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  1. Hi The 'Shirt Name' field is the field in the database that gives the name that appears above the head of players in the match engine. (I think it may also be the name that appears on the tactics editor pitch view but I'm not 100% certain of this). Request: Make 'Shirt Name' field changeable in-game like the nickname. This would mean it can be changed without the use of the editor. (To those wondering it is different to the 'nickname' as that alters the name in the squad view etc.} Also, if it won't find its way into the game itself, please add it to the in-game editor. In FM 18 it was hidden away in the pre-game editor, but in the 2018 official in-game editor, it was absent. Why do this? It allows players to easily tweak errors (rare but there are some) but also it adds a fun element to newgen players. Dr Benjy and Lollujo are YouTube content makers who often change names to add to the 'story', so this change would add something to this.
  2. 'simpIe'- I literally put (given the impact routines already exist in game) before and followed it by 'compared with other aspects of the game' - YES everything needs testing. Si do have a seemingly impossible job in prioritising what they can do in development months between releases.
  3. See the thing is the Match Engine can be improved on forever more. It will never ever satisfy the majority of people. With Match engine changes, you need massive amounts of testing etc. So long as the ME is worked on, its vital having a dedicated team that focuses on the small changes that will actually deliver results we get to see and use in game. The problem with these changes is, there is no fanfare. "Si make it possible to see FA Cup ball in FM18 fix' (sigh never happened) its the grunt work of developing. 'I made the FA Cup ball visible in FM18' won't add anything to a developers CV or sales to the income. Adding a 'rest' feature to international management (given the impact routines already exist in game) is a very simple process, compared with other aspects of the game. It can be argued that over the years Si have focused too much on 'the next big thing' and pushed the non sexy developments to the back of the line. FM is like a club football shirt, a new stripe gets added for the next season and we buy it anyway.
  4. Hi Si, Loving the game as ever. 100s of hours played. It's the 2018 World Cup around the corner. I have a few FM 2018 HOTFIX requests that will hopefully improve the experience for managing National teams. Primary request: Introduce the 'rest' function into International management: This will be especially useful in World Cups etc. At the moment you can only access 'rest' through the training function. Ideally that will mean bringing in training. (which is realistic as an International window is 2 weeks and there is much longer for the full tournaments. However, if that's not possible to add the training function please add 'rest'. Expand 'rest' to be 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Day, 6 Days, 7 Days - rather than, the 1, 2 miss a few, 7 days Secondary requests: Boost morale with International call-ups: No player should start a World Cup with abysmal morale. Tactic familiarity: As there is no training can you please artificially boost the tactic familiarity. These are top quality players, they should be more familiar with more tactics. Delay International call-ups if there are end of season finals: Happened a lot with my super successful team in FM 17 where I lost players from end of season club cups due to being called up to the national sides, when the national teams weren't weren't playing for a week or so. Ability to play knock-about friendly prior to World Cup against a minor local side: Helps with team cohesion, tactics, fitness. (back to that training function again). Ability to move shirt numbers around on tactics screen without having to move player and thus the role etc,: This applies to International friendlies, club preseason friendlies, Non league teams (all season). This also has the general function of helping in game when you switch tactics in the drop down and you hadn't realised (due to squad numbers) that tactic 1 effectively has number 6 on the right wing and tactic 2 number 6 is the centre-half. If you stick to the same tactic you won't notice, it only comes to light if you switch tactics in game from the drop down. More team meetings: When the World Cups are on you often here players say, in today's meeting. Need tools to be able to boost morale after a loss. Remind them of a target (in group stages) etc. Every player you have ever called-up is automatically added to a special short list: If you are an International manager for a while you can quickly see who you have used. Ability to see the same for u21 and other younger sides would be great. An average club rating, can miss a class act International. Rare but happens. When you take over an international team there is a shortlist that lists all players called-up in the last 12 months: A helpful tool when you start with a nation. Match reports not always available. At the very least it would be brilliant if the primary request can make it on a HOTFIX for FM2018. Thanks guys Happy gaming
  5. Did use 2D classic in FM 17 a lot with 3D behind goal for replays. HATE the new 2D version - Miles was right no-one would be using 2D anymore. Not because 3D is so much better to watch (stadium lighting and being able to see the ball anyone?) but because the 2D has been 'improved' to be worse - common SI approach lol (played every single edition of FM so not said just for the hell of it). But heard the hotfix does tweak the 2D so looking forward to that. love, love, love Football Manager, not a fan of seeing what is made worse each year. Do the improvements outweigh the backwards steps in FM18? Not sure yet. Several smaller irritants are still in place. SEEN HOTFIX Thank you SI for listening to us gamers on this. Liking the zoom function. Would be nice to be able to move the pitch left-right at times so that the stat pop-ups can always be accommodated as the player wants. Thanks though
  6. I tried to look this up but didn't get anywhere. Apologies if repeating. Fresh save, new club. Get offered the chance to play 1st team v u23s. On accepting this, in FM2017 (happened on all three saves I've started on FM2017) I am controlling the u23 squad not the first team. Couldn't think of a screen shot to illustrate the point, so text only. Thanks.
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