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Does anybody know?


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Hoping somebody can clear this up for me please if possible. If you purchase one of the licensed editions of the game like Arsenal or Valencia etc and you then add graphics pack, logo packs etc would the pack content you have downloaded & install into the game override the Arsenal or Valencia graphics content that is standard when you purchase these versions of the game?

Thanks in advance

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Any third party graphic packs added separately over-ride those within the game (if added correctly, i.e graphics folder within sports interactive folder, in documents). I see no reason why this would change with a licensed addition.

It does beg the question of why you'd purchase such an edition if you intend to replace the elements which differentiate it from the original but as I understand the price of these editions are the same I guess you're not losing anything. (I would advise against it if the price is more though or anything is missing compared to the standard edition of the game as graphics packs can be obtained easily and freely online.)



Here's a thread for more info. also.


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