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  1. Instead of using a custom tactic as you are, try starting off using the already pre-set 'Tiki-Taka' tactic to get to grips. As you gradually learn and see what each instruction does/works, create your own custom tactic and tweak to your liking. That is why the pre-set tactics have been incorporated this year for people who are struggling to create a brand of football they see in real life.
  2. IMO your right hand side is way to open, you have a RMD up top who drifts and does no defensive work alongside in RCM a AP who roams and then you have your RB as a wing back. I would hazard a guess that you get hit on the break and predominantly down the right side? Especially with a high defensive line as you are playing. Just looks a little gung-ho on the right side to me. IMO this needs tweaking!
  3. If you have workmanlike CM's it is of huge benefit to ask them to mark tighter. It effectively cuts off passing options for the opposition. Opposition players often revert to playing the ball backwards or playing a riskier pass which often or not leads to nothing because they cant recycle possession easily through their CM's. I started doing this a few weeks back and it has worked very effectively for me. you will be surprised how much more compact you will be. Obviously you need the right players to perform the duty, no point in having flairy little CM's with not very good positioning, anticipation, marking, tackling stats etc. I see and set my CM two as more disruptive players, breaking up the play to recycle onto the more creative, attacking players in my team which more often or not are players in wide positions.
  4. I personally find the game is too nerfed with regards to tactics playing with wide formations, wingers/IF's etc I have only really been successful when focusing on wide play. I find it very hard to create overloaded successful central tactics like yours as an example. Others may disagree and fair enough but I definitely feel this years version is more suited to wide formations tactical wise than central.
  5. Only downside to a Frankfurt save IMO is the fact that Rebic has a 50% clause in his contract stipulating that Fiorentina receive half of his transfer fee. He massively underperformed for me but managed to get £40 million for him only to give them £20 million.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. In your opinion could this formation work well with the right roles & duties? Struggling to link the AMC strata players in to the system where I can still create an attacking presence but link well with players behind. My thinking is to have a team shape which is bunched tightly out of possession (similar thinking to Sachhi RE back to front, no more than 25 meters distance) the problem is turning that defensive mindedness into a team which is still capable of an attacking instinct. I really like my teams to be defensively solid, not a fan of a gung-ho, I will score more goals than you approach. Pride myself on solid defensive play with clean sheets the focus.
  7. https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5c92157b138c092e24ad14dbLet me set the scene, Took over as Schalke due to current real life issues they are currently experiencing. Squad is very poor IMO and were lucky to finish where they did last season. Looking to create a congested, hard to break down side until I get to the end of the season to remodel the squad to my liking. They have an abundance of strong defensive central midfield minded players with power & athleticism (hence the 3 in the DM strata) Ball playing defenders to spring cutting passes to more advanced players. As you can hopefully see I am unsure on how to set the top 2 central players as they will be my attack minded, nimble part of the team. What would you suggest? Would like to create a strikerless tactic for a more congested hard to cut through team, without losing any of that slick attacking dynamism. Link below to show what I have come up with so far. Any suggestions or pointers would be great to hear. https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5c92157b138c092e24ad14db
  8. Of my experiences, Jovic is wonderful. I play as Frankfurt and have Jovic as the (AF) with Haller as (DLF) and both are absolutely clinical. Jovic may be cheaper and IMO is better.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Very promising indeed, however i have just been quoted 55 million I somehow think he will be out of my reach for now!
  10. Has anybody had much dealing with the player Denis Vavro from FC Copenhagen? CB who looks very decent but undecided on if I want to take a punt on. Sorry, got no screenshot, currently at work so unable to provide. Regards
  11. WOW....you have seriously damaged the squad of Bayern, bringing in some quite frankly underwhelming players IMO. Each to their own of course but not what I would have done with that squad. Good luck.
  12. I will throw Eintracht Frankfurt into the reckoning! Great stadium, no debt, squad good but not top class so still work to do to become dominant.
  13. You have absolutely hit the nail squarely on the head for the vast majority of your points. Fair play, hopefully gets noted for future releases.
  14. I would suggest removing 'Play through middle' you have WB's overlapping so let them contribute out wide and work the ball into the box. Should hopefully eradicate a few of the long shots. You could also instruct some of your more creative players to try risky passes in that attempt to thread inch perfect balls through.
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