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  1. Brighton Home Shirt colours Sorry if already posted: In game The Brighton home shirt is blue sleeves. blue back. In reality, they are White sleeves and white back. I know licenses limit the shirt design, but may I suggest something?. Treat shirt backs as a separate entity to the front of shirts. Allow the back to have access to all the front designs (overkill yes but easier than restricting which can be used, whilst keeping the ability to use a box) This would allow to be more realistic choices. ie If Brighton had blue sleeves, a white back would be possible. Currently, the front design colour choices dictates the back colour. Or Juventus where there is front multiple stripes, but the back has a single stripe broken by a box. I appreciate it might not appear as a patch for FM19 but please consider it for future editions. Extra styles to add: Quarters - with plain sleeves. An addition to the one sleeve one colour, one sleeve the other. There is a seven stripes - but a finer equal stripe like 9 or 11 would cover a lot of teams. (Barcelona H 2018) (Sunderland 2017-18 comes to mind - using 2017-18 as that's the in-game editor I'm using) and nothing suggests to me 2018-19 has any shirt design changes.) Halves (top-bottom) - in addition to this add 'Bottom third' This would cover teams like Tottenham and Man u who have a bottom third of their shirt a different colour to the rest. Checks - an addition to this with bigger checks - 3 across the chest - https://www.uksoccershop.com/p-108169/2018-2019-croatia-home-nike-football-shirt.html (link is for illustration purposes only). Having this design will also prepare for the expected/leaked design for Barcelona in 2019-2020. (although in reality that might change many times before the actual release). Would be great if the back design was available too (from link). (Hence my suggestion of making all front designs possible on the back) Variation on checks - a speckle effect. This would cover teams like Liverpool 3rd, Everton White, Chelsea 3rd. Happy gaming
  2. Problem of actual staff in a role being higher than the advised (aka allowed) number. Shouldn't advised staff numbers in any role at least be equal to the actual when the game starts? Taking Liverpool this season, they have 5 physos but are advised/allowed 4. They also have 20 scouts but are allowed 16. Given FM19 is a simulator, I'm guessing its not a managerial challenge to sack multiple staff if you want to change one, (ie at Liverpool if you want to add one scout you'll have to sack or change roles of 4 other scouts). This would suggest that when real staff are added to the database the advised/allowed figure has not been amended. Looking at the pregame editor database that we as customers use, I can see how this can happen as there is no instant link when adding a staff member, to the part of the database where allowances are logged. Please can the Liverpool advised/allowed numbers be amended to not be lower than actuals. Suggestion: A routine be written to automatically amend the number the advised/allowed numbers for staff so they are never lower than the actual on the default database for everyone. Question: For the sake of realism in the game, should we be able to see the 'advised' figure of a team we do not manage? (The only exception o the club we currently manage being a previous club we have managed recently?) Thanks Happy gaming
  3. On the database do the Saints have a plain or box on their shirts? If yes that's def not the case in match Time stamp 5:23.
  4. @Pete Sottrel Oh that's embarrassing - not least cos I should never be able to 'burn' a non-stick pan. 🤣 My apologies Pete. X Link checked 👍🏻 Thanks ps just watched the next video and Southampton have white numbers that aren't showing up against the red and white stripes of their shirts. In FM 18 certain shirt designs (there was def one of the stripe designs in that) didn't activate the 'number patch' when selected in the save game editor. (I didn't thoroughly test the pregame editor for this). Did this remain unfixed and therefore make it into FM19?
  5. Non-visible shirt numbers. In recent lollujo video https://youtu.be/vkzJmr-nGyw he played against hunddersfield (in their red and black) away kit. In matchplay no numbers were visible on the shirts. 2nd game (same video) he played Marseille (yes I know not an English team) couldn’t see their shirt numbers on their white shirts. Thought I’d flag it up. Thanks
  6. Hi The 'Shirt Name' field is the field in the database that gives the name that appears above the head of players in the match engine. (I think it may also be the name that appears on the tactics editor pitch view but I'm not 100% certain of this). Request: Make 'Shirt Name' field changeable in-game like the nickname. This would mean it can be changed without the use of the editor. (To those wondering it is different to the 'nickname' as that alters the name in the squad view etc.} Also, if it won't find its way into the game itself, please add it to the in-game editor. In FM 18 it was hidden away in the pre-game editor, but in the 2018 official in-game editor, it was absent. Why do this? It allows players to easily tweak errors (rare but there are some) but also it adds a fun element to newgen players. Dr Benjy and Lollujo are YouTube content makers who often change names to add to the 'story', so this change would add something to this.
  7. Apologies quite right - I really thought I'd seen in differently this season, wasn't looking to be mischevious. I just watched MoTD back. My mistake.
  8. Yeah I know its not currently on the game. Wondering if it could be added to the request list for a patch please (but more likely FM20) It would be a handy addition to be able to edit the shirt names after the game is active. (yes, different from 'nicknames' to anyone reading this and wondering). It's hidden away in the pregame editor (don't think its part of the active game editor - sadly) and we all see the use of this field regularly without realising it. Would especially be fun with newgens. Firmino has the shirt name 'Roberto Firmino' in game but just 'Firmino' in reality. Ander Herrera is the 'shirt name' field for the Man Utd player, but in reality its just Herrera on his shirt. Thanks
  9. @diddydaddydoddy Hi any chance you could tweak Firmino's 'shirt name' field to be just Firmino? Reason being that large names obscure the gameplay, and as his shirt just says Firmino it might as well be accurate and not obscure the gameplay as a happenstance. Also any chance of putting forward a request for FM20 making the 'Shirt name' field one that is 'front-end' and able to be changed by the gamer with-in the game. There are other examples of players in the Premier league like Herrera at Man Utd. Thanks.
  10. @diddydaddydoddy Hi is this a better source? https://www.premierleague.com/players/14742/Rhian-Brewster/overview
  11. Rhian Brewster - Liverpool (ID 28109689) In the beta (Ver 19.0.1) his height is set as 167cm. I don't know if that's because its blank in the database or the height set as that in the database. According to google (via Wikipedia) he's 1.8m - https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=rhian+brewster+height&ie=&oe= or Transfermarkt he's 1.77m https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/rhian-brewster/profil/spieler/406560 either way I think its safe to say he's a fair bit taller than the stated 1.67 cm
  12. Good evening guys. loving the 'right' click options on the side menu. Nice touch Si - Karius loan contract from Liverpool to Besiktas is logged in the game as until 1-7-2020. This matches what is widely reported (ie a two year loan). However, the game then says he will join permanently on 1-7-2021. I'm assuming the 2021 part is an error. If Karius were to end the loan 1-7-2020 this would mean it would then return to the club, not be able to be loaned out for a year and then leave in the summer of 2021. Is this correct?
  13. 'simpIe'- I literally put (given the impact routines already exist in game) before and followed it by 'compared with other aspects of the game' - YES everything needs testing. Si do have a seemingly impossible job in prioritising what they can do in development months between releases.
  14. See the thing is the Match Engine can be improved on forever more. It will never ever satisfy the majority of people. With Match engine changes, you need massive amounts of testing etc. So long as the ME is worked on, its vital having a dedicated team that focuses on the small changes that will actually deliver results we get to see and use in game. The problem with these changes is, there is no fanfare. "Si make it possible to see FA Cup ball in FM18 fix' (sigh never happened) its the grunt work of developing. 'I made the FA Cup ball visible in FM18' won't add anything to a developers CV or sales to the income. Adding a 'rest' feature to international management (given the impact routines already exist in game) is a very simple process, compared with other aspects of the game. It can be argued that over the years Si have focused too much on 'the next big thing' and pushed the non sexy developments to the back of the line. FM is like a club football shirt, a new stripe gets added for the next season and we buy it anyway.
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