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Shirt Name field


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Hi The 'Shirt Name' field is the field in the database that gives the name that appears above the head of players in the match engine.  (I think it may also be the name that appears on the tactics editor pitch view but I'm not 100% certain of this).



Make 'Shirt Name' field changeable in-game like the nickname.  This would mean it can be changed without the use of the editor. 

(To those wondering it is different to the 'nickname' as that alters the name in the squad view etc.}

Also, if it won't find its way into the game itself, please add it to the in-game editor.  In FM 18 it was hidden away in the pre-game editor, but in the 2018 official in-game editor, it was absent.


Why do this?

It allows players to easily tweak errors (rare but there are some)  but also it adds a fun element to newgen players.  Dr Benjy and Lollujo are YouTube content makers who often change names to add to the 'story', so this change would add something to this.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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