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  1. So it seems you are perfectly happy for referees to be giving 6 penalties a game then? As the attribute issues is affecting them too. How long would these referees be refereeing in your career game? The problem is massively game breaking from every point you look at it from.
  2. Wouldn't it have been better to just delay the game until this was fixed? People have now updated to latest patch & it renders their 'long term saves' useless. This is major game breaking for some if not the majority. IMO the game should have been delayed until this was fixed.
  3. I think one of the biggest compliments I can pay the latest match engine is that games are now a lot less predictable. In previous versions you could just see where each highlight clip was going, now I feel during most clips, possession can sometimes change multiple times before we see one team take the initiative and finally come out on top.
  4. Why should you have to pay extra for something which quite frankly should already be in the game? Sheer greed from companies/corporates etc Secondly, the amateur modders in this gaming community are exceptional and id hazard a guess, just as good as Si, if not potentially better. Some of the stuff they put out to make thousands of gamers games more immersive is quite frankly outstanding. The term 'all heroes don't wear capes' springs to mind!
  5. Well more fool you! The vast majority, wouldn't & rightfully shouldn't have to!
  6. Not at all. I look at it as you are doing your EXTRA homework. This is your version of scouting as you cant physically scout yourself in the game as a manager. More knowledge the better & saves on finances from scouting across the world.
  7. Robin Gosens from Atalanta is rather good. German and not too expensive. Will be a well recognised player in real life very soon I feel.
  8. If future versions of the game have differing ID's attached to each club/competition etc it would effect, as the said already downloaded graphics would not go to the correct club/competition as per previous versions. Here's hoping SI do not change all ID codes for each graphic for future versions. I may be wrong but I think my above argument is right. Hoping to be proved wrong however!
  9. Ahh that makes sense, that sounds like something which I read. Good feature if true & we see improvements.
  10. Hmm really? So why did Miles pass it off as a new feature of the game this year?
  11. If somebody or you guys could clarify about staff development? I'm sure I read somewhere that this year staff attributes can improve & fluctuate over years in the game? Coaching courses etc? Would be great if this was correct and I did read correctly. Kind regards
  12. I understand the concept around it in real life but how does it work in game? is this something we control or does it happen automatically through our HOYD?
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