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HGP Question

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I am in the English Premier League.  You are not allowed to have players you buy from other club join until they are 18.  Also, in England, they have to be in England for 3 yrs before 21 to become Home Grown.  Say I buy a player at 18 yrs 2 mo.  If they are at the club for the next 3 years, are they still home grown?

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You can check their due date from the squad screen and picking homegrown status view. Not sure if it's possible to check the exact progress in days.

Also you should be able to transfer any player below 18 years old if they're based in England (or EU before brexit).

Some of the players that I bought in at 18 have due date while some don't. I'm guessing it's because of this:


A “Home Grown Player” is defined in the (Rule 33.8) as a player who:

  • irrespective of their nationality or age, has been registered with either:
    • their current club (who is a member of the EFL); and/or
    • a club and/or any other football club affiliated with the Football Association (“FA“) or Football Association of Wales (for example, EPL or non-league clubs)
    • for a period, continuous or non-continuous, of three seasons or 36 months prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the season during which they turn 21).


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My understanding, though anecdotal, is if you buy a player at age 18, regardless of months and days, he will gain home grown status. I say anecdotal, but it certainly works for me as I have many foreigners in my Newcastle squad now all home grown as well as dozens more. 

Just realised, the above quote confirms what I thought with the last bullet point :-)

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