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Transfer issue

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Hi there. Im having issue with receiving bids. I will receive offer where is writen that release clause is activated, but the other side is giving nothing. Even the players dnt have release clauses in the contract. And I can't refuse the offer. Im losing players on this bug every transfer window. Pls help.



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On 09/03/2020 at 12:45, Louie Silvani said:

Hi @Jurke91 do you have a save with this issue? If you are able to save your game when you receive a transfer off so we can look at it this would be very helpful. Below is how you can do that:


Hi Loue, appriciete your fast response. I uploaded a save under name: fm_saveJurke91TransferIssue(1) .It is before transfer window l, and on the first day im receiving this crazy ofers.

Thanks and Regards

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Jurke91 I have taken a look at your save and it seems that for whatever reason Troost-Ekong has a £0 release clause in his contract.

This will mean that AI clubs will be able to make a non negotiable offer for the player providing they meet the buyout clause.

You should however be able to offer him a new contract removing the release clause.

If you the release clause was not always set to £0 and you have a save showing this please send it into us.


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