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How to find 'Team Leaders'

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Looking at my squad dynamics, and the top row of the pyramid is empty. The notes say "We have no team leaders in the squad. We should look to recruit some strong personalities".

So, simple question: What attributes am I looking for in a 'team leader'? The attributes that make for a good captain don't seem to be the same as for a 'team leader'. As I am being advised to buy some players to fill this gap, it can't be down to time at club etc either.

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High Leadership and Determination are good starting attributes. As well as Work Rate, Teamwork & Bravery. Age and personality are also worth taking into consideration. He will preferably need to be 'professional'.

But I have to agree, in the last 2 versions of fm, these factors don't seem to matter too much when the game says, 'Leader' in the squad description which I can only assume takes into consideration squad status, time at club and seniority.

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