mezalla or move one into attack. Secondly What's the PPM's for the attacking midfielders and the central ones? its quite important for the movement too. In the clip you linked the passing is there but its quite short and you can see the points im trying to make in which players are running into the box. They are all attacking in relatively the same area, lacking both "width" and "depth". Which makes it harder to break down the opponents. The players trait can help with this, but also PI's. Moves into channels can be helpful, but mezzalas and SS + PFa will already have it. Do you have some players that comes deep to collect too? EDIT: This shows what Im trying to say. Width and decent depth. EDIT2: Current TI's This leads to possession but also sometimes the longer pass. This GIF is actually an overhit pass but the result becomes desirable anyway. It intended for the left striker but it is too long and gets to the right striker instead.
  6. Feel free to post here, its good with discussions. I will try this next, the Xmas tree was maybe not a possession tactic as we see them today. Ancelottis use of playmakers was very intresting though, sometimes using four at given times. Width will be the thoughest to get in this formation unless you maybe thinker with the base of the tree or change up some roles. Roughly the Xmas-tree for me is reliant on width from the fullbacks. They are (in fm) the key to this system. The CWB is probably the best if you have players for it, however if you don't the regular WB is good to, crosses more and often keeps it a tad simpler. In FM to look like Ancelottis Milan I think it is similar to this: P/AF (Schev/Inzh) AP/TRQ (Rivaldo/Rui Costa/Seedorf) SS/AM (Kaka) BBM( Seedorf) DLP (Pirlo) BWM (Gattuso) CWB-CD-CD-CWB GK Then for possession you might want to change some things up adding a SK, one or two BPDs, switch bbm to mez and maybe the bwm for a carrilero. Or one of bwm or bbm to the wider option. The scoring problem is quite common with good teams. The op. sits deep which makes it hard to find space and score. After the first goal they have to switch up and that creates more space for you to attack. Making the goals post the first one often much easier to get. I have also considered two variants of the xmas tree. First is the regular and the other is the one Ancelotti also used in Milan 4-3-1-2 with Scheva and Inzaghi up top. This could also be changed to creator/scorer and or big man/little man (for you team).
  7. "Fun-fact" this is the first desktop in 15 years I didnt build myself. Type: Desktop Model: Komplett Premium Gaming A175 (powered by asus) CPU Model: Ryzen 7 3700X CPU Base Frequency: 3.6GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.4 GHz RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 2666Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070 DUAL OC - 8GB Storage Type: 500GB NvME 3D NAND PCIE-x4 (SSD) Benchmark A: 1 min 5 sec Benchmark B: TBA Benchmark C: TBA
  8. Every game so far looks fantastic FM is no exception, really nice to make personal wievs with the 3440x1440 resolution.
  9. It is! (instructions and such). Direct DL if you know what you are doing. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ycxh34ydquug6yr/pitch.rar/file
  10. Additionally I belive the playmaker has increased creative freedom. He will for example try more killer balls than the regular cm with the same instructions added manually. The KBs will also be even more risky.
  11. Im intending to do the speedtests, in the other thread. Im just here today to brag. Changed the Dell U2713HM for the Alienware AW3420DW. Very satisfied so far. The jump in size is relatively big, the picture quality diffrence is immense though, resolution is increased too. The design is really slick and it has some RGB but not so much that it takes over. G-Sync is really nice and makes the game feeling so much more smooth even on lower FPS. My GTX 2070 is really working now to deliver great FPS at QHD. This is also my first curved screen and with 1900R it makes the experience really lively. Overall Im very satsified and if there is anything bad I can think of its probably the price (but I got mine for around $900, still a lot but its around 1/3 off from the standard price in sweden) and possibly the lack of HDR. EDIT: I see that on the first pic, there seems to be some blackbleed, there is ( Which is to expect for IPS panels). But very very little in the lower right corner, it seems worse in the pic than IRL. From U2713HM to AW3420DW. •60hz to 120hz. •8ms to 2ms. •27" to 34" •2560x1440 to 3440x1440 •16:9 to 21:9. In BL3:
  12. Soon I will have completed year 2 with Atletico and 3-1-4-2. Some changes have been made and I have also gotten a grid for the pitches which hopefully can add something from an analytic perspective. In this gif you can see the grid, Rodri-DLPs finds Carlos-WMs with a great pass, Carlos makes no mistake and passes to the MEZs Christian who finds the net. The back three is spreading wide, also the WMs are keeping width. Making us having a decent spread of players and still manageing to end up with 4 (well, 3..the BBM is just at the edge) men in the op. box. The grid resembles the one Pep Guardiola uses in training, for his JDP setup.
  13. That does not work. Ctrl+shift+v for clean paste. Then you have to re do the formating. Its time consuming but gives good results.
  14. IND. Mentality can have nice effects! That is one of them I did not other than in periods of games at times. Now with 3-1-4-2 I use the standard tempo setting on positive with shorter passing.
  15. Some thoughts if I feel my team is getting into a slump. So, if my team struggles to play as I want them too, which metods are my prefered to solve this problem? First I use the eye-test. Do I like what I see on the pitch? I try to find out the following - What is it that I don't like? Are we vulnerable at any particular place in our defensive shape? How can this be fixed? Swap a role or a duty? Change personnel? Add a body deeper down the field? Lower our defensive line or line of engagement? Decrease pressing intensity? Too low tempo? inviting to much pressure? Too high tempo? us losing control of the ball in bad areas. The same is considered regarding attacks. Why do we not create enough? To restrictive roles? Too adventurous which make us lose possession too easily? What could be the reason? No penetration? To narrow? To wide? Can this be changed with personel? (ex someone with good defensive attributes vs someone with more weigth on their offensive game) Roles or duties? Do we need more creativity? (ex AP and IW) Add more players that are positioned higher? Otherwise I tend to look at role specific stats. Let's say I feel my playmaker doesn't get the ball enough, what can give me a clue if I'm on something or not? Is this actually true or is it just in my head so to speak. A good starting point for a playmaker is where he collects the ball. Passes received. Is he involved enough? And at places that I have envisioned. Passes attempted. Does he try to pass enough? What do I deem is enough? Key passes, is he hitting them? how many per game? What do I expect from the playmaker? Chance creation, this is ofcourse pending due to formation and position of the playmaker, deployment further forward increases the pressure/demand on him to create more. I have this view which I use too.
  16. Thanks mate. The plan is to finish the second year with Atleti and then do a revised version of the 3-1-4-2. I really like the way it works on the pitch tbh. Have been using: PFa-F9 WMs-MEZa-BBM-WMs DLPs BPDd-CDd-BPDd SKs
  17. Is the tactic still the same as in the old screenshot? For me the striker scored a lot in this formation when I used a pressing forward on attack. The wingers scored enough too I felt. Both where IW on support. The midfield was later changed to a DMs instead. Worth to keep in mind was that I played on "only" a positive team mentality.
  18. Project: Player development, 2 So, this was Borna Haramustek when I signed him.Then he spent around 6 more months in Zagreb before joining up in Madrid. After around 8-9 months in the spanish capital he looks like this. A lot of improvement all over, only the personality has taken a downfall, still time to fix that though. He have been training as a sweeper keeper with focus on sweeping. He has developed some more, the extra focus on sweeping is removed, now he will focus extra on his short distribution (first touch, passing and vision). Im fairly happy with Haramustek at this point, the rushing out tendency seems hard to increase. The role (SKs) looks like this in the game: After a while he got a bad injury, but in the end it might actually help him become a better keeper due to the drop in stamina, which if I remeber correctly takes CA but does not give anything to the keeper. Using what we now know about personalities he is Fickle, which means he has: Loyalty 4-6, Ambition 16-20 Determination <17, Professionalism <18, Leader <19 and Media Friendly, which is like the balanced of Media Handling Styles. The schedules used are (mostly) my own, which have been developed over the course of around 5 seasons. As for now I'm getting David de Gea in to mentor Haramustek. DDG is Professional, which means Professionalism 18-19, Temperament 10-20, Leader <19. He is also Unflappable which tells that he has Temperament 15-20, Pressure 15-20. I can also see his determination which is 16. So he is: Determination: 16. Professionalism: 18-19 Leadership: <19 Temperament: 15-20 Pressure: 15-20 Overall DDG really is someone who can help Haramustek to develop his personality and MHS.
  19. @Wozzie Is it possible to change the attributes in the DNA-spider-graph? If it is, what shall I do to get it like this? Left top:Determination Left mid:Workrate Left low:Concentration Right top: Descisions Right mid: Anticipation Right low: Vision
  20. Luis Cantu as F9 in the 3-1-4-2, with those PPM's: · Comes deep to collect the ball. · Plays 1-2. · Tries killer balls. Starts deep, collects the ball, moving the ball out wide, end up in the box and fires it home. EDIT: One more set up by the excellent Cantu: He comes deep, recycles - moven into the area, finishes..even though the keeper saves, the movement and timing is excellent.
  21. The AMs will probably not end up in the pentalty area as often to help finish off moves as the F9 does. Edit: Luis Cantu as F9 with: · Comes deep to collect the ball. · Plays 1-2. · Tries killer balls. Starts deep, collects the ball, moving the ball out wide, end up in the box and fires it home.
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