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  1. If some of the values are set to zero how does the game treat it? Are there some kind of static/dynamic default values for these situations?
  2. I've noticed that the options disappeared as soon as they accepted my request for youth facilities. Same thing happens when requesting Youth Level improvement too.
  3. I've had it happen for both facilities. The rented facilities should be considered as having no facilities at all though I could be wrong and it might go differently in different occasion. You can check this in your club's background description. Your options depends on how bad the financial situation is. You might be able to turn things around by selling few players or it might need a promotion if not more. If the club looks like it's going to stay in debt for too long sometimes it's better to just make it worse so administration can swoop in quick and stabilize your finance in a ma
  4. I just offer them to clubs for obscene amount of money then gradually decrease the value if they don't attract any offers/interest. This is because other clubs might see the player as potential wonderkid and will gladly spend any amount for him. If I just want to get rid of them and still have the board moderately happy with the transfer then I'll try selling at value plus their remaining loyalty bonus. I also always try to get sell-on clause because the board can negotiate a very good buyout fee that might increase very quickly. I once sold a VNN level young striker who was valued at les
  5. Yeah there are 2 of them. The one you want to change is at the very bottom of the list. It shouldn't be causing too much problem though. I'm playing in England and haven't seen any major impact after 5 seasons.
  6. Might be worthwhile to look at this thread too just in case. Or you might get stuck with 23 clubs in EFL1 forever like me .
  7. For player/agents contract request and transfer contract negotiation the assistant tells you the estimated wage demands but when I'm the one who initiates a contract renewal there's no such thing. Kinda annoying when the agent is so impatient and playing high and mighty by waiting for me to make the first offer before revealing their demands (AKA "give me what I want or screw you").
  8. That should be it. Apparently clubs with PLC ownership types pays dividends at the end of each season.
  9. There's a way using the pre-game editor but it's a little complicated (I posted it here). Easiest is just to move the decision date way forward so you save time but this makes brexit happen early.
  10. It doesn't tell you why in the expenditure page?
  11. If the new owner is too old they might sell the club pretty fast. High Board and Fan confidence might help too.
  12. This is needed. Right now agents are just nuisance and doesn't add anything remotely good to the game. Realistic? The lack of realistic solutions to the problems this feature is causing makes it unrealistic instead. The game punishes you for not following their every whims but the only solutions to it are either to make them love you enough by signing their players even if you don't need those players or ask players to sack the agent in a single interaction that comes rather randomly and usually too late.
  13. Using the scout search filter I found a number of GK with multiple yellow cards and at most 2 red cards so it does happen at least. They're usually very, very dirty.
  14. There's a yearly world transfer list if that's what you're looking for. CTRL+W is the default shortcut.
  15. You can be forced to sell players if your club is in an extreme situation and goes to an administration. You should get notified by the board during monthly report once the club is nearing this point though and it should be fine unless you don't even have balance or earnings to pay the wages.
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